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Newsletter - September 2014
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The search for good beer need not be lonely.

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Alberta Small Brewers Association

The Alberta Small Brewers Association, much like the EBGA, aims to promote Alberta based craft brewers and will be starting a media campaign to educate the uninitiated and celebrate the hard work and creations of local brewers.

Keep an eye out for the logo below, which will soon denote local craft beer friendly locations, local craft brewery initiatives, and promotional events!

Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous will be working closely with the Alberta Small Brewers Association in the future - keep your eye out!

EBGA October 2014 Newsletter

Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous
Events Quick Reference

16 October, 6pm - Alley Kat Cask Night @ Sugarbowl
18 October, 7pm - Intro to Craft Beer (w/ EBGA) @ Woodcroft Community League
20 October, 6pm - Tree Brewing (Kelowna, BC) Brewmasters Dinner @ CRAFT
1 October, 4:30pm - Stone Brewing Co. Launch Party @ CRAFT
23 - 26 October, 5pm - Mill St. Brewery Tap Takeover @ Beer Revolution
22 October - Stone Brewing Co. Dinner @ Continental Treat
31 October, 5pm - Alley Kat Cask Night @ Beer Revolution

Stone Brewing Co. Launch In Western Canada

The rumors are true!  Stone Brewing Co. of Escondido, California, known for their epic and industry-leading beers is coming to Alberta!
Stone Brewing Co., has, up to this point, been one of those 'why can't we get their beer here?!?' breweries.  Perhaps one of the most desired of their offerings is Arrogant Bastard Ale, which was 'brought forth upon the unsuspecting public' in 1997, has become something of a beer geeks wet-dream.  Stone Brewing Co. beers are scrupulous, and uncompromising in their quality, and as such they are apparently quite particular about the distribution channels through which their beer travels.  It is suspected that it has taken a fair bit of convincing on the part of Horizon Beers to demonstrate that not only can the Connect Logistics system of warehousing meet the standards, but that the Alberta market is ready for such products.

Like many things that Stone Brewing Co. does, the product launch planned for Alberta is not exactly subtle.  There are two main events planned for Edmonton alone!  The first is a beer dinner happening at the Continental Treat on 21 October (likely well sold-out by the time this hits inboxes, but if you have a ticket, well done!).  Continental Treat puts on fantastic beer paired dinners, and certainly will not leave you wanting on either the food, nor beer fronts. 

The second event to welcome Stone Brewing Co. to Alberta is a Launch Party & Tap Takeover at CRAFT Beer Market.  There are 15 (!) different Stone beers planned to be on tap for this event (see below for the list).  Now, EBGA has been roped-in to help.  We have a few passes to give away that can be used to attend the Stone Brewing Co. Tap Takeover at CRAFT Beer Market on  Tuesday, 21 October at 4:30pm.  For your chance to win one of these passes, reply to this newsletter as-soon-as-possible with the answer to this question:  What European city is Stone Brewing Co. planning to expand production to? *

*We will address answers/replies to this email in the order in which they are received.  We will only distribute one pass per person.  Please also note that the passes do not guarantee entrance to the event (this is in blatant red font on the pass, not something we're stipulating).


Hope to see a few of you beer geeks there!

Thanks to CRAFT Beer Market and Horizon Beers for making this possible.

Alley Kat Set To Release Olde Deuteronomy! 

One of the most Pavlovian of responses I've ever had occurred recently upon hearing the news that Alley Kat is currently conditioning the first vintage of Olde Deuteronomy since 2011. 
Olde Deuteronomy is a barley wine/vintage ale, and a particularly good one at that!  Barley wine originated as an English style of beer that was the strongest offering from a brewery.  It typically is very malt forward, often almost syrupy and vinous.  Loaded with an aroma of dark fruit (plum, raisin, cherry, etc), a barley wine is usually strong enough to age or cellar, like wine.  The time in the cellar is generally conducive to developing more robust and full flavours.  Olde Deuteronomy is one of these beers.  If, dear beer geeks, you've got a few bottles, or have a friend that does, you may be pleasantly surprised at what the age of previous vintages can do for this beer.  The new vintage of Olde Deuteronomy is certainly enough reason to pop the cap on previous vintages for a side-by-side tasting. 

Olde Deuteronomy is given much praise in the beer geek world - just check out the ratings from RateBeer and Beer Advocate.  I've even got a book entitled "1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die" that contains an entry for Olde Deuteronomy. 

So glad it's back.

This year's release of Olde Deut is to coincide with the 20th Anniversary of Alley Kat.  Details are likely to come with a specific release date.  But one thing is for certain, this is the most anticipated beer release for this beer geek in a very long time.  And with that, hats-off to Alley Kat for being a driving force in the craft beer scene in Edmonton, and in Alberta as a whole, and for wanting to celebrate the big 2-0 with a new vintage of Olde Deuteronomy!

Stay tuned for more events with Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous - winter scheduling underway with some new events to be announced soon. 


The search for good beer need not be lonely.  

EBGA Executive
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