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Recap:  EBGA - March 2012 blogger Jason Foster & Mikkeller beer

How can I put this.....Perhaps simplicity is best.  Wow!  I don't think the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous has ever had so many people come out to one of our events.  It certainly was a welcomed sight, thanks to all who participated. 

Our guest speaker, if you missed it, was Jason Foster, a columnist and blogger (most noteably of, who is based here in Edmonton.  The Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous had worked since our inception to bring Jason out to one of our events; the stars finally aligned, and it's probable that it was worth the wait.  Jason was there to give a breakdown and a focused point of view of the state of craft beer in our city, and to some degree, all of Alberta.  It was refreshing to hear some of the core values of the EBGA - community, passion, and pride in craft beer - reflected in his words throughout the evening as well.  Based on the response of this past event and how much fun it was for both Jason and I, it would be nice to get to carry on this discussion and banter at a later date...but we'll keep you wanting on that front for a bit.  All-in-all, I think I can say, on behalf of all beer geeks in Edmonton, thank-you Jason for taking the time to visit us and for offering a common voice for us in your many media. 

The second feature of last month were two kegs of some rather special beer.  They were a Citra single-hopped IPA and a Belgian Strong Ale fermented with Brettanomyces called It's Alive!  We were able to get these unique beers due to the hard work of John Soltice, the agent responsible for bringing us the Mikkeller brews.  Mikkeller is a Danish 'gypsy-brewer' who has his beer contract brewed at facilities in Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands (mostly).  The beer from Mikkeller are generally of the 'extreme beer' category, which means they push the boundaries of style and of what is possible.  Thanks again John for addressing the crowd and for making the beer available to us!

Despite some dispensing issues - possibly due to the Brettanomyces, or just troublesome carbonation - the It's Alive wasn't at it's best, but we suffered through it.  Have to specifically thank Jim of Amber's Brewing and Dave of Yukon Brewing for helping troubleshoot the problems on such short notice, in addition to Levi and the gang at Wunderbar, for whom without which we wouldn't be able to do events like this. 

And once again, thanks to all who have contributed and participated in the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous in any form.  It demonstrates a common passion in our merry band and is encouraging for the future of craft beer in our city!


P.S. I know my grammer is terrible. 

EBGA - General Annoucements

EBGA - April 2012
This newsletter is somewhat of a good news, bad news issue.  The good news will follow, but first the not-so-good-news.  Due to scheduling issues and last minute cancellations, there will not be a special guest speaker at this month's EBGA event.  However, we're still going to give you a reason to come for a pint of craft beer....keep on reading to find out.

Speical Event
Getting around to that good news bit, in conjunction with the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous we will be helping host an event, perhaps the first of it's kind in Edmonton, maybe even wider scale than that.  We're working with a pair of aspiring chefs, Elizabeth Dowdell and Mallory Bowes, and Cha Island Tea Co. to host a different type of beer event.  It will be held on 27 May 2012.  Further details will be revealed at this month's EBGA meeting.

And just one more thing.....

So, as you can tell from what the rest of this newsletter has said, the state of craft beer in our city is certainly doing well for itself (mostly - I'll be glass-half-full on this one).  As such at the comming EBGA event on 30 April, we will be making some exclusive announcements regarding something very special in the near future.  Only those in attendance will learn of our coniving little plans and be among the first to participate.  Full details will be revealed in next month's newsletter, but who knows, it may be too late by then....If this isn't incentive enough to come round to Wunderbar and enjoy a friendly pint, then I don't know what is. 

Beer Events in YEG

18 April 2012:  Keg'n'Cork - Wheat Beer Tasting, 7:30pm
Join host Dave Scott to learn and sample a variety of wheat-based craft beer
19 April 2012:   Sugarbowl Cask Night, 5pm
Alley Kat's latest Double IPA - Black Dragon w/ Warrior hops on cask
26 April 2012:   AleYard Cask Night, 6pm
Alley Kat's second cask night at the AleYard - Full Moon Pale Ale
30 April 2012:   Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous, 7pm
Special announcements to be made this night at Wunderbar
1 May 2012:   Next Act Cask Night, 6pm
Alley Kat's summer seasonal - Brewberry
10 May 2012:   Big Bottle Launch Party 5-8pm
Alley Kat's next Big Bottle - a Saison, will debut
27 May 2012:   EBGA & Cha Island Tea Company
Combining forces with a pair of quite clever aspiring chefs we're working on a secret project - details to be revealed at the next EBGA along with other BIG news! 

Are there other craft beer events that are not on this list?  Contact the EBGA with your event info to have them posted here and on our social media.
Craft Beer in YEG.....
Do you know of an establishment that is going out of it's way to bring it's patrons quality craft beer and slipping under our radar?  Shoot us an email via the Contact page on our website: 
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