Awakening Spirit

 Issue 1: Jan & Feb 2012

Welcome to the first issue!

I would like to start off by saying a big thank you to all of my supporters for being a part of my angel community. It has been an incredible last half a year or so launching my website, blogs, facebook and twitter accounts, doing the angel work and having a go at submitting a book proposal to Hay House Publishers, not to mention developing my You Tube channel Magical Intuition. That really was facing the fear and taking the plunge - I dived right in, head and heart first! I've been thinking so much about this newsletter and also how I wish 2012 to be for me. You can read more about that in my note below. For now I wish to say 'welcome', and I look forward to our connections growing stronger. May you be inspired, awakened and transformed in 2012 and beyond! And I am here walking with you, side by side!

 A Note From Me...
In 2012, I am being very mindful of where I place my time and energy and so it feels very right to me for this newsletter to be bi-monthly, and I shall now write MONTHLY rather than WEEKLY angel messages (the ones I have been writing up as blogs and sharing on my Facebook Page). This way I am preserving my energy a little and also focusing more on writing and other parts of my angel business, spiritual life and family, and I will have more to 'give' to my clients. I shall most likely share my messages, You Tube videos and any updates as they come through via email and maybe incorporate prevalent 'themes' or messages that come through into my newsletter too. I know that I am on the right track for me and I encourage all of you to re-examine your own lives, where and to whom you place your time and energy, and what you would like to change. Change starts with you!
     After much pontification about what the contents of this newsletter will be, I have decided it will have any information I feel passionate about or that is relevant to the energies of the time, or whatever guidance I am being given from the angelic realm. Some other topics may include features on certain angel cards, info about crystals, angels and beings, mysterious phenomenon, psychic protection techniques, and much much more. It will twist, change and mould into what feels right at the time, much as the message I am getting for 2012 in general - to go with the flow, let go of ‘control’, and become more curious, intuitively open and aware. New times = new directions and energies. So the newsletter shall emerge and grow, as shall I. I hope for it to be informative, inspiring, nurturing and soulful.

     I would love to hear any comments about this newsletter in general or any topics you'd like to see in it. If you have any suggestions or questions, let me know preferably on my Facebook page, or otherwise by email.  


Reconnecting with the
 Magic & Wonder of Crystals

Crystals are a huge theme for 2012. Crystals and our knowledge and use of them will be returning to us in big ways. This ancient knowledge harks back to times we have spent in ancient civilisations such as Atlantis and Lumeria. The Native Americans and ancient Egyptians, as well as other civilisations have also worked with crystals and understood their innate magical powers. Many of us recall past lives or feel affiliations with these ancient worlds, I know that I definately know that I was in Atlantis and I also resonate strongly with Jesus times.

      Crystals are amazing, sacred, magical tools here to help us today. I have heard many times that they are actually 'beings', sometimes called ‘Stone People.’ They have their own consciousness as well as their own vibration or 'resonance'.They can be used for healing, magic and to enhance your own spiritual powers, rituals and communication with other realms. I know that I will be drawn to work with new crystals this year, as well as reconnect with some of the powerful ones I already own. I am open to learning and working with them more. 

      In 2012, crystals are emitting amazing new frequencies that reflect the emerging vibrational acceleration happening on our planet. There is also much talk about amazing crystal skulls that have been found on earth. It is all very exciting and I look forward to discussing crystals more in upcoming issues, so stay tuned.


"I am constantly EVOLVING into a more

spiritual person."
~ Brian Weiss 

"I release my attachment to things."


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Theme for January 2011

This month of January is all about rest, reflection and renewal. There is also a sweet sensation of etheric mystery and an anticipation of mysterious change stirring in the air. I am getting a huge sense of it being a ‘quiet time’ not only in normal ‘human’ ways, as in to relax, take time out, read, reflect, take a solo walk on the beach etc, but also for your spiritual self and reflecting on the notion that you really are a spiritual being living  in a very human body, experiencing a rollercoaster lifetime on earth (I see you nodding).

      This is a time for meditation, contemplation and silence. You are preparing and getting ready to spread your wings. You know deep down you are being prepared to fly. Click here to read more. To find out about what messages may be in store for February, look out for an email update.

Welcome to 2012

We have finally made it to the much-anticipated 2012! Wow, what a magical time we are in. I am starting to hear little catch phrases for 2012 flying around, such as "The Year of Wonder" & "The Year of Magic & Miracles." Can you feel these new energies? As this year is so full of mystery, intrigue and wonder, I will be writing a little article about The 2012 Prophecies. So I'll let you know about that when it unfolds. Pop up your thoughts about 2012 on my Facebook Page, I am happy to discuss!!

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'Re' Month:

Revitalise, Recharge,


On my Facebook page, we recently played around with 're' words. I felt that January 2012 was all about 're-ing' ourselves: re-new,  re-treat, re-fresh, re-lax, re-calibrate, re-discover, the list goes on... To continue with the 're' theme and the re-freshed energy feel of the new year, I want to re-iterate how guided many of us have been to re-energise, re-order, re-frame and re-vamp ourselves. It is all about re-newal, re-growth and re-vising how we want our life to be, who we are, how we look, and what we are projecting to the world. There is major re-flection happening. What 're' words have you been re-connecting with this month?


Clearing our space is an act of re-juvenation, cleansing and re-newal so that we can implement freshness, clarity and change into our lives. Don’t you just love the first hints of spring in the air. The term “Spring cleaning” is by no mistake! It inspires and re-minds us to clean all those finer parts of our houses, get rid of any dust, clutter and old re-sidue. We open our windows and joyfully let the sunlight in. We start to spend more time outdoors again, soaking up the free Vitamin D!      
     It is a natural, sacred and act to clean up and re-new our work and living spaces. Just as nature has its natural rhythms and cycles, with its changing seasons, so do we. There are times of shedding and purging, as the autumn leaves, and cleaning in preparation for the new, as spring represents. As flowers begin to bloom, so do we spread our wings and renew ourselves, ready for a new cycle to begin. And now, being the New Year, we are inspired to re-spring-clean.
     It is part of our human lives to look after not just our homes belongings, but also our physical, mental and emotional bodies and spiritual selves. Call upon Archangel Jophiel to help you clear your clutter and usher in peace, love and harmony into your home. What do you want to sprout for yourself for 2012? Take this time of reflection and renewal to be clear about what you want, re-affirm your intentions, sow your seeds and watch them start to sprout.

Are You 'Awakening'?

For me, 'awakening' is a spiritual term for when one starts to put pieces together in life and find a deeper spiritual meaning and resonance. Things start to 'click' as you listen to your inner guidance and wisdom. Signs and synchronicities take place and you find yourself feeling more connected and closer to the truth of life, who you are, and why you are here. The bigger picture starts to sink in and you feel alive and enlightened by your sacred discoveries and inner knowings. You may have more spiritual experiences such as visions, visitations or vivid dreams and an instinctual feeling that something far greater than you can understand with your human mind is happening ‘in the air’ so to speak.

      Your new awakened, heightened consciousness breeds a profound sense of love and appreciation for the wonders of the world. You notice things more, and there is a perceivable sensation of something blessed blossoming and emerging within you. Others may notice the 'light' exuding from you and become drawn to you. You long to be surrounded by people who you can relate with. You find yourself intrigued by and more connected to the powers and mysteries of the universe and you 'know' that there are other realms of existance. You feel like there are codes to unravel and lessons to master. You really start to see that the answer to everything is 'Love'.

Hence I named my newsletter "Awakening Spirit." But more on that next issue!

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