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EBGA - February 2013 Newsletter

As you can guess, this month's guest visiting the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous is Ribstone Creek Brewery from Edgerton, Alberta. 

Yeah, I had to Google where that is too.... According to Wikipedia, Edgerton has a bustling population of 317, and it's own postal code for goodness sake!  (I jest, but I grew up on a farm near a town about half the size of Edgerton...).  So, what makes Edgerton the ideal place to construct a brewery, other than being damn near, smack in the middle of ...well...not much...?  Frankly, I don't know either.  So, we invited them out to visit the EBGA.  Seems a logical way to go about it. 

So, while we get to hear the chaps from Ribstone Creek give us the low-down on their new operation and hear about what they stand for, we can also enjoy their first offering to the Alberta market, Ribstone Creek Lager. 

You may have heard about these folks before, and even had an opportunity to try their beer already (it's been available on draught around Alberta and in Edmonton for quite some time), but you've probably not had the chance to meet the people behind the operation, nor had the chance to ask all sorts of questions about what it's like to start up a brewery in the current Alberta market. 

Here are the event details; hope you can make it out!
Guest:  Ribstone Creek Brewery
Where:  Wunderbar
When: 26 February 2013, 7:30pm
Beer: Ribstone Creek Lager

EBGA Bar/Pub Ratings

So, after some feedback and a discussion group, we've revised how the bar ratings are calculated.  See above for the details, but here are the revised results!

For this month both the aggregate score and the monthly score are synonymous.  Now we need your help by submitting your ratings and comments to our online rating interface!  Click here for the rating form.

Wunderbar    93.53    A
Sugarbowl    93.97    A
Three Boars    96.30    A+
Next Act    83.65    B
Accent    87.37    B+
Pourhouse    79.00    C
Urban Diner    88.00    B+
Cha Island    92.70    A
MKT    66.70    D
Continental Treat    80.20    B
Hudsons    63.45    D
Ale Yard    65.45    D
Original Joe's (Varsity)    69.20    D
Metro Billiards    74.40    C
RATT    35.05    F
Sherlock Holmes    42.75    F
Underground    78.56    C
Black Dog    67.00    D

*** Note:   The EBGA Ratings Form is currently being updated.  We will release a 2.0 version in the coming weeks!  (basically, we're learning how to deal with all of the data that you're providing us with!  Thank you!) ***

Beer Events in YEG

4 February 2013, 7pm - Edmonton Homebrewers Guild Meeting (at Alley Kat Brewery) - Interested in homebrewing, or want some advice?  Meets are the first non-holiday Monday in the month, for more info.
5 February 2013, 6pm  - Alley Kat Cask Night at Next Act Pub - This cask was (sorry) the Plaid Dragon which had Simcoe, Cascade, HBC342 and Columbus hops! 
21 February 2013, 6pm - Alley Kat Cask Night at Sugarbowl - Another Charlie Flint Lager cask with some TBD spices.
23 February 2013, 7pm - Stouts and Porters Beer Seminar (Liquor Select) - A beery exploration of these two styles, call 780 481-6868 for details.
26 February 2013, 7:30pm - EBGA Meet at Wunderbar - This month's guest is Ribstone Creek Brewery from Edgerton, AB; it's a small town brewery with big ambition!

Other notable items this month:
- Hog's Head Brewing Co.'s long awaited Hop Slayer has been released and pouring at places like: 3 Boars, Cha Island Tea Co, and Wunderbar; 6 pack bottles coming soon!
- Alley Kat is setting up to brew Red Dragon again for March; single hop Double IPA with Simcoe

As always, if you know of any beery goings on around Edmonton and area, feel free to send us an email to get your event noticed!
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