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Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 1:50 pm PST 

Tomorrow afternoon, here in Pacific time, the Sun will leave the deep, contemplative waters of Scorpio to enter the sunny fields of Sagittarius. When the Sun shines through the ebullient sign of the Archer, we are more than ready to lighten up. Scorpio's dimly-lit halls of the soul, where we have been residing for the past month and meeting our shadow-selves, have left us feeling rather dark and claustrophobic. We need more Vitamin D, fresh air and a definite change of scenery. We yearn for more light-hearted happiness and joy — and cheerful Sagittarius, the philosopher and quester of the zodiac, is just the ticket!

The first order of business for the Sagittarian Sun is a square to Neptune, swimming especially strong in its home sea of Pisces. Exact late Wednesday night here (PST), this "mutable" square links two signs ruled by Jupiter. So you may feel increased restlessness, while at the same time wiped out and discombobulated a bit. Neptune tends to dissolve, confuse, and soften whatever it touches; and as the Sun represents our outward disposition and the life fuel, a day or two around this transit, feelings of inadequacy or some amount of confusion may pop up. Because Sagittarius and Pisces are associated with horizon-expanding, spiritual experiences that transcend the mundane life, a kind of divine discontent could also well up from some dark corner of the psyche.

Adding to this "welling up" notion, is the interesting fact that as the Sun vacates Scorpio, Venus enters stage left just a few hours later. Venus in Scorpio values all things deep and emotional, and so until mid-December 15th, the Goddess of Love, significator of how we connect with others in bonds of love and affection, will be carrying around the inspector's glass and turning over every "relationship stone" in her path. Fickle, light-hearted, somewhat frivolous Venus is not naturally at home here in the intense Mars- and Pluto-ruled waters of Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio is a bit of a difficult mix. In Scorpio, ordinarily rather tame, "make nice" Venus becomes a bit feral, she relentlessly pursues the "whole truth and nothing but," with the strength and resolve of a bird of prey. Demanding a deeper communion with a fellow traveler unafraid to plumb her emotional depths, to bond with her requires no small amount of courage. "All or nothing at all" is Venus in Scorpio's motto.

But this post is about the Sun's entry into Sagittarius — and in sweeping contrast to Scorpio — inspiration, enthusiasm and optimism are some of the central qualities associated with this, most happy-go-lucky sign of the entire twelve. Ruled by the planet of blessings and abundance, Jupiter, Sunny-Side-Up Sagittarians seem to carry the DNA for summer, "sunshiny" faith in life, despite being born at the darkest time of year (here in the Northern Hemisphere that is). Indeed Sagittarians have a knack for finding all sorts of reasons to celebrate, even at the worst of times. Life is warmer, more joyous and fun just being near them. To Sagittarius that proverbial glass is almost always half full.

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