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Dear all,


2013 is so last year! And I’m pleased to say that the success of our magical third year has led us smoothly into yet another chapter filled with innovation and enlightenment.

Scribble Ink is now a registered Arts Award Supporter. This new status grants Scribble the power to deliver a range of accredited writing programmes. Consequently, the development of Scribble Online is hitting 2014 at full speed!


Scribble Ink and The University of East London have joined forces to develop, The Scribble Ink Ambassador Programme. The initiative is  now a proud part of UEL's volunteering module. It has been designed exclusively for students who are keen to intern with Scribble Ink in exchange for support with their own creative endeavours and invaluable extra module credits. The programme has been well received, and both UEL and I look forward to the first of many meetings this January. Visit the Ambassador Programme page if you’re interested in finding out more about the programme, including how to apply.


In addition to the brand new developments, Scribble's long-lasting collaborative projects are ever-evolving and ever-expanding. Another series of the iScribe with Culture Collective Programme and a plethora of outreach projects throughout London will re-commence in the spring.


Finally, with every 10th of January follows the 11th, and for the Gasper and McFarlane families, the 11th marks a day of great loss. After 3 years of battling cancer, we lost a remarkable woman. Cousin Kim was very supportive of Scribble Ink and had every faith in its success. Her words of encouragement, enthusiasm for creativity and appreciation for education has  greatly inspired the direction of the writers’ revelation revolution. I would like to dedicate this newsletter to her memory.


Once again, thank you in advance for your continued support via donations, following me on Twitter, liking the Facebook page, joining the Linked-in group, and even taking the time to read this newsletter. I very much look forward to sharing the 2014 journey with you. Long live the writers' revelation revolution!


Best wishes,



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