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October 2011 newsletter
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Last Month (December 2011)

What you missed:

Movie Night:  Screening of Beer Wars

Last month, or year, if you want to get particular was the first ever movie night for the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous.  Our sponsors (Keg'n'Cork, Sherbrooke, and Wunderbar) pitched in to pay the public screening license for the beer documentary: Beer Wars.  This documentary was released in 2009 and gives an insider view to what the beer industry in the United States is really like.  Throughout the documentary we saw what the day-to-day operation is for a small-time craft beer brewery and how the market works.  In my opinion, it's a documentary that is a bit on the negative side and is looking for the feel-sorry-for-me reaction, but keeping in mind that it is out-of-date now, where in 2011 the craft beer market in the U.S. recently saw an increase of 15% in sales, the future prospects are looking good.

Right, moving on.  From the audience's reaction, this movie night thing might just be a good idea for future EBGA events.... though, there are (to my knowledge) very few good beer documentaries like Beer Wars (feel free to correct me on this).  The part I quite enjoyed was the mini-disscussion group we had following the movie where everyone weighed in with their impressions.  Thanks for that. 

Following the movie, there were loads of door prizes - thanks very much to Pacific Wines, Century Hospitality Group and Yukon Brewing for donating merchandise and gift certificates! 

December was also the release of the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous's own merchandise!  Everyone went home with the very first edition of the EBGA coasters.  Don't have yours yet?  One of the very few ways to get these is to come to the EBGA events. 

This Month - January 2012

Where:  Wunderbar Hofbrauhaus (8120 101 street)
When:  January 31 , 2012 @ 7:30pm

Guest:  Wild Rose Brewing (Calgary, AB)

As some of you attentive beer geeks may have already heard, Wild Rose is preparing a new seasonal beer.  They're getting set to release a Belgian style Dubbel.  A dubbel is generally a stronger brown-ish coloured ale with a full-bodied, dark-fruit character with some spice.  This style of beer is generally regared as a tricky one to brew.  As Wild Rose is making this beer thier new seasonal means they are growing and are showing they have confidence in their brewing team.

The Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous will be hosting the Northern Alberta sales rep for Wild Rose.  He'll be armed with all the details of this beer, and of course the other styles in the Wild Rose line-up following a crash course with their brewing team.  Let's see if we can put  him on the spot! 

Wild Rose will be bringing along a special keg of this new Dubbel for our eager palates.  Can't wait to sample this one! 

The new Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous coasters (our very first merchandise!) will handed out during the event as well.

Special Event - CRAFT Beer Market bus trip

When:  4 February 2012


The Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous is working with the Edmonton Homebrewers Guild to setup a charter bus trip to Calgary to visit the new-ish CRAFT Beer Market.  This joint is located in the heart of Calgary and boasts a tap line-up of over 100 different beers! They claim to have the largest selection of draught beer in Canada.  This does sound impressive and exciting.  Reports from patrons have been positive, so this trip sounds like a great time! 

The plan is for everyone on the charter bus to pitch-in for the transport costs - estimated with a full bus to be about $40/person.  That's cheaper than the cost of fuel!  We're going to meet in the parking lot of Alley Kat Brewing the morning of 4 February 2012, board the charter, be driven to the CRAFT Beer Market in Calgary, have about 6 hours of sampling beer, and be driven back to Edmonton on the charter bus that evening.  Pretty simple plan, but the prospect of having over 100 taps to choose from makes this trip sound fantastic! 

In order to get your seat on the charter bus, here's what you have to do:  email me with some contact info (  From there we'll do the leg work and get you an exact total for transport costs, and an offical itinerary.  We ask that you make up your mind and let us know you're coming by 23 January 2012. 

This trip is going to be lots of fun!  Also, feel free to contact me with any other questions you might have. 

The Coming months............

When:  TBD, 7:30pm
Where:  Wunderbar
Guest:  we're working on it...stay tuned.

So, last month I went on a bit of a rant about how we're making a new years resolution to continue to bring you breweries and individuals from the beer world - and I'm holding to that, though somewhat regretting that gym membership - but it means that there are so many breweries that are willing to come and visit, we're having a bit of a difficult time scheduling.   The worst problem to have, I know. 

So, in lieu of giving you a sneak peak at what February will hold, here's a brief list of who we're talking to and what you might find at an EBGA event down at Wunderbar in the future:

- Cannery Brewing (Pentiction, BC)

- Kegs from a very popular Danish brewer, though he doen't have his own brewery....

- Banff Ave Brewing Co. (Banff, AB)

- Paddock Wood (Saskatoon, SK)

And these are just the folks that we're working with for the first half of 2012!  Super excited to be having this kind of response from the industry and from all of you beer geeks that keep things like the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous alive. 

Remember, there are also cask nights, beer openings, and many other beer-y events every month around Edmonton to get to if you're getting bored, though, I know I'm not! 
Thanks to the sponsors of the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous!

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