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Changes to Processing of Family Class Applications

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will send letters this month to followup with all family class sponsorship applications submitted to the parents and grandparents program.

Sponsorship Rules Tightened for Violent Offenders

As of November 18, 2011, anyone convicted of a violent crime against any person will not be allowed to sponsor family members to come to Canada for 5 years following the completion of their sentence, or unless

CIC Stops Mailing Forms and Application Kits to Potential Applicants

Beginning December 1, 2011, CIC will no longer print and mail out blank forms and application kits. Many applications and guides can be completed and submitted online. If not, you can download and print

Migrant Workers Scholarships

20 scholarships are available for the children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, nieces, and nephews of migrant workers. Each scholarship is C$500. The application deadline is Dec. 31, 2011. You can get the application

OCASI ED Forum 2011 Presentation Materials now online

The OCASI Executive Directors Forum took place in Toronto, November 10 and 11, 2011. The presentation materials for the Forum are now online. Please click the links below and feel free to share with

New Public Service Announcement Videos for Positive Spaces Initiative

New Public Service Announcement Videos have been posted for the Positive Spaces Initiative, the project developed by OCASI to share resources and increase organizational capacity across the sector to more

City of Toronto Immigration Portal updated

The City of Toronto's portal for immigrants has been updated with lots more information for Toronto's immigrants.

CIC Announces Regional Settlement Funding Levels

Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, has announced allocations for federal funding of settlement services in all provinces and territories outside Quebec for the 2012-2013

Global Talent for SMEs – Focus Group on Hiring the Right People

ALLIES and TRIEC are co-hosting a focus group with small and medium businesses to better understand the programs, services and information products that can help SMEs hire the right employees. Do you work Click here for more news

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"WordPress and tour of the Settlement At Work website" (Dec. 9, Toronto): A free presentation about what is WordPress and how we're using WordPress on the Settlement At Work main website. By helping build a support network of WordPress users, we can collaborate to build our own capacity to improve our websites.  Very limited space left, act fast. 

More events are being organised, to build capacity in the sector, support knowledge-sharing and collaborate to improve access to information and practitioners. If there is an event you need to have organised in the sector, we can discuss how we can work together to make it happen. Settlement At Work can help to develop, organise and promote the event.  Simply reply to this newsletter to get in touch.

Wiki front-page redesign

We reviewed your feedback, and redesigned the front-page of the wiki. The new look is cleaner and simpler. Check it out:


MIAG Centre for Diverse Women & Families is excited to invite you to participate in ‘Enhancing Family Life & Parenting Skills’ forum.
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Deadline: December 9, 2011
Organization: CMAS

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Deadline: December 11, 2011
North York Community House
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