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EBGA - May 2012

Guest:  Yellowhead Brewing

Beer:  Yellowhead Premium Lager

Details:  30 May, 2012, 7:30pm, Wunderbar

Frankly, it's about damn time we had Yellowhead come visit us at the EBGA.  They're coming out in force on the 30th - both Leon Hunter (sales manager) and Scott Harris (brewer) will be on hand to get familiar with.  We'll hear about how the Yellowhead name was revived and what they're striving for in the future.

EBGA 1st Anniversary / Cask Ale Day

Guests:  Alley Kat, Amber's, Phillips, Jasper Brewing, Wild Rose, Yukon

Details: 23 June 2012, 1pm, Wunderbar

When I think back about the different EBGA events Craig and I have put on at Wunderbar over the past while, it seems hard to come to terms with it being (nearly) an entire year. Let me digress a bit about where the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous came from and who we've had visit us over the past year.....  *cue the flashback*

The concept of a craft beer appreciation club arose through conversation between Craig Martell, one of the owners of Wunderbar, and myself at about this time last year. We were both impressed with each others work and passion for craft beer, so we decided to give event coordination a go.  We of course had no idea what we were doing or what we even wanted in the beginning, all we knew was that we wanted to show our support for the small guys and to help bring people into the light of the growing craft beer scene here in Edmonton.  Craig then basically gave me free reign one evening a month in his bar to do just this: help build a community and to bring the face of the breweries and industry reps to the people, there-by eliminating some of the impersonal aspects of the industry.  So was born the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous. 

Our first guest, and long term supporter, was Yukon Brewing, represented by Yukon Dave (as he's know around town), who brought in Alberta's first taste of Yukon's Double Trouble DIPA on keg.  There was such an interest in this beer, and in the concept of the EBGA that this keg sold out in about an hour!  We used this first pass to get an idea of who was interested in the concept and how we would be able to run it on a long term basis.

*Derailment*  I don't think I'll bore you with a comprehensive history of the EBGA, it's only been year after all.  I think our collective memory is better than that. 

However, throughout the past year the EBGA has been visited by the likes of:  Yukon Brewing, Sherbrooke Liquor, Amber's Brewing, Alley Kat Brewing, Phillips Brewing, Wild Rose Brewing, Cannery Brewing, Jason Foster....all of which were interspersed with no fewer than four Beer University (non-accredited) courses; yet another concept of Craig's.  Without question we have to give a huge Thank-You to all of our guests, and of course our sponsors:  Keg'n'Cork Liquor Co., Sherbrooke Liquor, and Wunderbar for making these events feasible, but more importantly, all of you attendees who make it worth while! 

And now, on to the good stuff....Since it'll be one year since we started doing this in June, 2012, we thought, why not celebrate it?!  Of course, being both the way Craig and I think, we needed to do something memorable.  And that got us thinking about what other events are around Edmonton that are just as popular, if not more so than the EBGA..? Cask nights.  It then just made sense to have Edmonton's (and apparently Alberta's) first ever CASK ALE DAY!  With multiple casks from multiple breweries, it's a sure-fire hit.  So, that's what we've done. 

On 23 June, 1pm at Wunderbar the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous will have it's 1st Anniversary with a cask ale event.  Unfortunately for some, but good news for many of you, this event is SOLD OUT.  The EBGA revealed it's master plan at the April edition of the EBGA where upon tickets went on sale and proceeded to sell out in less than 24 hours! 

We'll give out more details about the casks that are coming our way in June in the next newsletter, just to keep your interests piqued.  Those lucky folks who purchased tickets will get in the door on the 23rd, and a few other goodies.

Thanks again to everyone for your support and enthusiasm about craft beer in Edmonton! 

EBGA March 2012 Author Jason Foster w/ Mikkeller Beer

Many of you beer geeks will already know Jason's work, probably from multiple sources - CBC Radio, Vue Weekly,, Planet S and Sherbrooke's Beer 101 column.   We had a great discussion about the state of craft beer in our city and were lucky to have two kegs of Mikkeller beer that night - both the Citra Single Hop IPA and the It's Alive! 

EBGA April 2012

It was a pretty tame event, save for...

Our big annoucement!  We held the cards pretty close to the chest up unitl this month, when we revealed the plans for our one year anniversary.  It was a pretty chill night, and was very nice just to have casual conversations with many of you, rather than playing host.  Those who came were able to get first chance at buying tickets for June.  Following that we all learned a bit too much about Craig....hopefully the Felt Up video will be youtube-able soon (fair warning).

Beer Events in YEG

10 May 2012:  Alley Kat Big Bottle Launch party 
Join the Kat's at the brewery for the launch of the new big bottle - Saison d'Etre Farmhouse Ale; 5-8pm
17 May 2012:  Cask Night @ Ale Yard with Alley Kat
A cask of the Saison d'Etre with strawberries; 6pm
24 May 2012:  Cask Night @ Sugar Bowl with Alley Kat
Cask is the Saison d'Etre with orange and grapefruit; 5pm
27 May 2012:  Beer & Brunch @ Cha Island Tea Co.
The EBGA is co-hosting a beer and food pairing brunch; 10am with 6 courses
30 May 2012:  EBGA with Yellowhead Brewing
The regularly scheduled EBGA event, this month with local brewery, Yellowhead; 7:30pm

Beer-y News...
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