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~ Special Mother's Day edition
~ Celebrating Women & the Divine Feminine
~ Spiritual Union theme
~ May theme of transformation & awareness
~ Going Through Shifts as we Raise our Vibration
~ Riding the Waves Fearlessly
~ Analogies Between Surfing Jargon & Spiriutal Ascension 
~ The Crystal: Lapis Lazuli
~ Taurus Personality Traits
~ Taurus Angel Message

~ 'Ask Nat' Column
~ Wisdom Corner


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This is a highly spiritual stone representing truth, psychic wisdom and enlightenment. If you feel drawn to it you may be going through a powerful period of spiritual growth (or about to). The deep royal blue colour to me is so powerful and evokes feelings of  Atlantis as well as the deep blue sea. The stone often has golden flecks in it also, adding to its enigma and worth.

Lapis Lazuli is the birthstone for the star signs: Taurus, Sagittarius, Libra and Scorpio. It was highly valued and used by the ancients, including the Egyptians. Eons ago lapis lazuli was also referred to as 'The Philosopher's Stone.'  It activated self awareness, enlightenment, and profound spiritual development. 

It is known to help open the third eye and stimulate the pineal gland. So if you are seeking higher guidance or wanting to activate and develop your intuition, channel or communciate with higher realms and your higher self, then this stone will be a powerful ally.

As a water stone, it can be used for emotional healing, however do use with caution as you will need to be prepared to work through any emotional issues that may pop up to the surface. 

This crystal will bring about truth, mental clarity and allow you to see things past the illusion. It will also help you accept yourself and your own beauty, divinity and connection with all.

Being the colour of the throat chakra, It will help you be crystal clear and true when communicating with others and voicing your opinions. By focusing on the chakras with this purifying  stone in meditation, you will open them up and cleanse them. You can also use this stone in meditation to improve psychic connection and power / ability. 

If you have a lapis lazuli pendant or earrings, the positioning near the throat (and ears as well as third eye chakra), will very effectively help in your own powers of communication as well as psychic abilities.

Welcome back to this NEW SECTION of
Awakening Spirit where a star sign is featured each month as well as a special angel message ( 'Angelscopes.')
This month we look at TAURUS.

If you are not a Taurus yourself, think about the people you know that are - whether it is a family member, friend, colleague or acquaintance; a good way to learn about each star sign's traits is to associate them with people that you know.

You'll have a better chance of remembering the details that way. You might even have a chuckle to yourself.
Born: April 19 - May 20.
Sign: Bull
Element: Earth
Birthstone: Emerald
Ruled by: Venus, therefore beauty is important
Part of Body Ruled by Taurus: neck/throat - this means the propensity to get the cold/flu, cough, thyroid issues or have communication issues.
Best romantic matches: Virgo, Capricorn

Positive Traits:

~ Good at completing goals

~ generally placid

~ practical, productive

~ devoted

~ loyal

~ dependable

~ strong sense of duty

~ reliable, stable, steady

~ committed

~ focused

~ honest

~ habitual

~ patient

~ generous

~ a great friend

~ sensual

~ stability-oriented

~ financially secure/minded

~ work hard

~ Motto: 'steady wins the race'

~ well respected in the workplace

~ have a need to feel secure

~ good friends

~ often love staying at home

~ enjoy the good life: eating, entertaining, being pampered

More Challenging Traits:

~ stubborn

~ can get attached or possessive in relationships

~ can approach relationships slowly & methodically

~ indulgence, greediness

~ don't budge from their position/view

~ dogmatic

~ resist change

~ don't like new ideas

~ Once angry, they are a raging bull

~ prone to anxiety

I have broken the month into three parts:

Beginning - There is the potential to feel more contented and at peace. You may even feel abundant or in touch / sync with the abundance of the universe. There is a sense of things flowing and a happy home life, with some success or completion of goals/projects.

It is like the full circle coming around and a greater sense of stability / groundedness. If you are not feeling these things, then that is something you can work on manifesting /attaining.

On a romantic note, call upon Archangel Chamuel to help you with your love life / soulmate relationships.

Middle - You may feel more busy or that you have too many competing goals, projects or things to do / deadlines to meet. If you are feeling conflicted, prioritise, knock off what you do not need, and if possible go with what brings you healing and peace.

Careful not to spend too much time on details and watch out for how you approach and communicate with others. Avoid conflict and drama at all costs, and if you find yourself falling into that trap, maintain a sense of peace and centredness. Find your own moments and ways of healing and retreating away from the 'chaos'.

It's feng shui time! This is a good time to also clear your space and energy around you.

End - There is a lovely finale towards the end of the month with the resurgence of love in a relationship, or perhaps falling in love or feeling more 'together'. For others you may feel a newness in your home / workplace / career or actually relocate.

This is an amazing time for spiritual growth and enhanced intuition, however stay attuned to the cycles of the moon. There is actually a full moon around the 25th, and moon cycles comes up in the cards, so pay attention to how you are affected by the moon, take note and learn for future months ahead.

Make the most of the energies and your more attuned observations. Awareness is key. Move with the cycles. I am hearing:

"The key is change".

Moon Dates this Month:

New Moon: 

Friday 10th May


Full Moon:

Saturday 25th May


(Note: these dates are for the Southern Hemisphere)

“There is a certain magic that happens when a woman becomes a mother. From th
e first joyful moment she holds her newborn child an amazing transformation begins to take place.

Nourished by a fountain of unconditional love her heart fills and expands and protects her child for time eternal. No matter how far we go, how much we achieve for accomplishments in life, nothing is so rewarding as a single smile from a mother`s heart!”
     – Unknown Source

"I have a vision where all people are at peace, fed and housed, every child is loved and educated to develop their talents, where the heart is more important than the head and wisdom is revered over riches." ~ Mother Teresa


"If you educate a man you educate a person, but if you educate a woman, you educate a family."
     - Ruby Manikan
"The mother’s heart is the child’s schoolroom".
    - Henry Ward Beecher



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MOTHER'S DAY is upon us this month - the perfect time to not only celebrate mothers, but also women in general - all those of us who are nurturers, care-givers, breeders, doers, acceptors, gracious givers, listeners, nurturers, healers, artists, cooks, creators...

If you are not a mother, what is it you are birthing (or have birthed ) in our life? Perhaps a project, goal or dream? Is there an aspiration or urge such as painting, writing, or even a birthing of a new you?

It is time to honour the divine feminine within us all, including in males. This month take a look at how you are in touch of your femininity and divinity and whether it feels balanced. Are you expressing your true self? Are you respecting yourself enough to say no, minimise the 'demands' upon you, and find time for creativity self care and nurture?

In May we are called upon to embrace the transformation upon us and step into a greater inwards knowing and state of awareness.

I hope that you value yourself enough to honour the spiritual union of your human self with your higher self. May the month of May bring you knowledge, wisdom, unionship, trust, growth and a more blissful, realised healing.

                         MAY 2013

The card for May is 'Spiritual Union'. This represents a unity or coming together between two aspects. Most notably it is about uniting ourselves with our 'Higher Self' which some people call the 'Over Soul'. This means bridging ourselves with the Higher Wisdom that is available for us and is inside uf us, and being more fully balanced and in touch with higher realms of consciousness. It is about being one with and merging with Spirit, becoming more spiritually centred, strong and whole - it is a commitment to the process and to ourselves.

It can also represent the uniting of two souls whether that be romantic / relationship / soulmate / twinflame, parent / child, or perhaps even a work partnership. It is about your seeing your own unique identity, standing and strength as you stand by someone else. Who or what is this other aspect for you? 

The sense of unity, bonding and equality in this card brings into mind the notion of equal rights, unconditional love and acceptance - this has actually been a greater social issue in recent times (for example with gay marriage rights activism). So it calls upon us to look at our own lives. Are we being equally and fairly treated? Are you feeling a sense of equality in all partnerships or spheres in your life? Do you feel accepted for your beliefs? What needs to change?

There is also the dual aspects of the feminine and the masculine (we all have both within us). 
Time to think about whether you  are balancing your giving and receiving? Have you been giving too much? Are your scales tipped over or balanced in all areas of your life between work, play, home, family, spiritual and self? What needs to balance out for greater harmony, peace success, happiness and tranquillity in your life?

Perhaps you have a project or dreams that you haven't quite felt aligned with. Visualise it 'coming together' and 'bridging' so that you can feel firmly rooted in its reality.

It really is such a powerful card. Look deeply into it and see what meanings you get for yourself and your life.

Wow, well I have just uploaded my May Reading You Tube video - here's the link:

I can't believe how the crystal I intuitively chose for May (which I had already done a week or two ago) is so relevant to the guidance and themes in the video. It is amazing how Spirit works, and I am constantly amazed at how things come together - it really is about awareness and trust, and May seems to really be about transformation after this long period of shifts and a blooming of awareness. Here's the themes that were mentioned:  

Withdrawal, inner reflection and meditation, looking inwards, prayer, opening awareness, opening crown and third eye chakra (blooming like a lotus flower), spiritual growth, a deep sense of knowing, inner wisdom, shielding, financial foundations, your shadow self, belief, faith, letting go, honouring, respecting and commemorating others and yourself, being sure of oneself, emotional healing, a real connection to the higher powers, a developed awareness, the awakening of your inner goddess, letting yourself shine, self care, appreciating your own divinity and expressing it, creativity waiting to be expressed and realised, romantic and universal love and peace, building a financial foundation and setting intentions from a place of peace, sensitivity and shielding one's energy / auric field, respecting your body.

We are now at the other end of a whole series of shifts. Watch the full moon this month which the angels say will your awareness.
If you haven't already, check out my Intuitive Reading for the whole Year of 2013. Part 1 is an overview and Part 2 goes through each month indivually:
                    THIS CENTURY?

These new age times we have the luxury of living in (yes, despite all the pain and suffering there has never been anything like this particular period of rebirth towards enlightenment) have been full of a series of "shifts". Like undulating waves, we ride high, then crash and burn.

We have to learn the art of sailing along, making use of the wind, riding with it rather than fighting back, shielding ourselves from the storms and rapids, keeping our minds on the ball by not being afraid of turning tides or initimidating sharks lurking seemingly at every corner, not to mention keeping ourselves in 'balance'.

Up and down, across and sidewaves, there have been wave upon wave, shift upon shift, storm upon storm, tide upon tide. I have certainly learned (the hard way) to go with the ebb and the flow of it all. Resistance to the natural rhythms will only set you back and make it harder - it's not worth it! And letting go is not easy for a lot of us spiritual beings living in 21st century human bodies.

Some people actually refer to "the" shift (as in one), however there have been many. Perhaps you can use the term "The Shift" in relation to your most defining moment of awakening or change in your life towards spiritual purpose and sudden knowing.

The angels told me a little while ago:

"Sift as you shift and head from rift to raft."

(I find that they love to play with words and rhyme). Read the words slowly and pensively and you will come to your own conclusion and see how they relate to you. However for me the 'sifting' relates to the filtering process of karma and ridding of all excess illusion that no longer serves us as it rises to the surface. The 'rift' represents the hard side of ascension where we feel like we are splitting open, cracking and even reaching breaking point...

We find the fissures in our lives or selves and we become fragile, vulnerable, turned upside down as our views of perfection, illusion and all the veils we or society have created  break down, open up in full view or completely fall apart. We might even have those defining moments where we realise without fail that we will never be the same or view things a certain way again. That's the magic -the rainbow that we are all looking for and that will almost always come after the grand fall to the pits of seeming despair...

A rift can also represent a break up, tension or separation between people - partners, family members, friends - it could be physical or just a metaphorical stand off between views, values, acceptance and different ways of being. A clash.

Interesting to note that a rift is also a shallow area in a waterway. For the purposes of our analogy this could signify when we feel that we don't have much room to move, when we are drowned out, feeling shallow, like a fish out of water or out of our depth - thrown to the surface or feeling like we are being left to fetch for ourselves. A rift can also be that scummy backwash and rough regurgitation of a wave that has broken upon a beach - and that's often how we feel after a giant shift or situation that knocked us back.

And of course the 'raft' is our lifesaver: our guides and angels who are ever so faithfully there to give us a loyal helping hand and catch us when we fall; comforting, guiding, inspiring and re-directing us in the 'right' direction or next turn. It is also the outcome of a shift that started or became tough and rough  - there waiting for us without fail is a raft at the end, a rebirth, a new beginning, even if we are sailing into the depths of the unknown.

Wow, well this has proven to be very profound advice from the angels and I am again amazed how by divine inspiration, intuition and creative guidance churns out - this has all come together so wonderfully through a kind of metaphysical metaphorical exploration. And reading back on this now after doing the May Reading on video, I can see that I am exactly where I need to be inwardly, intuitively and creatively - perhaps they are all one and the same...

As we move towards this "New Earth" we hear about, our own vibrational frequency is shifting and raising along with the planet. We have had to adapt, recalibrate, restructure, readjust - sometimes very subconsciously, and at other times on a divine, elevated conscious level. I have found that I have been swimming somewhere in between during all these fluctuations. Sometimes you are prepared, centred and ready. Other times they hit you completely unexpectedly and by surprise, knocking you back like a sneaky ripper of a wave that you didn't see coming!

Sometimes there are mega amazing waves - tubes, tunnels, green rooms that will bring us such bliss and awe, then there are the ones that throw you about like a rag doll and leave you wondering which way is South, what happened to North and what's the point of it all?


Do you want to be the surfer who misses the good wave?

In fact, I decided just now to look up some surfer jargon and have fun with it making analogies between riding the waves of the expansive ocean with our omnipotent ascension journey.

Here we go:


ACE: To be alone, in a solitary state of mind.

Yes I know we can relate to that, some more than others (especially empaths and star people). Sometimes we have felt isolated in our aloneness, however at other times it has been a sacred powerful time of introspection, reflection and powerful wisdom.
ACHE; ACHING Description for how you feel after being rag dolled, worked by a bomb or after a physically intense session.

I have to laugh at this one, yes we can relate! After we've been through a huge roller coaster wave of emotion and exhaustion this is how we can feel.

AERIAL When the wave your riding sends your board above it into the air. An advanced maneuver that involves taking off from the lip of the wave, travelling some distance in the air, then (in theory) landing back on the face of the wave and continuing the ride.

Well this I would analogise with those who are possibly vegan / vegetarian, well prepared for upcoming energies, centred with open crown chakras, communicating with their guides, angels and various higher dimensional beings of light, those who have been meditating and connecting with both their higher self as well as Mother Earth and the greater universe and star systems.

AGG To go crazy.

Yes we have shamefully been there (lol).

AGGRO Always aggressive

Been there too!

AIR Anytime a surfer and their board leave the face of the wave to become air borne.

Astral travellers and those who have profound outer body or near death experiences, consciously or in dream state.

AIRDROP A very late takeoff when the surfer drops through the air to the bottom of the wave.

When you are caught unexpectedly and seem to be the last one to 'get it'. When you are rock bottom.


Something surfers shout when they spot a huge perfect wave, or when they are shocked or surprised.

When you are in that state of ecstacy and bliss, when miracles and blessings abound, the moments of expansion, awe, awakening, awareness, connection. An epithany of enlightenment, when you realise a big shift has happened or you are moved to a higher level of consciousness and vibration. When you are on a roll, in the flow / vortex.

ALIHAM Totally hot surfer chicks.

Goddesses in touch with their Divine feminine and who  have overcome self doubt and low self esteem. When you have bloomed. Maidens, butterflies that have broken out of the chrysallis.

ALLRIGHT DUDE Radical wave man....lingo for doped up water head logged surfer.

Hippies. Crystal scouts. The forerunners, system breakers, peacemakers, love junkies, naturalists, psychadelic generation, those in the jungles, mountains, caves, communes....

ALOHA (uh-LOW-hah)A Hawaiian word used in place of hello and goodbye.

Love and Light!
ALOHA SPIRIT 1. The spirit of a true hawaiin surfer. 2. Traditionally from the Hawaiian way of life preaching peace and fellowship to all..currently used by surf weasels to mask their kookdom.

Lightworkers, meditators, prayers, healers, Buddhist monks, unity consciousness group facilitators, world healings and prayer organisations / events, peaceful activists and light grid makers.

AN EMMA Term for an ultimate hot surfer chick.

Totally Divine ultimate goddess such as Venus.

AXED Hit by the lip of the wave leading to a wipeout.

Yes we have been here too. This is when you are totally knocked out and have those dark days and nights of the soul. A sudden plumage. Depression, fear, isolation, exhaustion, not seeing a 'way out'.

Wow, well I have had such  fun with analogising surfer jargon with spiritual ascension and we only got through the 'A's' - I think I may  continue with some more next month, we'll see how we go!!

All surfing terms and definitions were sourced from:
Forward to Friend
First question is from Naimh:

"My question is how to move forward? I´m feeling very blocked in my life and I don´t know whether to try and ride it out or make a big change. This change could mean going back to an old situation, but with new information! Thanks and thanks for all your facebook updates and youtube videos!!! You really are an earth angel :)."

Firstly Niamh, thank you so much for your question and our lovely comments - much appreciated!
Well the short answer from the angels is that everything is in divine order just as it needs to be (even if it doesn't seem so at times).

Sometimes when focusing on these things we only see the illusion, but you need to look past that and see the perfect beautiful order. It will become clearer later but for now carefully watch over your decisions and the firm advice is to confidently accept any opportunities that you may be offered. This is be a successful time so capitalise on it. There is much green around this representing healing, growth, and emotional/financial prosperity.This is about being generous, professional, responsible and practical. Feel the healing around this. Does that make sense?

You have been going through (or are about to) a powerful time of revelations and life experience that leads to self discovery. This all leads to change on a grande scale, so know that it is time to spread your wings and you guessed it, fly (just remember to dust off the illusions along the way)...

Best wishes for your journey Niamh, and many blessings to you, you have such a lovely spirit. Namaste. - Natalia


I have another question from Leanne:

"I am concerned that life is starting to look wonderful, exciting and what I may have dreamed it to be, are my concerns of it being too good to be true' founded?"

Hi Leanne, what an interesting question, thank you, I am intrigued to answer...

Firstly, I sense fear in your question and I wish to reassure you to trust in yourself and the process of life and the workings of the universe. Angels are saying that it is very important for you to be gentle with yourself at this time. Surround yourself also with gentle, caring,  nurturing people and safe environments and try not to take offense of others.

They are saying for you that it is important to have crystal-clear intentions as well as patience. Be very very clear about what you desire and as you focus on that with total faith, they will bloom eith a little nurturing and time. I know you sense this and hence the freak out syndrome. That is natural, Sometimes we want things then when they come or we sniff them around the corner, we want to run and hide under the nearest rock. I know a lot of readers will relate to that too (hence I am writing and including it as I believe there is a broader universal message here)...

The crux of the matter is that a very good family and financial life is indicated, believe and enjoy that this is true and wonderful and Leanne, you do deserve! This is about finding the magic in even the little things in life, as well as the big ones. Also it would be beneficial for you to seek out a mentor or organisations of likemindeds - networking or groups etc. There is someone more traditional or established/wise of experience who can help you. Do you know who this person is? Good chance its a strong, stable male. this also represents stability in general, and yes, your life is finally getting more stable, with more keys coming.

Enjoy the bliss and the blessings and best wishes. it is all as it needs to be!

I am affirming you shall walk this path fearlessly and find the light of your dreams with confidence, joy and acceptance.

You could say an affirmation like that for yourself too when you wake up every day and as you go to sleep.

All the best and sweet dreams, Natalia.


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