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July 2011 newsletter
The search for good beer need not be lonely.

Last Month (June 2011)

What you missed: 

The inaugural Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous event was a smashing sucess! 

Thanks to all the beer geeks that came out to Wunderbar for a pint of Yukon Brewing's Double Trouble Imperial IPA.  It was the first and last keg of this particular beer Alberta will ever see. 

Many thanks also to Yukon Brewing for all their support and hard work in making an outstanding beer!

Pictures of the event are up on our website.

You'd best not miss out again!

This Month (July 2011)

Where:  Wunderbar Hofbrauhaus (8120 101 street)
When:   July 27, 2011 @ 7:30pm

The guest this month is none other than Jim, the mastermind behind the beer geek's playground, Sherbrooke Liquor

We're going to have an introduction to the business of craft beer and learn about about some of the new offerings to hit shelves soon.

The beer for this month is a surprise.....even to me!  Jim and I will come up with something tasty, just look at the selection we have to work with!

For those of you that visited last month, come on back and bring a friend!  To newbies, there's no overhead, no cover, and absolutely no prerequisites!  Come and learn about what makes a good beer and rub shoulders with people who share this passion.

Next Month (August 2011)

What to look forward to:

Want to know what it's like to be a craft brewer? 

Have an aching question about beer?

In August the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous will be hosting Jim Gibbons, owner of Ambers Brewing Co, from right here in Edmonton....and not 10 blocks from Wunderbar!

Jim will regale us with the tale of Ambers Brewing Co.  If we're lucky we might even get to sample something new and exciting! 

This event is not one to miss, I'm excited to see what type and manor of questions you, dear beer geeks, can muster for our very own Ambers Brewing Co.

Keep a keen eye on the EBGA website for details.
Thanks to the sponsors of the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous!

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