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Newsletter - November 2016
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Alberta Small Brewers Association

The Alberta Small Brewers Association, much like the EBGA, aims to promote Alberta based craft brewers and will be starting a media campaign to educate the uninitiated and celebrate the hard work and creations of local brewers.

Keep an eye out for the logo below, which will soon denote local craft beer friendly locations, local craft brewery initiatives, and promotional events!

Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous will be working closely with the Alberta Small Brewers Association in the future - keep your eye out!

EBGA November 2016 Newsletter

Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous
Events Quick Reference

TBD / Soon-ish
Release of Twin Creeks - The Hermit collab between Ribstone Creek Brewery (Edgerton) and Bench Creek Brewing (Edson)

TBD / Soon-ish
Release of Troubled Waters - East Coast Double IPA 'super collab' from Bench Creek (Edson), Blindman Brewing (Lacombe), and Troubled Monk (Red Deer)

28 November 2016, 6pm - late
Yellowhead Brewery - Saison Tete Jaune Launch Party

6 December 2016, 6 - 9pm
Craft Beer Expo @ The Common / Launch Party for Vol. 2 of the Alberta Craft Beer Guide Book; details here.

8 December 2016, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Alberta Beer Girls - December Event - Social at Provincial Pub

26 - 29 January & 2 - 5 February
Ice On Whyte - Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous Saloon

3 February 2017, 4 - 10pm
Freeze Your Cask Off! - more info below, or details here.

In addition to this list, remember that both Beer Revolution (Friday's @ 5pm) and CRAFT (Tuesday's @ 4pm) have weekly casks!  So get out there and enjoy!
Draught Selection - Results

How do you choose?!  This has become a common question at EBGA Executive meetings. 

When we set out to host events that are in support of the local craft beer scene we have, as of late, been encountering a different problem.  The issues used to revolve around where to host events and how can we encourage new bars and restaurants to carry some local draught (or at the very least some packaged products), or how can we make an event both informative and entertaining. 

Now though, we are facing different problems - good ones!  In the past five or six years (yeah.... we've been around that long!) we have seen such an enormous change in both the number of breweries here in Alberta, and the support for the industry.  The shear number of breweries that are operating in Alberta currently is so great that if present-day EBGA went back in time to tell past EBGA what it's like in 2016, it probably would be with great skepticism and doubt.  But, alas, here we are in the new age of craft beer in Alberta! 

So, that problem....  How do you choose? 

In order to be as impartial as possible, and to give new breweries, as well as established ones equal support, we could not have just picked them off the tops of our heads.  That list would have been biased.  The solution we came up with was a lottery. 

In the EBGA's recurring calendar of events there are (essentially) two events that we'd have to pick breweries for - Freeze Your Cask Off! and EBGA Ale On Rails (the summer streetcar series).

As a result, all of the names of all of the breweries went into a hat. 

Back on 15 November 2016, EBGA held the first-ever Draught Selection Party at Beer Revolution YEG.  We procured a couple of casks from both Alley Kat and Brewsters, invited representatives from both the Edmonton Radial Railway Society and Ice On Wyte to draw those brewery names from that hat......  here are the results:

EBGA Freeze Your Cask Off! 2017:
1. 4th Meridian Brewing Co.
2. Alley Kat Brewing Co.
3. Banded Peak Brewing
4. Banff Ave Brewing Co.
5. Bench Creek Brewing
6. Brewsters Brewing Company
7. The Dandy Brewing Company
8. The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company
9. Wild Rose Brewery
10. Wood Buffalo Brewing Company

EBGA Ale On Rails 2017 Season:
(dates to be announced in the spring)
1. Common Crown Brewing Co.
2. Last Best Brewing
3. Two Sergeants Brewing
4. [Theoretically] Brewing
5. Ribstone Creek Brewery
6. Grain Bin Brewing

Ice On Whyte
26 - 29 January & 2 - 5 February 2017

Ice On Whyte?  Is the right newsletter?

Yes, indeed.  Let me explain.  Ice On Whyte, the winter festival and ice carving competition is doing something a bit different with their evening programming this year.  In addition to hosting a variety of entertainment (live bands, burlesque, comedy, and even a stew cook-off) in their special event tent at the heart of Ice On Whyte, they have also partnered with Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous to showcase a different brewery every night of the festival. 

EBGA and Ice On Whyte have formed a partnership that includes featuring a different local brewery each night of the festival.  A welcomed change of pace at Edmonton festivals!  Patrons will be able to sample a couple different beers each night at the cash bar inside Ice On Whyte while enjoying the nightly entertainment - come down and visit us at the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous Saloon!  

The following breweries and their respective feature evenings are:

Friday, 27 January: Blindman Brewing
Saturday, 28 January: Alley Kat Brewing
Sunday, 29 January: Bench Creek Brewing

Friday, 3 February:  Extra special event.... see below
Saturday, 4 February: Brewsters Brewing
Sunday, 5 February: Yukon Brewing

So here's your opportunity to both get out and explore the city's premier winter festival, as well as take in some quality craft beer at the same time! 

Freeze Your Cask Off! 2017

As alluded to above - the 2017 edition of Freeze Your Cask Off! is going to be something (even more) unique and special. 

So, first, some background - EBGA's Freeze Your Cask Off! is our winter-themed event where we challenge the participating breweries to create a winter-themed or winter-inspired cask ale.  Brewers get creative and patrons get some amazing one-off beers.

This year's event marks the beginning of a new relationship / partnership between Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous and Ice On Whyte.  Ice On Whyte will be the new venue for Freeze Your Cask Off! on Friday, 3 February 2017!  A natural pairing between our two events for sure - an ice caring competition and winter festival paired with a winter-themed cask ale event - pretty excited about this for sure! 

So, now that you know you'll be enjoying winter-themed cask ales in a winter-themed environment.... on to the other bits....

Which breweries are participating?

As per the article above, the breweries that are participating in Freeze Your Cask Off! 2017 were picked at random from a 'draught selection' event that was held at Beer Revolution a couple weeks ago (see above for more on how and why we did this).  So, in alphabetical order:

1. 4th Meridian Brewing Co.
2. Alley Kat Brewing Co.
3. Banded Peak Brewing
4. Banff Ave Brewing Co.
5. Bench Creek Brewing
6. Brewsters Brewing Company
7. The Dandy Brewing Company
8. The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company
9. Wild Rose Brewery
10. Wood Buffalo Brewing Company

How do I get tickets to Freeze Your Cask Off!?

Tickets for Freeze Your Cask Off! are set to go on sale on 1 December 2016.  Readers of this newsletter will have first crack at purchasing tickets to this event.  The event capacity this year is larger, up to 250 people due to the larger event space provided by Ice On Whyte.

Tickets to Freeze Your Cask Off! include the following:
- access to Freeze Your Cask Off!
- access to Ice On Whyte
- unique, take-home, event glassware
- one 10oz pour of winter-themed cask ale

Click through the link below to purchase tickets to Freeze Your Cask Off! via the Ice On Whyte website:

Other information:

=> The event entry ticket does not include the cost of additional beer samples.

=> This is a cash-only event.

=> Please remember to bring valid photo ID with you to the event.

=> Additional 10oz pours of cask ale will be available for $3.50 per. 

=> Food service at Freeze Your Cask Off! will be provided by our favourite sausage-mongers at Old Country Meats

Where do I find even more information about Freeze Your Cask Off!?

If you'd like to learn more about Freeze Your Cask Off!, or more about EBGA in general - visit our website, and encourage others to sign up for the newsletter. 

Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous homepage

Freeze Your Cask Off! specific page


Questions or comments about EBGA?  Send us a note via the Contact Us page on our website, or simply reply to this newsletter!


The search for good beer need not be lonely.  

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