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#EBGACaskDay2013 (29 June)

Good news!  Tickets for #EBGACaskDay2013 are still available! 

Wanted to give you a bit of an update - we've learned more about what beers are being brought to Alberta's only dedicated cask ale festival!  Just for, you know, a teaser.  But please keep in mind that things are subject to change (we can only tell you what we know at this point!).

From Yukon Brewing we've heard from the Yukoners that will be bringing the following unique casks:
- Lead Dog Ale - the product of a careful blend of six different malts, and 2 months of aging after fermentation, this cask has been primed with Demerara sugar, dry-hopped with Fuggles and aged on whiskey soaked oak cubes.  This cask being the creation of brewer Matt Waugh.
- Grizzly Wheat Ale  - primed with honey and dry-hopped with Centennial in addition to being conditioned with lemon zest, lime, cinnamon, and hand-made lychee puree! This cask creation from brewer Tony Radford. 

From Jasper Brewing ...Well, they've said something about a Double IPA and an a yet to be named cask creation.

From Alley Kat Brewing ... Again, not too much information yet; I think they're taking a lead from the EBGA and keeping us in the dark.  This is just fine as surprise beer can be the best kind! 

From Wild Rose Brewing ...Down in Calgary those lads have been up to some pretty interesting things as of late, having recently created a Gose!  Not saying that the Gose will be coming to cask day....but it sure would be cool.  If not, you'll certainly have something to look for on the shelves of your local beer store.

From Hog's Head Brewing ..... Not a clue.  Not even a hint.  The one thing we do know is that Stu and Bruce have great skill and great palates and have the ability to create fantastic beers!

As for the other breweries coming to #EBGACaskDay2013 (the likes of Phillips Brewing of Victoria, BC, Cannery Brewing of Pentiction, BC, and another newer brewery from Vancouver), we quite truly don't have a clue as to what is coming!  Reason being?  Well, when a brewery agrees to participate in #EBGACaskDay2013 we stop asking questions!  I don't think it would be an EBGA event if there weren't a surprise!

So, if that isn't enough to whet your appetite for naturally conditioned cask ales from the likes of some of the best brewers in the country, I'm not sure what will!  Don't let this - Alberta' only dedicated cask ale festival - pass you by! 

Tickets for #EBGACaskDay2013 are still available on-line via the following links: 

Session 1 (11am - 4pm) can be purchased here.
Session 2 (6pm - close) can be purchased here.

Tickets for each session are $30.  Tickets may be purchased for both sessions (subject to availability).  Each ticket holder will be provided with an entry package, similar to last year, which will include, but not limited to a door prize ticket, one serving token, some EBGA branded items, and oh, yeah, your very own EBGA Cask Day 2013 20oz pint glass! 

Beer tokens will be sold in the same fashion as last year.  One token for a half-pint, two tokens for a full 20oz pint.  Prices for these one-off cask conditioned creations are tentatively set at $3/half pint and $6/pint (subject to change). 

During the first session we're planning on setting up a BBQ on the Wunderbar patio and making it a truly great afternoon with some grilled goodness! 

Note that not all of the casks will be tapped during the first session. A random selection of casks will be held back and tapped during the second session.

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