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October 2011 newsletter
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Last Month (January 2012)

What you missed:

Wild Rose Brewing (Calgary, AB)

The folks in cow-town were on the list to bring to the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous for a few months, and last month, serindipity struck with their newly-released seasonal beer, a Belgian style Dubbel.  We really have to thank Wild Rose for this one!  Wunderbar on the EBGA night in January had the only keg of this beer available outside of Calgary! 

January was also the first month that brought a brewery, actively sought after, from outside of Edmonton to the group.  To put this in perspective, we still are a fairly small group; we routinely have 50 people at the EBGA events, but that number is a bit small for an out-of-town brewery to justify eating the expense of travel and associated costs.  BUT!  Wild Rose was the first brewery to take the leap and come to us!  (Next time you find yourself in Calgary, you should reciprocate and visit their weekly cask nights at their taproom.)  We've got plans to bring you more breweries from outside of Edmonton in the very near future, and with the continued support of the EBGA, we'll see them more frequently. 

At the event we had an introduction to the ways of Wild Rose thanks to their Northern Alberta sales rep Gordon.  We learned a few things about the brewery and the beers by Wild Rose as well as what to expect from the re-imaging of their seasonal lineup in 650mL bottles. 

Again, many thanks from the EBGA and Wunderbar for sending us a special release of the new seasonal and coming to visit us!   Very much looking forward to what the summer will bring for the new Wild Rose seasonals.

This Month - February 2012

Where:  Wunderbar Hofbrauhaus (8120 101 street)
When:  February 21 , 2012 @ 7:30pm

Guest:  Cannery Brewing (Penticton, BC)

Febrewary always seems to sneak up suddenly on me.  So much is going on at this time of year in the beer world - breweries are thinking about what their summer seasonals are going to be, and some are finishing up renovations or the like.  This month also brings with it the beginnings of spring in that there's more daylight, and a sense that summer might not be too far off after all.  This sense of anticipation and excitment for the new season to roll around is the same feeling that the EBGA has for this months' event. 

With a very warm welcome, the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous is proud to annouce that Cannery Brewing of Penticton, BC will be coming to visit! 

Both beer geeks and Wunderbar have been long standing admirers of the beers from Cannery.  Whether it be the warming Squire Scotch Ale, or the late night comfort of the Blackberry Porter, the Cannery has been near the top of our list of favourites for quite some time.  Now, beer geeks, this will be your chance to meet a brewery representative and have the inside scoop!

The format for the 21 February EBGA event at Wunderbar will be a guided tasting through the range of Cannery beers, though, the final list isn't solidified yet.  Expect to find at least five, maybe six of their beers that night.   We'll be guided through the beers, have a chance to learn about what the beer scene in BC is like, and get to know them personally (how often does that happen!?). 

In other notable news, Cannery Brewing has recently achieved a milestone in their existence - their 1000th batch of beer!  The celebration also coincided with their brewer's birthday, and the Winter Solstice back in December.  They marked this occasion with a big 'Thank-you' to all their loyal supporters with party at the brewery.  What better way to commemorate the last 10 years of hard work by the Cannery folk!

So come on down to Wunderbar on 21 February and help me introduce Cannery Brewing reps to the passion and desire to learn and share in all things craft beer here in Edmonton!

Next month.... (March 2012)

When:  27 March 2012, 7:30pm
Where:  Wunderbar
Guest:  Mr. himself, Jason Foster

The craft beer scene here in Edmonton has seen an amazing time in the last couple of years, and much of that exposure and perpetuation of knowledge is due with much admiration to the writer and blogger behind

Jason Foster routinely posts about topics ranging from tasting profiles of new beers, beer news relevant to the Alberta craft beer seeker, and general thoughts and insights about the industry.  If this sounds like a full-time job, you'd maybe be surprised to learn that he does a radio spot on Friday afternoons on CBC Radio One.  In the radio column Jason talks about various beer-y topics and usually brings something along with him to share with the CBC host.  And (!), Mr. Foster also writes beer columns for Vue Weekly, the Sherbrooke Liquor website (one of the EBGA's core sponsors), and something mysterious from Saskatchewan called Planet S magazine.  Wow! 

Sounds like it's time we found out more about this guy, huh?  Well, in March, he'll be stopping by the EBGA where we'll have our chance to meet the guy and pick his brain about all things beer.  Exact event format is to-be-determined at this point in time, but the discussion is certain to be riviting. 

If all goes well on the beer sourcing side of things, dear beer geeks, we'll be tasting some beer produced across the pond by something called a gypsy brewer (Disclaimer:  this is not for sure, but we're doing everything we can to make it a certainty.).  Discussion will ensue.  Forum Q&A is likely.  Stay tuned! 
Thanks to the sponsors of the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous!

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