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EBGA - January 2013 Newsletter

Well, here we are, more than a week into a new year; back to work and anxious to work off the excess that the holidays are all to adept at bringing.  If you've caught up on your reading, you'll have read many year-in-review blogs and articles - suppose it's a bit late for that, so I'll point you in the direction of some of my favourites. 

First is the Beer Guy column found in the locally produced Tomato foodie magazine.  Peter Bailey's Happy New Beer column this issue expresses the joy that comes with introducing quality craft beer to novices.  I think this column is aptly timed as we here in Edmonton look forward to another exciting year in the beer community. 

Another one to mention is not of Edmonton, or even Alberta, but from a land of promise and abundance - Barley Mowat (yeas it's a pseudonym), took bronze this year for Best Local Beer Blogger/Writer awarded by CAMRA Vancouver.  His post Introducing the Beerdies was a great read; he took note of some impressive West coast goings-on.

Returning to a local figure for the last reading assignment is, of course one of Jason Foster's latest posts - 2012: The Beer That Was gives a quick recap about what we encountered this year. 

I want to thank everyone who has visited and helped form the community around craft beer here in Edmonton this past year and to all the breweries we've held events with, and most particularly, the fellas round Wunderbar! 

As for us here with the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous, we wish everyone the best in the coming year and hope that you enjoy the craft beer with good company for, the search for good beer need not be lonely.

EBGA January 2013 - Hog's Head Brewing Company

As (close-as-makes-no-difference) Edmonton`s newest brewery, Hog`s Head Brewing Company will be stopping by Wunderbar for an event with the EBGA.  It`ll be your chance to meet the faces behind this new venture, get to know them, and enjoy a pint (...or three) of their new-to-market beers. 

Hog`s Head beers have been on tap for a while now around Edmonton; one of their first draught offerings was another of our events back in the fall when the lucky few who boarded the Edmonton Radial Railway Society`s street car to partake in a private tasting in the middle of the High Level bridge.

Now, however, you can find Hog`s Head on tap at places like Sugarbowl, Underground, and the like. They`re also starting to retail their beer in 64oz growlers.  This serving is generally something done by brewpubs, but it seems a great idea!
Roight, on to the event details:

Guest:  Hog`s Head Brewing Company
Where:  Wunderbar
When: 29 January 2013, 7:30pm
Beer: TBA

EBGA Bar/Pub Ratings

So, after some feedback and a discussion group, we've revised how the bar ratings are calculated.  See above for the details, but here are the revised results!

For this month both the aggregate score and the monthly score are synonymous.  Now we need your help by submitting your ratings and comments to our online rating interface!  Click here for the rating form.

Wunderbar    93.53    A
Sugarbowl    93.97    A
Three Boars    96.30    A+
Next Act    83.65    B
Accent    87.37    B+
Pourhouse    79.00    C
Urban Diner    88.00    B+
Cha Island    92.70    A
MKT    66.70    D
Continental Treat    80.20    B
Hudsons    63.45    D
Ale Yard    65.45    D
Original Joe's (Varsity)    69.20    D
Metro Billiards    74.40    C
RATT    35.05    F
Sherlock Holmes    42.75    F
Underground    78.56    C
Black Dog    67.00    D

Alright, so I have a bit of a rant....The fellas at Yukon Brewing were extremely generous to send a one-off cask of their beer our way for our recent New Years Eve party, only for it to meet an untimely end in the hands of our beloved Connect Logistics.  If we are to be dependent on a province wide distribution warehouse for distribution of alcohol, should they not be, at the least, capable of properly handling the product they are intrusted with? .....Roight... In a perfect world. 

Essentially I want to let you all know about the hard work both on the brewery's side and the scheduling headache that their sales rep, Yukon Dave went through to bring us the cask.  Their determination and willingness to support the EBGA is very much appreciated to the point that they are as much an Edmonton brewery despite the physical distance. 

Thanks once again Yukon Brewing and Yukon Dave!

Beer Events in YEG

7 January 2013:  Edmonton Homebrewers Guild Meeting
The first meeting of the year for the EHG.
8 January 2013:  Alley Kat Cask Night at Next Act Pub
Code named Craaazzzyyy Charlie, it`s Charlie Flint Lager with coriander, orange peel, and Cascade hops.  Tapped at 6pm. 
9 January 2013:  Mikkeller / Three Floyds Hvedegoop Beer Release at Underground
Draught release of this barley wine is a one-night only, get it while you can, ticketed event.
14 January 2013: Alley Kat Dragon Double IPA Release
This time it's a Plaid Dragon combining Cascade, Columbus, Simcoe and the experimental hop HBC 342!
~ 14 January 2012: Alley Kat Beer Release
Exclusive to the brewery and Sherbrooke is a special release of a barrel aged MacDougall Scottish Export Ale!
24 January 2013:  Alley Kat Cask Night at Sugarbowl
Cask of St. Portersburg Baltic Porter will be tapped at a new time for this cask night, 6pm (Yeah!  Might be able to make this one!)29 29 January 2013: Alley Kat Cask Night at Underground
Cask of the new DIPA of the Dragon Series - Plaid Dragon!  Tapped at 6pm.
30 January 2013: Alley Kat Beer Release - St. Portersburg
This beer is "darker brew with notes of caramel, toffee and dark fruits this beers complexity is only matched with it's rich history".
31 January 2013: Brooklyn Brewery Tasting at Keg'n'Cork
An event you don't want to miss, super-rare bottles and draught offerings at this closed door tasting.  Contact Keg'n'Cork for details at 780-461-0191.

As always, if you know of any beery goings on around Edmonton and area, feel free to send us an email to get your event noticed!

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