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October 2011 newsletter
The search for good beer need not be lonely.
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Last Month (September 2011)

What you missed: 

Continuing further down 99th street here in Edmonton we found the Alley Kat Brewing Company.  Located at 9929 60th ave, this brewery has been a mainstay in the Edmonton beer scene for over 17 years now. 

The Alley Kat owner and founder, Neil Herbst visited the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous this past month.  He brought with him three great brews: the Ein Prosit! Oktoberfest (the latest seasonal), Red Dragon Double IPA (the latest in the Big Bottle Series), and a surprise for all the beer geeks, samples of their 'beer of opportunity', the Fresh Hop Full Moon.  Being backed by this killer trio would make any aspiring beer geek pay attention! 

As our taste buds debated which they like better, the Red Dragon Double IPA, or the Fresh Hop Full Moon, Neil entertained us with stories from Alley Kat's past and gave a peak and what's on it's way in the future. 

We all had another great night at the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous!  BIG thank-you's to all of the people who continue to support this growing idea!  Big thanks also to Alley Kat, not just for being awesome, but for being awesome and being a huge supporter of the community!  As always, Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous wouldn't be able to operate without our key sponsors: Sherbrooke Liqour, Keg n Cork, and Wunderbar

Pictures (thank you again Ally!) of the event are up on our website and on the Facebook.

This Month (October 2011)

Where:  Wunderbar Hofbrauhaus (8120 101 street)
When:   October 26, 2011 @ 7:30pm

We're going to be doing things a little differently this month.  Fear not, for there shall still be beer! 

In lieu of a guest coming to educate us on beer, we're going for the home-school option.  In hopes of making this a semi-recurring feature we're hosting the second class in the series we've named Beer University (non-accredited).  This month's Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous will *big announcement!* be instructing Beer 102!

OK, if that's not a big enough announcement for you, how about letting you in on what we've got planned?...Fine.  The idea behind Beer University (non-accredited) is to introduce people to beer, one style at a time.  Our first course (if you missed this, too bad!  Have to wait for next semester!) was a general introduction to the range of beer styles and flavours.  Beer 102 will focus on a specific style......Porter. 

And...because we're extremely organized we've already chosen the beers we're going to lecture with:  .......ok, that's a lie.  BUT!  We do have a pretty awesome list going.  Plus, we can't give everything away just yet.  You have to come to the event to find out more!

For EBGA veterans, we hope to see you out again!  To newbies, there's no overhead, no cover, and absolutely no prerequisites!  Come and learn about what makes a good beer and rub shoulders with people who share this passion.


P.S. Feel free to forward this email shamelessly to other aspiring beer geeks and fence-sitters. 

Next Month.....
Sort of

2 November 2011, 7:00pm @ Wunderbar

What to look forward to:

An introduction to Phillips Beer!!  New to Alberta and new to Edmonton!  We're lucky to have an opportunity to meet, in person, the very person behind the legendary brewery: Matt Phillips!

We're doing an event of opportunity outside of the regular schedule of the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous with this special, one-off event.  Our regular schedule will keep on going, but due to the special opportunity to meet the face behind Phillips, how could we say no? 

What we're offering is to be one of the first people in Edmonton to sample the new variety of beers available from Phillips in Alberta!  We don't yet have details on which beers will be available for the EBGA event, but we'll keep you updated via the social media feeds.  Trust us, this is not a beer event you can miss! 

A note to our regular patrons: our regular programming will continue as posted and announced earlier, we're just adding to the plethora of beer events as of late.  Stay tuned via Twitter and Facebook for the most recent information.

As a side note, the Phillips beers will be available at both Sherbrooke and Keg'n'Cork starting 19 Oct.
Thanks to the sponsors of the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous!

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