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EBGA - April 2013 Newsletter

Here we are once again, April is well underway, and as what seems to be the norm here in Edmonton, we are once again inundated with beer events and many other beer related goings on, so let jump right on in. 

The Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous is going to take a month off.... you'll understand after you read the rest of what's going on below. 

Urban Craft Beer & Food Festival

What happens when you cross the two trendy movements of craft beer and food trucks?  Well, obviously you get a beer festival well attended by local craft breweries and some quality imported brews and a few of the amazingly popular food trucks. 

The venue for this inaugural event is the Alberta Aviation Museum (on Kingsway.... just look for the airplane on the giant plinth). 

The whole shindig goes down on 19 April from 6pm - 10pm.  Tickets are available from either Sherbrooke Liquor or online for $25 (+tax and service charges); sample tickets are $1 each at the event.  Rumors are that there will be a few exclusive beers to sample at this event, as well as special menus from the food trucks that incorporate beer into the dishes and are designed to accompany the samples. 

Look to the poster below for all the colourful details.

Edmonton Craft Beer Festival

Well, yeas, there is another beer festival that you all should know about - and start planning for!  The Edmonton Craft Beer Festival is not going to be your average beer hall with pale lagers dominating and those pesky wines and spirits getting in the way, but rather a beer festival's beer festival. 
The Calgary Craft Beer Festival is taking it's show on the road and will host their very first event this year coming in June.  It's going to be held at Northlands across several halls, so, that's a bit of a clue how big this is going to be. 

At this time, the organizers are looking for volunteers to help chaperone the event - these responsibilities will range from selling sample tickets, to crowd watching, to running errands during the show.  The organizers want your help and are willing to make it worth your while.  They are prepared to give those who volunteer a free pass to the event on the opposite day of volunteering.  So, all you have to do is put in some time and you too can be enjoying the Edmonton Craft Beer Festival.

Those parties interested in volunteering will need to contact the organizers of the Edmonton Craft Beer Festival via this link and mention the EBGA!  You may also want to clear your calender on 14 and 15 June, just for good measure.

It should also be noted that a portion of the proceeds of this event are going to the Edmonton Food Bank. 


YEG Beer Events Listing

4 April 2013 - Alley Kat Seasonal 6pk and Big Bottle Launch Party - 5pm
The folks at Alley Kat are again celebrating the release of their latest brews.  The Summer Squeeze is a grapefruit infused ale ready for the backyards and patios the summer is soon to bring.  The coming Big Bottle is a Belgian version of the classic Full Moon Pale Ale.  The addition of Belgian yeast to the mix is said to produce some yeasty spice to complement the bright citrus hops.  

4 April 2013 - Brooklyn Brewing Tap Takeover at Underground - 7pm
Once finished release partying with the Kats, head on down to the Underground for a stellar line-up!  We`ll be faced with no fewer than three never before been on draught in Canada beers (the list will include: Blast!, Brewmasters` Reserve, and Dry Irish Stout just to name a few of the surprises).  Also notable at the Underground is the draught release of the famed Oscar Blues Dale`s Pale Ale!

9 April 2013 - Alley Kat Cask Night at Next Act Pub - 6pm
The new Belgian Full Moon Pale Ale on cask!  Really, need we say more? 

14 April 2013 - Edmonton Homebrewers Guild Big Brew - 8am
The annual EHG Big Brew is a communal event where several hundred liters of wort are brewed up using industrial equipment and is open to all levels of homebrewers and is not limited to the members of the Guild.  Anyone wanting to take part in the Big Brew are welcome, but must contact the EHG via this link: (specify contact the executive in the category drop-down menu).  Carboy fills are $30 (note, no yeast will be allowed on brewery premises).  There will also be a bbq out back of the brewery so bring a lawn chair should the weather hold. This year`s style will target a golden ale with average strength and colour. 

18 April 2013 - Alley Kat Cask Night at Underground - 6pm
The new seasonal 6pk from Alley Kat, Summer Squeeze Grapefruit Ale on cask and dry hopped.

19 April 2013 - Urban Craft Beer & Food Festival - 6pm
A new type of beer festival here in Edmonton, one that brings together the culinary arts from the trendy and new food truck movement, and the art of brewing from a collection of many craft brewers with a strong showing from the locals.  See above for details. 

25 April 2013 - Alley Kat Cask Night at Sugarbowl - 6pm
It's hard to believe that it's only been three years since the very first cask night, but it's true.  This cask night is set to celebrate the big event and rumored to be epic!

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