October 2, 2014 Wildcat News

Greetings HES Community,
It was so nice to see so many of you at the open house last Thursday evening.  The turnout was spectacular and we found the new format a step in the right direction.  Feedback we have received thus far has supported the direction we are headed in.  Specifically, we (and many of you) liked the split format for K-5 and 6-8.  We will continue to follow that format next year.  We will make an effort to provide some child supervision for the 6-8 portion of the evening, which is definitely geared toward parents.  We also intend to grow the 6-8 session a bit to allow for a slightly longer time in each classroom.  If you have some input to give…please send it our way.
Homework Clarification
Recent discussions (which have been shared with me recently) have brought to my attention that there may be some confusion regarding the new homework expectations.  Last 

Vermont Food
Service Awards

The HES School Health and Farm to School Teams would like to announce that our nominations were accepted for the Vermont Food Service Awards! Our dedicated dear "Kitchen Ladies," a dynamic duo for decades, have been jointly awarded the 2014 "Serving Up Excellence Award" by SNA-VT. Janie White and Deb Joslin will be honored with this award on October 17, 2014 at the Doubletree Hotel in Burlington. Congratulate them when you see them, and give them a hug for all that they do for us!
year's surveys told us that the 7th and 8th graders averaged 45 minutes of homework a night and that amount was widely supported by parents, students, and teachers.  The new guidelines suggest 6th, 7th, and 8th graders have 45 minutes of homework per night, which is in line with recent homework expectations for our middle school students.  Now that the school year is in full swing you can expect to see an increase in homework for most grades (if you haven't noticed it already).  You should notice this increase primarily in math and english language arts (ELA).  The expectation is that the students have regular (daily) practice, reinforcement, or preparation in those subject areas as part of our learning plan.  The biggest change is in the type of work being assigned.  We are making an effort to reduce busy work and make the assignments more meaningful to each students' learning.  This is a process…and we are working hard on making this important change.

PM Bus
Please be aware that Hartland has a PM bus each school day.  The late bus departs the back parking lot at 5:30 sharp each evening.  This bus is available to all HES students, regardless of if they are part of the HeART program or not.  For example, a student participating in soccer practice might choose to walk back to school to catch the 5:30 bus home.  All we need is a note that day so we can arrange the routes accordingly.  This service has been available all year and will continue to be offered right into basketball season.  Please consider utilizing this service…and thanks in advance for sending a note in so Heidi and Gretchen can make the appropriate notifications.
Soccer Practice and the Hartland Library
It has been brought to my attention that many Hartland middle schoolers are utilizing the town library directly after school while waiting for soccer practice.  This in itself is a great thing…and something the librarians are excited about.  The issue we are finding is that these students are not using the library in a respectful manner.  This is disruptive to the other patrons and reflects very poorly on our school.  Recent behavior at the library has escalated from students being loud and having inappropriate conversations to potential bullying.  All of this is disappointing and we will be talking about this at our 6-8 assembly tomorrow.  Ray Sapp, our athletic director, will also be addressing this with the teams and coaches.  The reason I bring this to your attention is that you may not be aware that your child is accessing the library after school while waiting for practice and may be (fairly or unfairly…) 'lumped in' with the pack.  Please know your soccer player is welcome to stay at the school and attend Rae Barrett's homework club until their practice starts.  This is an option where supervision is provided.  It is our ultimate goal that our students could access the library after school and exhibit expected behaviors.  We would appreciate if you would check in with your middle school soccer player to see what their typical after school activities entail.  Thanks for your attention to this important matter.
Have an enjoyable fall weekend!
Jeff Moreno

Technology in the Hands of Middle Schoolers Can Be Very Good - and Very Bad

Please be mindful of who, what, when, where, and how your child is accessing electronic media. 
Without exaggeration, I can state that 80% of all incidents of alleged and substantiated bullying and harassment among 6 - 8 graders so far this year have been related in one way or another to postings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, email, texting, and others. 
Additionally, at a time when students need almost as much sleep as infants, a sizable number are staying up late using these devices.    Research shows that for all of us, spending even part of the last hour before bed in front of a screen dramatically reduces the amount of quality/REM sleep time. When you couple that with not actually turning off the devices until 1:00AM or 2:00AM (no, I'm not exaggerating) - you have middle school students even moodier than usual - with an inability to sustain attention.
Look here the dates of several Technology Safety presentations happening at HES in the near future.  The presentations will be during the school day for students and in the evening for parents, guardians, and community members. 
The latest related research and useful advice will be part of these Vermont Technicool presentations.
If you have any questions about the upcoming presentations or technology safety, please seek out HES Counselors Gene Morse or Amy Treat.

HeART News....

LEGOS, LEGOS and more LEGOS! Our Lego Robotics enrichment program has been working hard on their machines the past five weeks. This week a few students were able to connect their machines to an app on their phone, which allowed them to control it. This was a huge stepping stone and the kids were very excited!

Our basic Lego group has been working hard every week on creating Lego cities, planes, houses and much more.

Our first session for enrichment programs ends next week. Thank you to all enrichment leaders who have taken the time to share their talents.

Please remember to sign up for session two enrichment programs ASAP. Final lists will be coming out next week and there is limited space in most activities.

If you have any questions please contact Gretchen at


Mr. Moreno stopped in Mrs. White's Kindergarten class
today when they were reviewing a CVC nonsense word lesson.

Labels for Education

Clip and earn free stuff for our school!  The Labels for Education program is similar to the Box Tops program but instead of earning ten cents per top we earn points for free academic, athletic and art supplies.  Last year from this program we received many items for the teachers including a greenhouse, a rubber pig and rubber shark, a 15-slot classroom drying rack, a desktop scanner, hanging hoop target, automatic megaphone, rainbow sentence strips, Brain Boogie Boosters CD, adjustable chart stand, Cool Kind Kid CD, and Character Development CD.  We also earned 11 free books from Scholastic for entering their Book Bonanza.  Labels can be clipped from products such as Campbells’, Pepperidge Farms, Prego, Bic, Post, Swanson, Danonino, Pace and lids from V8 juice.  There are over 2,500 products that contain the labels!  So please start saving now and submit them each month in the Labels for Education box that is located in the lobby of the school.  Thank you!

8th Grade Update!

Parents and Students we need your help!
We will be having a Bake Day at the school Oct 8th 2:45-5:00.Bring your mixes and supplies and have some fun!
Still need volunteers  for the Bake Sales on Oct 11th & 12th
Please sign up on the Genius!!!
You can email Sue Bryan at with your bake goodies.
Thank you all for the ones that have signed up!
Thank you!
Sue Bryan


A HUGE thank you to all who volunteered and came out to support the 8th Grade Class at our Car Wash last Saturday!  We made $577.00 and had a great time!


Save The Dates!



October 11-12th8:30 to 4:30 Columbus Day Weekend Safety Stop Bake Sale at Quechee Gorge


November 8th -- Spaghetti Supper and Raffle at HES

(Set-up Friday, November 7th)


Watch for these upcoming 8th Grade fundraisers:

Apparel Sale -- Great for Holiday Gifts!

Poinsettia Sale -- Holiday Festive!

Mr. Moreno "talking noodles with the Can Do Kids". 

Health and Safety Day on Wednesday October 8th
The following events will be happening next Wednesday:
1. Bus Evacuation Practice K-8
2. Fire Safety with the Hartland Fire Department: K-4 classes
---Please join our group that walks to school every Wednesday. 
---Meet behind the Rec.Dept. at 7:15am.
4. Walk for health with a hike around or near the school....all mileage counting for our "251" Club....we have already "walked" to half of VT's towns!
5. Healthy snack provided by our Farm to School Program:)
6. Field Hockey Tournament with grades 5&6 participating.
7. Stay tuned for more possibilities....and Take Care!


Hello fellow Hartland residents! 

We are looking for donations of candy for trick-or-treating on Halloween to give to the residents of three corners. In past years the residents have spent a lot of money buying candy for Halloween. To show our appreciation we would like to give them candy this year to help offset the cost.    Drop boxes are located at the elementary school, the nursery school, and the rec center.    Look for more information regarding the new revamped pumpkins in the park event happening on Halloween at the rec center!    Thank you!
Katy Sawyer, Sarah Stewart Taylor, Leah Hinckley, John Leonard

Pictures from the Tunbridge Fair

Hartland Farmers' Market

Our first of 3 Winter Hartland Farmers' Markets is this Friday October 3 4-7 at Damon Hall!!  Come enjoy some food and music while getting local produce for the winter months and holidays, bread, fruits, organic cleaning supplies, handmade crafts and much more!
We have 3 dates for winter markets so make sure to mark your calendars:  
See you at the winter market!

Hartland Community Connections

Greetings! As we greet a new season, take a break from stocking up on firewood, to come to the next Hartland Community Connections breakfast forum. Oct. 4 9:00 at Damon Hall. The topic for the forum will be “Dominica-the nature island-a students’ perspective.   
Hanover HS 12th grade students who went to Dominica this past summer to study jungle ecology and marine biology are presenting a slideshow and panel discussion. As usual the breakfast is free, donations are accepted. 

An Evening of Music and Laughter
Join us welcoming Christine Lavin & Don White for
An Evening of Music and Laughter.

October 4, 2014, at 7:30 pm

Hartland Universalist Church

8 Brownsville Rd,

Hartland 4 Corners, VT  05049

To purchase tickets, call 802 738-0149

or on the web at

The Lavin/White performances have packed audiences in wherever they’ve played, from the Regent Theatre in Boston to The Ark in Ann Arbor Michigan. Audiences get a shot of each performer during their solo sets, and then a free-for-all when White and Lavin take the stage together displaying the kind of chemistry you get from old friends and seasoned performers. You’ll never see the same show twice.

Christine Lavin is a multi-award winning singer-songwriter, author, and knitter. Her beloved albums include: Future Fossils, Attainable Love and Live at the Cactus Café. She released her memoir, Cold Pizza for Breakfast: A Mem-wha??, in 2010.

Don White just released Winning Streak, his first studio album. He is a celebrated singer/songwriter/storyteller who has released eight albums and two DVDs. His book, Memoirs Of A C Student, is available in print and for E-readers.

Sponsored by Four Corners Concerts

Profits benefit Hartland Universalist Church



Hartland Community Arts

Coming up in a couple of weeks Hartland Community Arts will be presenting "Our Town" Directed by RJ Crowley. 

Performances will be: 7:00 October 17,18, 24,25,26, 

You won't want to miss this.


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