New Energy Farms Open Day 2013 CEEDS™ Demonstration

  Demonstration of leading technology from NEF for establishment
  of fuel, feed and fiber crops using CEEDS TM technology.

19th September 2013 – For farmers, end users and project developers requiring feedstock.  A first opportunity to see
the solution for utilizing the highest yielding crops for your project. Low cost precision establishment of Napier Grass,
Miscanthus, Arundo donax and Sugarcane.  Demonstration of breeding and establishment through to commercial use
all on one site; showing 6MW biomass heating system, large scale dedicated energy crop field production, 50,000
tonne cubing facility,  bio composite compounding, and nursery mulch/animal bedding processing, etc. 

Agenda and registration

19th September 2013, Leamington Ontario
10.30       Check-in
11.00       NEF CEEDS TM field trials of established crops
12.00       Lunch
13.00       Site tour (1-3pm)
 - NEF Energy crop breeding
 - NEF Commercial scale biomass production with machinery
- NEF Biomass boiler 6MW fuelled from energy crop
- NEF Bio processing facility – fuel and bio plastic production
To attend pre-registration is required for catering please email or call 519 326 7293. Registration deadline is September 6th, 2013. If you have any dietary requirements please let us know prior to the event. There will be transportation arranged to tour around the different fields and facilities for demonstration.

Location map

Howard Johnson – Right beside NEF Offices – 1-800-340-9841                                  
201 Erie St. N Leamington, ON N8H 3A5   

Comfort Inn – 2.7 KM from NEF Offices – 519-326-9071                                               
279 Erie St S Leamington, ON N8H 3C4           

Caesars Windsor – 50 KM from NEF Offices – Close to Windsor and Detroit Airport  
1-800-991-8888     377 Riverside Dr. E Windsor, ON N9A 7H7

Hilton Windsor – 50 KM from NEF Offices – Close to Windsor and Detroit Airport 
519-973-5555        277 Riverside Dr. E Windsor, ON N9A 5K4

*Various other hotels located within Windsor and area.
** Visit for Leamington and area attractions

About Us:

CEEDSTM (Crop, Expansion, Encapsulation and Delivery System), developed by NEF, is an ‘artificial seed’ technology for use with feedstock crops such as napier grass, sugar cane, energy cane, Arundo donax and Miscanthus. These crops are amongst the highest yielding feedstock crops available, but typically cannot be established using conventional seed routes. They have always been established using standard vegetative propagation, which is difficult to scale up and only under very specific conditions can be very large scale, such as sugar cane. CEEDSTM technology is applicable to all energy grass crops supplied by NEF, with wider applications for other vegetatively propagated crops such as sugar cane, where it can be considerably cheaper and more convenient.
CEEDSTM planting units are encapsulated and coated pre-grown vegetative tissue, in a soilless medium, greenhouse grown for maximum health. Each planting unit is about the size of a wine cork. They can be planted without hand labor at conventional drill rates, with either NEF equipment designed to establish in conventional, min till or no till situations or some existing on-farm planting equipment.

About NEF   
New Energy Farms (NEF) is a feedstock development and supply company for large-scale industries such as energy, sugar, animal feed and fiber. These feedstocks are supplied from perennial crops (mainly grasses), which are amongst the highest yielding crops per acre. The crops produce high yields of quality feedstock at a low financial and energy cost, with a strong environmental profile. The raw material from NEF established plantations can be processed by end users into products such as biofuels, or commodity products such as sugar. For these end markets feedstock cost is a significant if not majority component of the end product cost. NEF have 18 years commercial and technical experience in this market, and have developed technology required by customers, which is exclusive to NEF and overcomes barriers that have previously made scale up impractical.

{ Arundo Donax CEEDS™ Planted }

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