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EBGA - December 2012 Newsletter

New Years Eve Party!
This year to celebrate the holidays the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous is going to help host a New Years Eve party with the fellas at Wunderbar.  The theme for the night is the house party you don't have to clean up after.  It's going to be a night of local music, and craft beer with our friends at Wunderbar. 

As per usual, we're going to have some great craft beer available for the evening.  Of course it wouldn't be fair to tell you all the details straight away regarding the beer....that's mostly since we don't know yet, it depends on what we can get from the brewery.    As soon as we know what beer we'll be featuring, we'll be sure to update you lot; so stay tuned to our social media - EBGA on Facebook and our Twitter feed

All of the event details, including information regardin the music for the evening and the other updates is also available on the Wunderbar Facebook event page.

We also want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.  Thanks once again for helping come together to create a community dedicated to craft beer, to our sponsors who continue to aid our organization without question, to our volunteers for your invaluable help, and of course to Wunderbar - for whom without the EBGA would be homeless and cold.  So, beer geeks, party hard this holiday season, but do it wisely and plan a safe way home.

Event:  New Years Eve House Party
Where:  Wunderbar
When:  31 December, 2012 @ 8pm
Beer:  TBD

EBGA Ratings - Update

Field Trips:
As we discussed at the November EBGA gathering, in order to give the ratings some weight in terms of statistically relavent numbers, we want to organize a few outings to some of the destinations on our list (or potentially others).  The idea being that a group of EBGA-ers head to a predetermined pub at a predetermined time for the predetermined purpose to experience the establishment for what it is during it's every day existence.  This both allows us to debate and relate one anothers impressions of the establishment with respect to the EBGA ratings guidelines.  The idea being that the rating form is then filled out (on site, for those with the technology) or when the session subsides.

For those of you interested in taking a bit of field trip and participating in our planned group outings, please join the EBGA at the Underground Tap & Grill on 17 December, 2012 at 7pm.  The visit will be centered around having a couple pints and discussing the overall experience of the pub with respect to the factors relevant to the ratings form. Those of you that wish to fill out the form, thank you; those of you that wish to join us, see you there!

Recent Feedback:
As part of the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous Rating system, you, the patron of many of our local bars/pubs get your say.  Here are a few comments from people who recently filled out our ratings form (listed with the establishment name with comments following).

Accent Lounge
Cool place wish it was open for lunch"

"I've only been to a few pubs in Edmonton and this one was by chance. Within Canada, one of the nicest pubs I've ran into by chance and would certainly love to return when not working that day and early the next! Food looked great."

"Love this place!  Definitely the best hole-in-the-wall craft beer place in Edmonton. Heck, they sometimes do half pints, which makes for a great way to try a variety of beers."

Thanks again to everyone who's filled out the EBGA Ratings Form; looking forward to hearing from more of you!

EBGA Bar/Pub Ratings

So, after some feedback and a discussion group, we've revised how the bar ratings are calculated.  See above for the details, but here are the revised results!

For this month both the aggregate score and the monthly score are synonymous.  Now we need your help by submitting your ratings and comments to our online rating interface!  Click here for the rating form.

Wunderbar    93.53    A
Sugarbowl    93.97    A
Three Boars    96.30    A+
Next Act    83.65    B
Accent    87.37    B+
Pourhouse    79.00    C
Urban Diner    88.00    B+
Cha Island    92.70    A
MKT    66.70    D
Continental Treat    80.20    B
Hudsons    63.45    D
Ale Yard    65.45    D
Original Joe's (Varsity)    69.20    D
Metro Billiards    74.40    C
RATT    35.05    F
Sherlock Holmes    42.75    F
Underground    78.56    C
Black Dog    67.00    D

A Commentary About Local Beer...

While on a recent visit to Victoria, one commonality seemed to resonate at each and every watering hole.  And that theme was the outright support for craft beer.  Every bar, no matter how big or small, and regardless of ownership structure, that was visited (and it was a decent sample size) had locally produced beer on tap.  I'm not saying that there was one lone tap amongst a throng of macro lager, but rather the scales tipped in a direction much to the favour of the local breweries. 

Craft and local breweries in Victoria are so tightly ingrained into the community and the social aspects in the city that the citizens and patrons wouldn't know what to do without their local beer.  Brewpubs have a slight advantage in this aspect (in my mind) over a straight up brewery by offering a common place to congregate, but the breweries well make up for this with their on-going creativity. Either way you have it, the craft beer scene in Victoria is extremely admirable.

Which brings back to the 'supporting local works' argument once again.  Anyone reading this is probably of the same mind, so, I write this not to persuade others from the dark side, but more as a note of encouragement to those who help promote, support, congregate, and most importantly enjoy local craft brewed beer.  We here in Edmonton need only to continue pushing forward, because change doesn't happen overnight, and let's face it, some of those folks in Victoria had a decent head-start.  


Beer Events in YEG

3 December 2012:  Edmonton Homebrewers Guild Potluck
The annual EHG potluck dinner welcomes significant others to the mix and a pre-arranged homebrew 6-pack swap (for those who signed up).  Open to Guild members and their partners; starts at 6:30pm at Alley Kat Brewery.
3 December 2012:  Abbey Kat is back!
Starting December 3rd, Alley Kat will be selling their 'Aged to Perfection' Abbey Kat for $10/bottle, or $15 for a bottle and glass; only available at the brewery. 
4 December 2012: Next Act Cask Night
Regularly scheduled Alley Kat Cask Night - the kat's aren't telling us what the cask will be, other than a 'Cask-erade' brewers surprise! 
11 December 2012:  Yukon Brewing Beer Launch Party
Hosted by the Urban Diner (the 109st location) to launch the Jelly Donut Raspberry Ale; food is set to be a selection of specialty hot dogs, for details see the Urban Diner Twitter feed.
15 December 2012:  Mikkeller Beer Sampling
The sales rep for Mikkeller (among other craft beers) will be pouring selected samples of their newer to market product.
17 December 2012:  EBGA Pop-up Rating at Underground
A group field trip for the EBGA-ers to both support a new local craft beer pub and to bolster the ratings.  Join us at 7pm.
19 December 2012:  Mikkeller Beer Dinner at Continental Treat
Once more the Continental Treat is going to pair their culinary flair with outstanding craft beers.  The evening will be complete with a beer and cheese course and five of the Mikkeller craft beers.
20 December 2012:  Sugarbowl Cask Night
Regulary scheduled Alley Kat Cask Night - TBD.

Growlers in YEG

So, if you haven't heard, the AGLC has recently allowed liquor stores to pour draught beer into our favourite 64oz glassware, the growler.  So far in Edmonton there are two locations that have the facilities installed to pour fresh draught beer into sealed growlers - the Keg'n'Cork (3845 99 Street) and the new offering from Liquor Depot, Wine & Beyond (Windermere and Emerald Drive). 

The boys down at Keg'n'Cork have already brought in some very unique beers from breweries including, but not limited to: Rogue, Mill Street, Alley Kat, Deschutes, and are contiuing to bring in new things every week.  The Keg'n'Cork will be updating their facebook page with their current offerings on tap, where Wine & Beyond has (what appears to be) montly tap list updates.

The fact that we can get unique keg only beers in a take-home format is a fantastic development for the retail beer market!  So, don't hesitate and go fill up your growlers!

Update - Keg'n'Cork growlers coming soon....

Rogue XS Imperial IPA
Rogue Brutal IPA
Rogue Mogul Madness
Rogue Dirtoir Black Lager
Dieu Du Ciel Elixir Celeste
Maredsous 6 Blonde
Achouffe La Chouffe
De Ranke Pere Noel
Tree Brewing Vertical Winter Ale
Mikkeller From To Via


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