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Issue #1 October 10 2013


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Dreamforce is rapidly approaching!

Do you have your ticket yet? Dreamforce is going to be awesome!

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Why Salesforce Is Winning The Cloud Platform War 
Great article from Forbes on how the success of as a platform is attributable directly to its developer community.
Great discussion on when administrators should use profiles or permission sets when assigning permissions to users. If you are not following Adam Torman's blog go do so now. Not only is he one of the nicest guys at but he's one of their best PMs as well.
Some of the smartest guys I know join the MVP ranks.


Apex Enterprise Patterns - Selector Layer 
Andrew Fawcett continues his architecture series on Enterprise Patterns with the "Selector Layer". Make sure you check out the links in the article for his previous posts in the series.

How We Use Heroku Postgres Dataclips to Drive Our Business
Dataclips are awesome! They let you run SQL queries against your Postgres data and share the results in an easy, visual way with your team members. See some of the cool ways Heroku uses Dataclips internally.

Salesforce Is A Platform Company. Period.
Great good article from TechCrunch. Period.

Script Limits, Begone!
The removal of script limits has generated a lot of twitter traffic and blog posts on this controversial subject. See why.

Demos & Tutorials

Force.Square – Easy Real-time Geo-Tracking with Streaming API
Learn how to implement real-time location sharing with the Streaming API.

I put together a short video of how you can use one of my favorite tools, Runscope, to debug, test and/or inspect REST API calls to

Ultimate guide to learning AngularJS in one day
I'm not sure it's the "ultimate guide" but it's pretty darn good. If you are not learning Angular... start now!!

Understanding the Module Pattern in JavaScript
A really nice, short explanation to the module design pattern and how you can make your JavaScript variables private. 

Code, Libraries and Tools

Chatter for Apex Code Examples
Some simple code to get you started with Chatter in Apex.

CLNDR.js - A jQuery Calendar Plugin
A really slick looking jQuery plugin!

A Sinatra inspired micro web framework for quickly creating web applications in Java with minimal effort

Updated IDE Plugin Available; More On The Way
Interesting changes to the IDE. Check it out for complete details.

Inside Info

Quinton Wall DM'd me last week about a command line tool that one of the guys is working on at heroku. It's a CLI for written in Go with a few simple commands such as select (execute SOQL), field (manage custom fields), record (create, modify, or view records) and much more. It's definitely a work in progress but check it out when you have some free time.
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