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Summer Reading...

Another round of random articles that we found interesting reads over the past month.  The goal here is to introduce this newsletters' readership to a greater portion of the online resources at the fingertips of us beer geeks.  There is by no means a specific selection here (yet), but given time, themes could develop to produce a collection of knowledgeable and useful articles for the many facets of beer, brewing, science, culture .....

This new segment of the EBGA Newsletter will aim at revealing some of the gems that we stumble across during the preceding month in effort to share our gleanings with the greater population.  Please feel free to post article links to our Facebook page, or email them to us via the contact form on the EBGA website.  We'll do our best to keep this interesting, informative and at all costs, about beer!

How to survive the Great British Beer Festival - Pete Brown's Beer, August 2013

Five facts you may not have known about India Pale Ale for #IPADay - Zythophile, August 2013

Brewing Lambic: Mythbusters Style - The Mad Fermentationist, April 2012

Cows love craft brewing mash: A tale about Ska Brewing recycling - Craft Brewing Business, August 2013

Liquor privatization: Did Albertans get what was promised? - Edmonton Journal, August 2013

Growing Beer Countries (Heat Map) - RateBeer Weekly, August 2013

Average Joe - Imbibe Magazine, September 2013


Talking Pints and the EBGA

Podcast?  Yeah.  I've heard of those.  It's like a Youtube video without the video, right? 

Just so happens that the EBGA was contacted a few weeks ago by the inspired Lewis Kelly who produces Sherbrooke Liqour's craft beer focused podcast - Talking Pints.  So far Lewis has interviewed some big names in the realm of Edmonton Beer (#yegbeer).  From the introductory episode with Neil Herbst of Alley Kat Brewing Company, to the diction of Peter Bailey (The Tomato's Beer Guy), and the frank Shelly Hall-Zenew (Yukon Brewing), each episode has brought something to light within the world of beer in our city that may not have otherwise been known. 

It is certainly a well-timed combination of technology and craft beer as many facets of the local craft beer scene are beginning to connect with that of the online.  Talking Pints is a monthly endeavor, with new episodes being released at the beginning of the month.  The September episodes features, myself, Shane, of the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous.  Lewis did a very good job of keeping my ramblings on course, which was admirable, since, what do two beer geeks do, if not digress over this beer topic, or that.  The theme for the episode was 'cheap beer' with the target being students and their annual return to post-secondary education facilities, however, we did a good job of straying into many other topics.  Here's a link to the Talking Pints episode.

In some way, I wish that we could have spoken for a few more hours and gotten to the depths of some solid topics we face here in #yegbeer, but alas, it will have to wait for next time. 

So, speaking of next time, Lewis has agreed to take the Talking Pints show on the road.  But not too far of course, all of that fancy recording equipment is heavy.  In a bit of role reversal, Lewis will be the guest for this month's Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous.  We'll get to interview him!  How about that.  The upcoming session at Wunderbar will be recorded in attempt to record a live episode of the podcast.  In addition to the questions that I'll have for Lewis, it is encouraged that patrons of the session chime in - you can pose questions to either Lewis or I, so long as they relate to the craft beer community here in Edmonton. 

What:   Talking Pints  (Sherbrooke Liquor's craft beer podcaster, Lewis Kelly)
Where:   Wunderbar
(8120 101st)
When:  24 September 2013, 7pm


Shabam(!) is an annual beer festival put on by Sherbrooke Liquor in support of the Kidney Foundation, this year changing venue to the Alberta Aviation Museum Aircraft Hanger.  According to the website, there will be over 50 products available to choose from. 

The Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous has two (2) tickets to this beer festival being held on 27 September 2013 to give away!  The first individual to reply to this newsletter with the correct answer to the following (mandatory) skill testing question will receive the tickets. 

The question you need to answer is:   What street is the Alberta Aviation Museum located? 

We should also point out that tickets are available for purchase here. 

Beer Related Events in #yeg....

7 September 2013 - Keg'n'Cork Bottle Drive and BBQ - In support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, bring your empties to the Keg'n'Cork for a good cause! 
8 September 2013 - Duggan's Boundary Irish Pub Block Party - Block party to relaunch the location's new name; also accepting donations for the Edmonton Food Bank.
9 September 2013, 7pm - Edmonton Homebrewers Guild - General Meeting - First General meeting for the 2013 - 2014 brewing season. Everyone (18 or older) welcome. If becoming a member or renewing your membership, please bring your $35 membership fee. for more details.
10 September 2013, 6pm - Alley Kat Cask Night at Next Act Pub - Brewmaster's cask (a nice way of saying 'I dunno yet', but those are usually favourites!)
19 September 2013, 6pm - Alley Kat Cask Night at Sugarbowl - Pumpkin Pie Spiced Ale makes it's return in cask form! 
19 September 2013, 6pm - Phillips Brewing Tap Takeover at Underground - Beers are currently TBD.
24 September 2013, 7pm - Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous with Talking Pints - Lewis Kelly is the guest this month; he's the craft beer podcaster from Sherbrooke Liqour.  We'll talk about all things #yegbeer.
27 September 2013, 5pm - Alley Kat Cask Night at Beer Revolution - Announced to be Pumpkin Pie Spiced Ale, revolution style.
27 September 2013, 7pm - Shabam! Beer Festival - In support of the Kidney Foundation, Sherbrooke Liquor puts on this beer-drinking and fund-raising adventure complete with musical accompaniment.  Details and tickets here.   
27 September 2013 - Underground Oktoberfest - Steins of Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest will be pouring until 4 October.
TDB September 2013 - Half Pints Tap Takeover at Beer Revolution - From Winnipeg, Manitoba, tentative kegs are to include the Stir Stick Stout, and Humulus Ludicrous!
3 October 2013, 5pm - Launch Party for Maroon Dragon and Pumpkin Pie at Alley Kat - Maroon dragon will make it's appearance on the first of October, but the single-hopped Double India Pale Ale, this time with Centennial will, together with Pumpkin Pie, be officially launched at the brewery. 
Coming Soon! - Hog's Head Brewing's Tasting Room (St. Albert) - This still infant (but big on taste!) brewery has been swinging hammers and paint brushes furiously in attempt to get their front tasting room open.  Details are yet to be fully revealed, but rumor has it there will be beer! 


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