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I started Global Edge because I believe that International markets are crying out for cutting-edge products, tools and services to drive performance and development.  Many of your clients will be global businesses who expect a global response. Guaranteeing delivery across multiple markets, with different cultures will be key. They need their people development provider to respond fast and effectively.

Now's the time to develop your Global Edge!

Jeff Benveniste
Founder and CEO

International Growth Survey Results

Due to be published in HR Magazine, April 2011

We have recently released the results of our Annual International Growth Survey for the People Development industry.
Our surveys are conducted to help providers understand current activity in international markets, assess future opportunities and identify how to best overcome the challenges in doing business overseas.
This survey revealed a tough market in the UK, with over 50% of respondents saying that they expected revenue to increase outside the UK in 2011.  The main driver for international growth is demand from existing clients overseas.  This supports our belief that the UK People Development Industry is highly respected internationally.  It appears there is an increasing desire from global clients to engage established UK based providers with strong global capability rather than perhaps less experienced local providers.
It's interesting to note that the companies completing our survey shared a wide range of challenges when growing internationally, such as sourcing funding and investment , managing cultural differences and finding the right partner to sell and/or deliver their products and services. 
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Entry Strategies

Depending on your products, services, clients and markets, there may be a need for you to use more than one entry strategy when going global.

Ultimately, your choice of strategy will depend on;

Your Needs – what are your opportunities in each particular market and whether you need delivery, sales and/or language capability?

Your Priorities – retaining operational control might be a higher priority than keeping your costs down.

Your Knowledge – whether you have enough local understanding and contacts to deliver and/or build business in local markets.

Your Available Resources – whether you have enough financial resource and time to establish your own partnered operations.

Please contact us if you would like a copy of our White Paper: ‘Selecting the Right Global structure’ which outlines the pros and cons of different entry strategies we explore with clients.

Case Study

Global Edge helped UK based L&D consultants Imparta to expand into Africa and to grow their reputation, brand and business internationally. 
In order to effectively represent Imparta to potential partners, Global Edge worked closely with their management team to understand and develop their selection and screening process for approved partner status.

We also familiarised ourselves with Imparta’s seven core sales effectiveness programmes, their international strategy and roll-out plan.
We were asked to identify three potential partners in South Africa.  One of whom was selected, following an intensive search and assessment process through our international network.  Both parties are now building an agreement to partner together.  
Read the full case study here
"As well as being entrepreneurial and enterprising with potential partners, Global Edge stuck to a rigorous shortlisting process.  We could focus on other territories and business opportunities knowing South Africa was in good hands."


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