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October 2011 newsletter
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Last Month (November 2011)

What you missed:

Beer University (non-accredited):  Beer 103 - India Pale Ales

Our third iteration on this education event and I think we're getting the hang of it.  Craig and Shane led you on a journey through the beer style called India Pale Ale (IPA).

Interspersed between the eight different IPAs sampled we also learned a few things about the history of the style - its origins, and how it evolved, and some background on the breweries of the featured beers.

The eight different IPAs were poured in pairs such that we always had something to compare against; and in order here was the line-up:

1) Yukon Brewing - Ice Fog IPA  (Whitehorse, Yukon)
2) Wild Rose Brewing - IPA (Calgary, Alberta)
3) Propeller Brewing Co. - IPA (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
4) Half Pints Brewing Co. - Little Scrapper IPA (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
5) Mt. Begbie Brewing Co. - Nasty Habit IPA (Revelstoke, British Columbia)
6) Phillips Brewing - Amnesiac Double IPA (Victoria, British Columbia)
7) Hopworks Urban Brewery - IPA (Portland, Oregon)
8) Central City Brewing Co. - Red Racer IPA (Surrey, British Columbia)

And if you thought that wasn't good enough, we also were serving pints of a local Edmonton beer - Alley Kat's latest Big Bottle creation, the Blue Dragon Double IPA.  This is a follow up to the Red Dragon a few months ago.  They are single-hopped Double IPAs, the Red Dragon being hopped with Simcoe, and the Blue Dragon with Columbus. 

After all this hop-assult, its fairly safe to say that many of our pallates were obliterated.  Craig and Shane had a great time, and hope you all did too!

And if you weren't paying attention right near the end, Craig announced a Beer U on Stout some time in December......can't say he's not spontaneous.  Stay tuned!

This Month - December 2011

Movie Night!!

Where:  Wunderbar Hofbrauhaus (8120 101 street)
When:   December 27, 2011 @ 7:30pm

Alright, because December is full of dinner parties, family, friends and celebration, we thought we'd add another commitment to your calendar.  The sponsors of the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous - Sherbrooke Liquor, Keg'n'Cork Liquor Co., and Wunderbar have all come together to pay the public viewing license for us to show you this documentary about beer. 

This film was released in 2009, so its still relevant to the industry today...although we are entering 2012, wow....but just the same, this documentary features big names in craft beer industry like Sam Calagione (the founder of Dogfish Head, Milton, Delaware), Charlie Papazian (who founded little things like the Great American Beer Festival), Greg Koch (of Stone Brewing Co.), and many more leaders of the American craft beer industry.

The film is narrated and produced by Anat Baron who was very kind in providing the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous with two copies of this DVD to offer as door prizes - but you have to come watch the movie if you want a chance to win. 

Now, don't all of you go rush out and see this movie, come and enjoy it with all of your fellow beer geeks.

On top of all of this we have more door prizes that have been supplied by very generous people and companies that like what the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous is all about.

.....and just one more thing....

The Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous has a surprise for all you beer geeks too!  It's nothing huge, as it would cost quite a lot of money to get all of you a present, but we've come up with something that I think you're all going to like.  This 'present' again has been supported by the EBGA's sponsors - Sherbrooke Liquor, Keg'n'Cork Liquor Co. and Wunderbar, but also has been supported by the likes of Amber's Brewing Co., Alley Kat Brewing Co., Yukon Brewing, Phillips Brewing, and a couple more supporters that we haven't talked a lot about (have to leave something as a surprise). 

Hope to see you all on the 27 of December, happy holidays!

Right,...think that's about it.

Next Year.....(January 2012)

When:  31 January, 2012, 7:30pm
Where:  Wunderbar
Guest:  Wild Rose Brewery (Calgary, Alberta)

January starts a calander year, and for some that means resolutions.  The Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous has a resolution for the coming 2012 (....apocalypse...?).  We resolve to bring to you, the beer geeks of Edmonton, as many different breweries and beers as we can in this next year.  Have to say, we've got a bit of a head-start on this one, and plans are looking great!

To truely kick-start our resolution in a powerful way the EBGA is hosting a premier craft brewery from Calgary - Wild Rose Brewery.

One thing to get excited for about this January EBGA event is that Wild Rose will be unveiling a new seasonal beer that they are adding to their product line:  a Belgian style Dubbel!  This is not a beer to miss out on!

By brewing a style somewhat outside the norm like this just goes to reinforce the rise-to-the-challenge and entrepreneurial spirit that engulfs craft breweries.  This is exactly the spirit and enthusiasm that us Beer Geeks feed on, and that is what makes this visit all the more exciting.

Looking forward to the coming year, this is the same energy that we're looking to bring with each month's event.  We see this same energy in all of our attendees; we need you to help us keep our resolution. 

The Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous is gaining momentum and with that also gaining the ability to pull breweries and beers from further away, so stay tuned because we've got one great year ahead of us. 

Happy New Year!

Thanks to the sponsors of the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous!

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