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Welcome to Alcohol Action Station

New survey results show overwhelming community support for Government action in two important areas: laws to prevent the supply of alcohol to children and mandatory school alcohol education.
A survey of 1600 adults by Painted Dog Research, commissioned by the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth, found that nine out of ten WA adults support the introduction of laws to prevent the supply of alcohol to minors without parental permission, commonly called ‘secondary supply’ laws.
Health groups and the Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan have already publicly supported secondary supply laws in WA and it is clear there is also very strong support in the community.
Four other Australian states already have secondary supply legislation – Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria. The recent introduction of the laws in Victoria was accompanied by a comprehensive public education campaign.
The survey also found that 96% of parents with children who attend school support all school students having regular, well-resourced alcohol and drug education.
Currently in WA, it is a lottery as to what and how much alcohol and drug education students receive in school. It is up to schools to decide whether students receive regular, well-resourced alcohol and drug education or a one-off session with little impact. Unfortunately, many young people are missing out.
Read The West Australian newspaper’s report on the survey results here.
Until next time,
Julia Stafford, McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth
Elecia Wheat, Injury Control Council of WA

did you know?

A majority of Australians (76%) believe that Australia has a problem with alcohol; a majority view held by Coalition voters (75%), ALP voters (79%) and Green voters (81%).
Source: FARE annual alcohol poll: Community attitudes to alcohol by voting intentions.

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Drink Tank: Join the Online Discussion

Drink Tank imageWant to get involved in an online discussion about all things alcohol?
Drink Tank is an online space that’s all about discussing and debating alcohol issues.
FARE – the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education – launched Drink Tank to bring people together from across Australia and the globe, to showcase a wide range of opinions and perspectives about alcohol policy and community concerns.
There are lots of ways you can be involved
  • Visit Drink Tank and have a look around
  • Comment on a blog
  • Consider writing your own piece – you’ll find some pointers on the ‘About Us’ page.
  • Vote in the poll
  • Subscribe to the regular newsletter to keep up to date on new posts
  • Spread the word about Drink Tank among your friends, colleagues and family.
See you on Drink Tank!

Get Involved with Community Safety Month 2012!

Community Safety Month imageThis month long community safety campaign is run every year on a state-wide level and is about raising safety awareness. The key message is: “Everyone has a role to play in making our Community Safer.”

This year ICCWA will be focusing on safety issues resulting from alcohol misuse and community violence in particular. ICCWA are also hoping to spread the month’s key safety messages more broadly, including regional areas.
Please view the Partnership Opportunities Kit which talks about the different options available in partnering with ICCWA for the month and becoming an in-kind or financial sponsor and the benefits you'll receive from this month-long safety campaign, held in October.

To view the full information on how to get involved with CSM please view the Community Action Kit here.

Commissioner for a Day Challenge

Commissioner for a Day Challenge imageThe Commissioner for a Day Challenge is on again.
The Commissioner for Children and Young People WA wants to know what the children and young people of WA think about the images and messages they see and hear on television, music videos, magazines, newspapers, the internet, radio and billboards.
Young people aged 10 to 15 years are being given the opportunity to have their say on two important questions:

Do you think media and advertising have a negative effect on children and young people – if so, in what ways?

If you were the Commissioner for Children and Young People, do you think any changes need to be made to media and advertising - if so what would you change?

Entries can be in any format - written; photographic; drawing or painting; comic strip; short film; music; or spoken word – and can be individual or as a group of two or three.
The young person chosen to become the Commissioner for a Day on 23 October 2012 will receive an iPad and get the chance to discuss their views with decision makers.
For more info check out the website.

Seen an Alcohol Ad That Didn't Sit Right With You?

AARB imageIf you’ve seen an alcohol advertisement that didn’t sit right with you, contact the Alcohol Advertising Review Board.
It may be an advertisement on a billboard you drive past, a bus shelter within 500m of a school, on TV at a time that children would be watching, in a newspaper or magazine, on the radio or at the cinema, on the side of a bus...or it may be an advertisement that you believe would appeal to young people, encourages irresponsible drinking or associates alcohol with sexual or sporting success.

Have a look at the Alcohol Advertising Review Board Code which sets some criteria for acceptable alcohol advertising.
Visit the Alcohol Advertising Review Board website for more info.

Alcohol in the Media

Scotland sets minimum price for booze
AFP, 25 May 2102
Scotland on Thursday became the first part of Britain to introduce a minimum price for alcohol in an attempt to change its unhealthy relationship with booze.
Alcohol warning labels shunned by industry despite research
Sydney Morning Herald, 24 May 2012
THE alcohol industry is putting ''booze before babies'' by making false and misleading claims to a parliamentary inquiry into fetal alcohol disorders, a publicly-funded research body says.
Drunks aged 12 a sorry sight
Community News, 24 May 2012.
Children and alcohol are an unhealthy mix. WA in 2012 is a society where children start drinking young, have ready access to alcohol, drink spirit-based products that seem designed for the youthful palate and drink to get drunk.
'Tough love' keeps teens from binge drinking
ABC News, 23 May 2012
The headlines state that one in ten teens are binge drinkers and graphic photos of them vomiting in the street paint an unflattering picture of a sub-culture out of control. But, 90 per cent do not drink to excess and it may be 'tough love' by parents keeping the teens on track.
Parents seek hard line on grog supply
The West Australian, 21 May 2012
Nine out of 10 WA parents want the State Government to get tough on underage drinking with laws to prevent the supply of alcohol to children, research shows.
Youth asked about dark side of ads
The West Australian, 16 May 2012
From sexy images of girls in magazines to advertisements glamorising alcohol, WA Commissioner for Children and Young People Michelle Scott has warned that media and advertising have a powerful, sometimes detrimental, influence on children.

The Facts

  1. A majority of voters for each of the three major parties see alcohol as a problem in Australia and support policies such as placing health information labels on alcohol products, and banning alcohol advertising on television before 8.30pm.
  2. Green (75%) and ALP voters (71%) are more likely than Coalition voters (63%) to believe that alcohol companies are not doing enough to address alcohol-related harms.
  3. Coalition voters (86%) are more likely than ALP (77%) and Green voters (73%) to believe that alcohol-related problems will remain the same or get worse over the next five to 10 years.
Source: FARE annual alcohol poll: Community attitudes to alcohol by voting intentions.
Alcohol Action Station aims to provide the WA community with the tools to take action to reduce harms from alcohol among young people. It is provided by the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth in association with the Injury Control Council of WA. You are receiving this email because you have subscribed to receive Alcohol Action Station fortnightly e‐newsletters and urgent bulletins.

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