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Welcome to Alcohol Action Station

Presenting the Official Drinks Cabinet of Australian Sport

Anyone watching the Cricket World Cup has seen the Australian team promoting beer for hour after hour, along with regular advertisements for all manner of alcohol products and sales outlets. The official beer sponsor of Cricket Australia, VB would have been very pleased with being featured in almost every shot of the postgame celebrations.

Official drinks cabinetThe relationship between alcohol and sport is so strong that a remarkable range of sports have ‘Official’ alcohol sponsors. The McCusker Centre compiled a list of ‘Official’ alcohol sponsors of sport, which we have designated “The Official Drinks Cabinet of Australian Sport”.
The Official Drinks Cabinet was published in Fairfax media. The interactive infographic elegantly illustrates the extent of ‘Official’ alcohol associations with Australian sport, as well as some prominent international examples.  
The Croakey blog also published a piece on the Drinks Cabinet.
The Australian public – and children – could reasonably assume that by designating the products as ‘Official’, sporting authorities are endorsing the products and recommending them for sports participants and the broader community. Their ‘Official’ product status also suggests that leading sportspeople are regular consumers of these products.
Given the risks associated with alcohol use among young people and the appeal of sport to children, we recommend that sporting organisations remove alcohol from their Official Drinks Cabinet.
Want more?
Check out the Official Drinks Cabinet.   
Check out our piece in Croakey.
Until next time,
Danica Keric, McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth
Megan De Piazz, Injury Control Council of WA

did you know?

Not only are disadvantaged populations exposed to more alcohol outlets, the outlets to which they are exposed sell cheaper alcohol.
Source: Morrison et al. Social disadvantage and exposure to lower prices alcohol in off-premise outlets. Drug and Alcohol Review.

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Action on Alcohol Awards: Deadline Extended!

Due to Easter and related public holidays, we have decided to extend the awards deadline by a week. award
If you know a person or a group doing great things in the community to prevent harm from alcohol among young people, nominate them for the Action on Alcohol Awards! Help recognise the efforts of those taking action on alcohol, including those working behind the scenes making things happen.
The Action on Alcohol Awards recognise individuals, organisations, and initiatives that have made a significant contribution to reducing harms from alcohol among young people in WA.
There are seven award categories: Young People in Action, Community in Action – Individual, Community in Action – Organisation, Regional Communities in Action, Research, Government in Action and Media in Action.
Information about the awards is available at
Entries close Friday 17 April 2015.
Winners will be announced in August, details to follow.
Queries? Contact Danica Keric at the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth on 08 9266 4132 or

Free TV Australia Want To Show More Alcohol Ads

Last Chance to have a say - submissions close tomorrow!

Free TV Australia, an industry body representing commercial TV in Australia, has proposed changes to ACMA (the Australian Communications Media Authority) to the current Commercial Industry Television Code of Practice that could see alcohol ads played as early as 7.30pm on weekdays – an hour earlier than the current Code allows. child watching TV
The Free TV proposals would allow alcohol ads to be broadcast on weekends and public holidays during televised sporting events.  Keeping this loophole ignores the recommendations from expert health organisations around Australia.
The proposed changes would increase young people’s exposure to alcohol ads. Exposure to alcohol advertising influences young people’s beliefs and attitudes about drinking, and increases the likelihood that adolescents will start to use alcohol and will drink more if they are already drinking alcohol.
It is really important that there is a strong community response to the proposed Code to ensure that the Code is strengthened rather than weakened.
What can I do?
The proposed Code is open for comment until tomorrow, 3 April 2015. If this concerns you, write to Free TV Australia and ACMA. We have prepared a guide to help you. Email us at for a copy, but hurry! You only have a day left!

Powdered Alcohol: Australia Says No

Health and community groups have raised concerns about the possibility of powdered alcohol coming to Australia. The product was recently approved for marketing and sale in the US and there are reports the manufacturer has indicated interest in the Australian market. 
The Victorian government has expressed concern about the product and potential harms and will move to ban powdered alcohol and is calling on other states to do the same.
The Victorian Minister for Liquor Regulation Jane Garrett says, “This product is dangerous…It will be easy to get into venues, easy to carry around in backpacks, it’s obviously a bit of a novelty.”
The Victorian president of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Tony Bartone, said he supported moves to ban the product. “It just lends itself to an unwanted possibility of abuse and excess that sends the wrong message of excess in a culture that is seeking to promote alcohol in moderation,” he said.
The McCusker Centre has written to the WA Minister for Racing and Gaming to request a commitment to ensuring powdered alcohol products do not become available in WA.
Want more?
Read media coverage and an article on The Conversation.

UK: The Cost of Binge Drinking

£77 (or A$150) per person per year is the cost of binge drinking for people living in the UK, new research has found. The total cost of binge drinking in the UK is conservatively estimated to be £4.86 billion per year (or A$9.4 billion).
The Conversation
Key findings of the study include:
  • Binge drinking increased the average number of daily injury-related emergency department attendances by 8% and the daily average of road accidents by 17%.
  • The average daily number of arrests for all alcohol-related incidents increased by 45% and the number of police officers on duty increased by around 30%.
  • To recover the cost of binge drinking to society, the authors argue that a 23% increase in the average retail price of alcohol is needed.
The authors highlight measures such as minimum unit pricing, reform of the alcohol excise tax and restricting the availability of alcohol through increasing the legal drinking age to address the cost of binge drinking.
Want more?
See The Conversation for the full story.

Take Action on Alcohol Advertising!

AARB bus shelter

Seen an alcohol ad that concerned you? Contact the Alcohol Advertising Review Board!
The Alcohol Advertising Review Board accepts complaints from the Australian community about alcohol ads and aims to provide independent review of alcohol advertising in Australia.
Making a complaint is simple – just send a pic or link to the ad (if you can) and briefly describe why it concerns you. At you will find an online form and contact details to submit complaints.
Follow the Alcohol Advertising Review Board (@AlcoholAdReview) on Twitter to keep up to date.

Alcohol in the Media

Liquor giant sour on mixed alcohol taxes
Herald Sun, 1 April 2015
The biggest distributor of liquor in Australia has stepped up its calls for the nation’s “convoluted and unfair” alcohol tax system to be simplified.

Alcohol may be sold in Australian supermarkets under mooted changes to competition laws
Herald Sun, 1 April 2015
The sale of alcohol in supermarkets will be considered under a suite of recommended changes to Australia’s competition policy laws.
‘Mum and Dad, don’t give me alcohol’ say Albany students
ABC Great Southern WA, 30 March 2015
Local Albany teenagers are asking their parents not to supply them with alcohol before they turn 18.
Drinking to success - mixing sport and alcohol
ABC Brisbane, 30 March 2015
Do you mind if sporting champions tell you how much they’re going to drink when they celebrate a win?
Comment: ICC Cricket World Cup: Alcohol-drenched culture a big disappointment
The Age, 30 March 2015
The mix of alcohol, sport and TV advertising is detrimental to the nation’s health.
Alcohol abuse a major factor in domestic abuse problem
The Australian, 28 March 2015
In Australia, domestic violence is universally recognised as a serious and widespread problem with massive social costs.
Aussies love the end of work on Friday and a couple of drinks with friends but often it takes a bad turn
The Sunday Telegraph, 22 March 2015
Thank god it’s Friday but maybe not always.
Talking brother to brother and #soberselfies to reduce problem drinking
The Age, 20 March 2015
Lecture a young person about drinking too much alcohol with friends, and you would be lucky to get a printable reply.


The Facts

A recent study examining the relationship between Random Breath Testing (RBT) and alcohol-related traffic crashes has found that:
  1. WA only had only one test for every 3 licensed drivers per year.
  2. WA had a relatively high alcohol-related traffic crash rate.
  3. WA had a high percentage of self-reported drink driving. 
Source: FARE. A national examination of Random Breath Testing and alcohol-related traffic crash rates (2000-2012).
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