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EBGA - September 2012 Newsletter

Hi there!

September....?  Really?  Who decided that was a good idea?  Well, I guess it's done now.

With the autumn winds gusting and the trees changing colour we can at least reflect on the summer that's been.  And what better way to do so than with a couple events this month to make up for missing last month? 

Before we get into the details there is another issue that needs attention - the state of beer bars and pubs in our city.  Many pubs are well known for their selection and knowledgeable staff while others are riding on coattails and still others are just embarrassing.  Thus, as a community minded group, we at the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous are going to start a rating system for our local watering holes (and before you jump up and rant, yeas, we are well aware of the resources of both RateBeer and BeerAdvocate, but these websites do not focus on local trends, so there.).  The idea behind a local rating system is that we have complete control over how different bars are rated, what criteria are used, and which bars even get a nod.  Utilmately the bars and pubs will be rated with a letter grade of sorts, but it will be graded based on number of different criteria (more to follow).  We will for the time being look at calculating each bars standings on a montly basis with the hopes of automating the system in the future should it receive enough feeback - there's where you lot come in.

For the time being the bars and pubs will be rated on the following aspects:  Tap List, Bottle List, Service Rating, and Beer Knowledge.  Each category is broken down below and is in itself rated to a value between 0 - 100.  At the end, a multiplier will be applied called the Inducement Factor: 

Tap List:  (worth 35% of total rating)
- how many taps do they have?
- how many of the taps are local?
- how many of the taps are craft brewed?
- is ther macro lager on tap?
- are there guest/rotating taps?

Bottle List:  (worth 35% of total rating)
- how many bottles are on the list?
- is there macro lager on the list?
- does the list change?
- are there unique offerings?

Serving/Service Rating:  (worth 20% of total rating)
- serving size - is it actually a pint?
- is the beer served in the proper glassware?
- are the tap lines clean?
- genearal appearance of the draught offerings (done properly)?

Beer Knowledge:  (worth 10% of total rating)
- does the staff know how to server the beer?
- can the bartender or server help you pick a beer from the list?
- does the server/bartender know anything about beer, the beer style, or the breweries?

Inducement Factor (IDF):  (mutiplier - total rating is cut in half if inducements are presents/suspected)
- though we have no concrete method for proving that certain venues are subject to the industry 'standard' of accepting inducements, we all know the signs (propaganda, flags, beer towers, etc.) then the factor will be applied
- we offer no exceptions, the multiplier is 0.5, solid for you maths types, here's how the above categories come together for the overall rating:

Rating = IDF * (0.35 * Taps + 0.35*Bottles + 0.2*Service + 0.1*Knowledge)

From here we will assign a letter grade based on the following brackets:
A+:  95 - 100
A:  90 - 94.9
B+: 85 - 89.9
B: 80 - 84.9
C: 70 - 79.9
D: 60 - 69.9
F: 0 - 59.9

For starters, there are 16 ratings below that we've come up with to get things rolling (we could've populated the lower end of the rating scale with MANY more bars/pubs, but we got depressed and stopped).
Please feel free to reply to this newsletter with your feedback or use the Contact page on the EBGA website.

Aaaannnnd, now on to the fun bits (take that how you will....)

We're going to try the no-guest event again, it was nice to have session with the EBGA without all the pesky running the floor things getting in the way.  We're going to meet at Wunderbar on September 26, 7pm for another get together.  This will be a session open for all who want to come by and have a pint.  It may also give you the opportunity to be in the know about upcomming events. 

On top of that, we're making another community connection this month by having an event outside of Wunderbar.  The EBGA will be hosting a beer tasting on one of the Edmonton Radial Railway Society's streetcars travelling across the Highlevel Bridge on 17 September, 7pm.  There are very limited spaces available for this trip; seats are $20 per person which gets you both on the train and the beer samplings.  Reply to this newsletter, or use the Contact page on the EBGA website to get your tickets. 

The streetcar will travel from the Strathcona station across the Highlevel bridge and back over the course of the evening during which beer will be poured while we enjoy the view of the Edmonton river valley. 

The beer we'll be tasting will remain secret, so don't even bother asking. Think of it as one of our little surprises, and really, when have we let you down?
EBGA Bar/Pub Ratings

Wunderbar - A+
Sugarbowl - A
Three Boars - A+
Next Act - B
Accent - B+
Pourhouse - C
Urban Diner - B+
Cha Island - A
Continental Treat - B
Hudsons - F
Ale Yard - F
Original Joe's - D
Metro Billiards - C
Sherlock Holmes
- F

Beer Events in YEG

4 September 2012:  Next Act Cask Night
Alley Kat brings back a seasonal favourite with their Pumpkin Spice Ale hosting flavours of ginger and cinnamon on cask; tapped at 6pm.  
6 September 2012:  Big Bottle and Seasonal Launch Party @ Alley Kat
It's a double feature at this launch party with both the Pumpkin Spice and the Ein Prosit! Ok
17 September:  EBGA On Rails
We're having a beer tasting on one of the Edmonton Radial Rail Society's streetcars!  Event starts at 7pm, sharp.  Space is very limited, $20 per person, contact us ASAP for a seat!
26 September:  EBGA Session
We're going to do this no-guest thing again as it was nice to be able to get more face time with you lot. 7pm at Wunderbar.
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