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Summer Reading...

Decided to do more reading as of late and as such, it'd be a good thing for you to do too!  On the search for decent articles the common place to find experienced opinions are of course beer bloggers - both of the local variety and from afar.  Blogs are a great way to interact with a distant region in terms of the beer culture there, however they do not always offer the most honest opinion as the author is likely a craft beer fan, or geek if you will.  It then becomes both a more challenging search and sometimes one that is quite rewarding in that there are view-points from outside the realm of beer geekdom. 

This new segment of the EBGA Newsletter will aim at revealing some of the gems that we stumble across during the preceding month in effort to share our gleanings with the greater population.  Please feel free to post article links to our Facebook page, or email them to us via the contact form on the EBGA website.  We'll do our best to keep this interesting, informative and at all costs, about beer!

The following are a selection of favourites from the past month.... enjoy the read, but perhaps pour a pint first!

A Brief History of Sour BeerThe New Yorker, 29 June 2013
Mapping the Rise of Craft Beer  - The New Yorker, 7 June 2013
Stand Up Or Sit Down - Barley Mowat, 23 July 2013
Biologists Discover How We Detect Sour Taste - Science Daily, 24 August 2006

EBGA On Rails

Much like our first (and second) trip on a vintage street car with the Edmonton Radial Railway Society (ERRS), we are once again taking craft beer to new heights atop the High Level bridge with their help (see what I did there?).

We have two scheduled events this summer season - one in July and another in August.  Both of these events will take part on the classic Edmonton #33 fully restored street car from 1912!  And we're going host two beer seminars on it while parked in the middle of the High Level bridge! 

Ok, so now you know that we're taking advantage of one locally operated group to host a unique event, the other half is the beer, another locally operated outfit - Hog's Head Brewing Co.  Both beer seminars will feature a creation from Hog's Head and have a representative of the brewery on-hand to speak about the beer and the brewery!

Tickets for EBGA On Rails August are on sale now!  For the price of $20 each patron will get aboard the streetcar and at least two 12 oz pours of the yet to be determined Hog's Head beer.  The second in this series of events will take place on 27 August 2013 at 7pm and will have a duration of 1.5 hours, round trip.  The streetcar will both depart and arrive back at the Strathcona platform located at the North end of the Strathcona Farmers Market building.  There are very few tickets available as the streetcar can only hold so many people.

Once again, tickets for the August version of EBGA On Rails can be found here.

A picture with the streetcar conductors following last year's event.


Beer Related Events in #yeg....

13 August 2013, 6pm - Alley Kat Cask Night at Next Act Pub - Summer Squeeze on cask and dry hopped.
13 August 2013, 6pm & 9pm - Rich Versus Pour at The Common - A four-course food and beer pairing featuring local breweries Yellowhead, Hog's Head, Alley Kat, and Amber's; $48 per seat (to include food and beer).
14 August 2013 - Continental Treat Beer Dinner - This month's beer dinner features Samuel Adams of Boston and even the revered Utopias!  
15 August 2013, 5pm - Phillips Brewing Tap Takeover at Beer Revolution - Eight taps to be dedicated to a selection of goodness from Victoria.  
16 August 2013, 6pm - Central City Tap Takeover at Underground - Continuing their tap takeover series Underground will be pouring up to eight different brews from the Surrey, BC brewery.
17 August 2013, 12pm - Winning Wines Plus Yeast Order - for the homebrewers out there, get your yeast orders into Andrew at the South location (5718 111 street) no later than noon. 
22 August 2013, 6pm - Alley Kat Cask Night at Sugarbowl - Mystery Cask!  Secret casks are always the best.  As always with Sugarbowl cask nights, get there early!
27 August 2013, 7pm (SHARP!) - EBGA On Rails - Round two!  We're again partnering with the Edmonton Radial Railway Society and Hog's Head Brewing to produce yet another unique beer event, this time 150ft above the North Saskatchewan river!
30 August 2013, 5pm - Alley Kat Cask Night at Beer Revolution - Mystery Cask! ....sensing a pattern here...

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