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August 2011 newsletter
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Last Month (August 2011)

What you missed: 

The third consecutive Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous event hosted Jim Gibbons representing Amber's Brewing Company.  Amber's planned to bring two of their new beers to the EBGA event, with a bit of trouble we did get two kegs, but one was different than expected.  More on that in a bit.

Really want to thank all of the extra effort that went into the August EBGA event.  There were many people that may not have been mentioned that deserve recognition.  The two intended beers for the night were developed with help from Shawn (FrontSetpForge), Jeff (KANPAI!), Terry (Roughneck), and many others offering their insights and help along the way.  Turns out that one of the beers might go into regular production down at Amber's because of all this.  Cheers to that!

Back to the story...originally we were expecting to see a both a spicy black & tan as well as a hop-bomb from Amber's for the event.  Thank fully we did get the spicy-smoky black & tan which now goes by the name French Quarter and is potentially available from Amber's on keg in the future.  Sadness about the hop-bomb though... As a result of putting so many whole hop cones, as well as pellets into the beer to dry-hop, they clogged up all of the plumbing when trying to get the beer out!! *gasp!*  Now, as sad as it is that we all didn't get to taste this beast, we did have the opportunity to try out a great lager instead.  The lager was perfect for the warm summer evening and to sip on while listening to Jim Gibbons speak about what it's like to operate a brewery and answer questions from the crowd.

Thanks to all the beer geeks that came out to Wunderbar again.  I hope you all had a great time and will come out to more events.  There are really cool things brewing for the next few months. Stay turned.

Of course, thank-you's going out to Wunderbar for sticking with us and offering the use of their pub, and to our sponsors:  Keg'n'Cork and Sherbrooke

P.S. Big thanks to Ally for the pictures of the past few events!  Take a look on our website and on the Facebook.

This Month (September 2011)

Where:  Wunderbar Hofbrauhaus (8120 101 street)
When:   September 27, 2011 @ 7:30pm

This month we are pleased to welcome an Edmonton favorite, Alley Kat Brewing Co. and owner Neil Herbst to our humble gathering. 

As part of the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous tour of breweries in Edmonton our next stop down 99th street is at Alley Kat.  These guys have been a main-stay of the beer scene for many years, and hopefully many more.  This month we will profile the quintessential Edmonton craft brewery and get to know the people and the drive behind so many of the great things they do. 

As part of our getting to know Neil and the other Kats, Wunderbar will be offering up the new seasonal brew, Ein Prosit!, the Oktoberfest and potentially a cameo appearance by the Red Dragon, the new addition to the big bottle series.  I'll keep you posted about any possible developments via Twitter @BeerGeeks_YEG and the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous website, and facebook pages.  Don't be fooled, any chance to taste these limited release beers from Alley Kat will be an opportunity not to be missed!  I'm already hearing from other beer geeks about the splendor of the Red Dragon....but alas, I will wait to share the experience with you!

In addition to having these two beer-y wonders to admire, we will also have an opportunity to meet and ask questions of Neil directly.  As always, the idea behind the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous is to increase the accessibility of the people in the beer industry to those who enjoy craft beer.  It is this principle that we hope will continue to draw out new commers and veterans. 

So, come prepared to taste locally made beer and meet the local guy that makes it!  It is rare to have this opportunity so readily available.  As always with the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous, there is no membership fee, no cover charge, no tickets, or even prerequisites in terms of beer knowledge or appreciation, for even the lightest of lager drinkers are welcome!  (But perhaps beware of the Double IPA....).  We are always welcomming new craft beer advocates and admire the ones who stick with it.  Come prepared with your questions and a palate to whet.

See you soon,

Next Month (October 2011)

What to look forward to:

For those who look forward to the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous events every month, take solace that we are doing very well and have had a tremendous turn out each and every month so far.  The guest for October has yet to confirm, but fear not, there is a contingency.  And as broken promises are never a friendly thing, this space will be (for this month) dedicated to giving thanks to those who have supported this movement from its inception:  Yukon Brewing Co., Sherbrooke Liquor, Amber's Brewing Co., Keg'n'Cork, Wunderbar Hofbrauhaus, Alley Kat Brewing Co., OnTap, OnBeer, Canadian Beer News Blog, Vue Weekly, among many more.

Also as part of expressing how well the beer scene in Edmonton is growing and evovolving, here are a few bloggers and pubs that have had an immense impact on what we enjoy today: Chris the Beer Blogger, KANPAI!, SugarBowl, Next Act Pub, Urban Diner.  Most certainly there are many more worth mentioning in this list.  For now you'll have to make due with this list of bloggers to read up on. 

Thanks to the sponsors of the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous!

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