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EBGA - June 2012 Newsletter

This month is right properly busy in terms of Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous events, we've got two coming up in June.....details below

Guest:  Anderson Valley Brewing

Beer:  a selection of the Anderson Valley beers will be sampled

Details:  15 June, 2012, 6:30pm, Wunderbar

The owner of the Anderson Valley Breing Co. is on a sales tour through Alberta, as their beer is now on fine craft beer store shelves, and are coming for an off-cycle EBGA tasting event. 

There will be a selection of the Anderson Valley brews being sampled at Wunderbar with Trey White.  We will get the opportunity to hear about the California craft beer scene; what it's like to operate in that market, and to be a craft brewery sucessful enough to distribute to another country.  This will be the first opportunity for the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous to host a brewer from the U.S., so needless to say, we're pretty stoked. 

All you need to do is show up to Wunderbar and sample some of the beers that night.  A tentative list of the beers to be poured that night include:
- Summer Solstice Cream Ale
- Boont Amber Ale
- Hop Ottin IPA
- Barneys Flats Oatmeal Stout
- Imperial IPA (Not Yet available)
- Brother David’s Double (Not yet available)
- Brother David’s Triple

Hope to see you there; should prove to be a great night! 

Event:  EBGA Cask Day / First Anniversary

Beer:  cask conditioned ales and special kegs from a variety of Western Canadian craft breweries

Details: 23 June, 2012, 1pm, Wunderbar

Note:   This is a ticketed event, and is SOLD OUT (!)

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous, at the April meeting, we announced that we're hosting a day-long cask event at Wunderbar.  The event tickets went on sale that evening, and sold out within the following day.   A total of 80 participants - those who purchased tickets, a few VIPs and the brewers - and our closest friends at Wunderbar will be on hand to celebrate with us.  The day will include, along with all the craft beer, a few door prizes from the EBGA and the brewers. 

The list of participating brewers at the 2012 EBGA Cask Day is:
- Alley Kat Brewing Co. - cask of their next in the Dragon Series, the Yellow Dragon DIPA made with HBC 342 experimental hops.  
- Amber's Brewing Co. - cask beer style TBD
- Jasper Brewing Co. - cask of their new White IPA dry-hopped with Citra
- Phillips Brewing Co. - tentatively a cask of dry-hopped Skookum Cascadian Brown Ale
- Wild Rose Brewing Co. - two kegs, one of their new seasonal, a Hefeweizen, and one of their Hop-Smashed-In BIPA
- Yukon Brewing Co. - cask beer style TBD

We want to give a temendous thank-you to the brewers participating, for it goes to show that we certainly are creating and fostering a community dedicated to craft beer here in Edmonton.

Those of you with a ticket will get a wrist-band, commemorative coasters, one (1) voucher for a half-pint of beer, and one (1) door prize draw ticket.

In an attempt to make things easier for the guys at Wunderbar, the event will operate on a voucher-based system.  Beer vouchers will be purchased at a single central location and can be used in exchange for either a half-pint (one voucher), or a full pint (two vouchers) at the bar.  Note that we will only be accepting cash for the beer vouchers - Wunderbar does have an ATM, however it might be a good idea to bring cash with you.  The pricing of the beer vouchers will be kept affordable (as we try to do with all of our events), but we cannot say exactly the cost at this time as it depends on the cost of the beer.

Casks will be tapped shortly after 1pm after a few words to open the event.

Admittedly there has been some feedback about the number of tickets sold and the limitations that Wunderbar has in terms of capacity.  We would like to address this in the future, but want to reiterate that Wunderbar is, and will always be the home of the EBGA.  This is concrete.  A special event, such as the One-Year Anniversary of the EBGA is the kind of event that will be hosted at Wunderbar.  Other events may find themselves in a larger venue. 

We're getting quite excited about this event, and what it means for the future of craft beer here in Edmonton!  Thanks to all those involved, both participants, suporters, volunteers, sponsors, and brewers! 

See you on the 23rd.

EBGA May 2012

Yellowhead Brewing

This past month, on 30 May, we were chuffed to welcome the Edmonton craft brewery, Yellowhead Brewing to visit the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous.  Yellowhead has been brewing their Premium Lager for a little over two years now.  Their sales manager Leon and associate Luca were on hand that evening. 

Leon and Luca presented us with the story of the inception of Yellowhead Brewing, and told us of what it is like to be a small brewery based in the heart of Edmonton.  The brewery is located on 105 street, in the core of downtown which allows them to cater the community in a unique way.  They market themselves as a truely community driven company, being deeply involved with numerous festivals and culture. 

We had a great opportunity to connect with them on a one-on-one level, and got to know the intricacies of even selecting a distribution format.  For example, there was a great general discussion (thanks Luca!) about how a brewery chooses what size of bottle to sell their beer in.  We learned that the justification behind the Yellowhead bottle is that the 500mL bottle is the most common size of beer bottle sold in the world, and that the shape of the Yellowhead bottle is reminisent of the old style stubby bottles.  Really neat to learn how they operate. 

So, thanks again to Yellowhead for coming out and visiting the EBGA. 

Though, that brings up another point....the EBGA has now cycled through all of the Edmonton based craft breweries.  Sure wish we had more....but there is news of a couple new ventures coming along. 

In addition to the Yellowhead Premium Lager, Wunderbar also had a couple other unique beers on tap that night.  Yukon Brewing, who are now on their third release of their A.D.D. Series, had a keg of their Double Trouble Imperial IPA on tap at Wunderbar.  Amber's Brewing also had the second iteration of their creation, Axle Rosehips, which is based on the Lunch Pale Ale and tweaked with corriander and rosehip.  Two very cool beers that we were lucky have available that night. 

Beer Events in YEG

5 June 2012:  Next Act Cassk Night
Alley Kat's Dragon DIPA - The Yellow Dragon w/ Experimental HBC 342 hops, tapped at 6pm
7 June 2012:  Ale Yard Cask Night
Amber's Brewing Co. is bringing a cask tweaked with strawberry and hazelnut, tapped at 6pm.
15 June 2012:  EBGA and Craft Beer Imports hosts Anderson Valley Brewing Co.
A sponsored tasting with owner, Trey White at Wunderbar, 6:30pm
21 June 2012:  SugarBowl Cask Night
Alley Kat's Brewberry on cask with a tweak, tapped at 5pm.
23 June 2012:  #EBGACaskDay
Celebration of our 1st Anniversary with a (Sold Out!) multi-cask event at Wunderbar, 1pm.
28 June 2012: Ale Yard Cask Night
Alley Kat's Brewberry with a vanilla twist, cask tapped at 6pm.

Beer News / In The News

Westvleteren 12
As many of you already know, we here in Alberta are about to have made availalbe to us (probably a once-in-a-lifetime occurance, unless you live in Belgium) the chance to purchase the ever-coveted Westvleteren 12.  This beer achieves the highes score possible (100/100) on both and   It's being pre-sold currently at both Keg'n'Cork or at Sherbrooke.  It should be arriving in early July (estimated), and Alberta is getting something rediculous, around 15% of the world's prodcution of this beer for the year! 

Sherbrooke's 1000th Beer
In late May, a local reporter, and avid EBGA-er, Laurie Callsen wrote an artical for the Metro Edmonton about Sherbrooke's up-coming 1000th beer available.  This has been long in the making and is being commemorated by a special one-off beer by Alley Kat called The Big Kahuna.

Beer & Brunch
The first (of hopefully a series) iteration of a beer and food paring event hosted at Cha Island Tea Co. was a great sucess. The EBGA paired beers with six brunch courses produced by Mallory Bowes and Elizabeth Dowdell.  Many thanks to those who grabbed tickets for this, and to Jake at Cha Island for hosting! 

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