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EBGA March 2012

Guest:  Jason Foster

Beer:  2 x Mikkeller - It's Alive & Citra DIPA

Details:  27 March, 2012, 7:30pm, Wunderbar

Being that you're getting this newsletter, you're probably into the beer scene here in Edmonton, and that probably means you already know who Jason Foster is, but for good measure, here's a bit of a bio:   Jason writes a blog titled which features beer-y news and comentary.  The blog has acquired quite a following in the six years he's been writing, but that's not all he's got himself into, we can also listen to him on CBC radio, read his columns in Vue Weekly and the Beer101 columns on the Sherbrooke website.  *Whew!*  All of these ventures of Jason's makes this little newsletter cower a bit. 

But, alas, that's why we've invited him out!  The idea for the evening is to have a discussion group/forum event focusing on the state of beer in our fine city.  This is certainly a passionate topic for a lot of us, so, what better place to show you have a voice!  Come on down and get involved, because, as with any industry, beer needs feedback too. 

To encourage the discussion we're going to offer two beers from Mikkeller (a Danish craft brewer sans brewery).  The two offerings will be on tap at Wunderbar for the duration of the event, or as long as they last!  The first is 'It's Alive!', a Belgian style strong ale.  The second is 'Citra DIPA', which is a single-hopped IPA.  Very different beers from very different parts of the beer spectrum; kind of fitting as that's what we're expecting from you lot in attendance. 

So, put on your thinking caps, and have some questions for Jason on standby.  Mark your calendars, and we'll see you at Wunderbar on the 27th. 

EBGA February 2012

Cannery Brewing

We certainly have to give a thankful nod to Cannery Brewing for sending a member of their brewing team out our way once again.  Ian Dyck came for the day all the way from Penticton, BC for our little event down at Wunderbar. 

Along with sampling through six of the Cannery offerings - Naramata Nut Brown, Anarchist Amber Ale, Squire Scotch Ale, Wildfire IPA, Maple Stout, and Blackberry Porter - Ian offered some insights to what Cannery Brewing is all about and what the BC beer scene is like.

We're very happy to have this exclusive visit.  Cheers!

Beer Events in YEG

22 March 2012:  Sugarbowl Cask Night
Alley Kat's new big bottle - The Bitter Truth ESB on cask, tapped at 5pm
27 March 2012:  EBGA @ Wunderbar
Oh, yeah, our event.  See above.
29 March 2012:  AleYard Cask Night
The first proper cask of their new program, tapped at 6pm.
3 April 2012:  Next Act Cask Night
Alley Kat's new Dragon DIPA - Black Dragon, tapped at 6pm

EBGA April 2012

Still working on it......we don't want to say just yet.
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