May 2015 newsletter from Kent and Cindy of Eclectic Horizons.

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About Us

My name is Cindy Musil. My husband Kent Lehman and I connect with a client’s energetic aura and communicate with Spirit to translate messages to our clients.

I manage all client communications via e-mail and phone (720) 248-8396. Visit our website for more information.


Since we are located in Colorado, all sessions are presented in Mountain Time. Visit our calendar to find a time that suits you best, schedule, and pay for your reading on-line.

Readings are offered in 30-minute and 1-hour durations, for $55 and $100 USD, respectively.

Note: Kent is currently on sabbatical to focus his efforts on completing our band's second album, a collection of children's music.



Make the most of your reading...

The more prepared and comfortable you are in anticipation of your reading, the more productive your session will be. To support this, we have written several blog posts regarding what you should expect in a reading. Click here to see a list of all the posts in this category.


The service we provide is very personal. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to determine whether or not Kent or Cindy are a good fit for you. To help you make that decision, we encourage you to read what others have written, in their own words, on our Testimonials Page or reviews submitted to the Best Psychic Directory.


In addition to our phone and Skype sessions, we offer face-to-face sessions by appointment in our office on Mondays and Thursdays.
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Eclectic Verve

As we've mentioned in the past, in addition to Kent's work as CEO of a manufacturing company and our work with Eclectic Horizons, we also have a band called Eclectic Verve.

In the last several months, we've commissioned new videos for songs on our debut album as well as recording our second album. We will be releasing our children's album in July. In the meantime, let us know what you think of our new videos. Here's my favorite:

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We're so excited that we're now able to offer our products for immediate download at the convenience of our customers!
We're also working with colleagues to offer you related products on our website which we feel you'll enjoy. Look for new product offerings soon!

In the meantime, how about a discount? For the rest of May, you can take advantage of 20% off any products you order through our website. Just enter the coupon code:
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Please contact Cindy if you encounter any problems during the ordering process. I've obviously tested this quite extensively, but it's still new, so let me know if you encounter any issues.

Spirit Message

Following is this month's message from spirit.

Each month, Kent invites our spiritual teams and also any additional spirit(s) that the members of our teams desire to bring along to share the message(s) best suited to our newsletter subscribers.

Maitland provides the newsletter message with the most frequency, and offers this month's message as well. If you're unfamiliar with Maitland, here's a very brief bio: Maitland last lived on Earth in the early 20th century. After that incarnation, she chose not to reincarnate again but instead she worked with Archangel Michael to become a spirit guide. She loves to work with Kent (and others) to trance channel. For each monthly newsletter, Kent uses automatic writing to document her message or the message other spirit(s) have to share.

Spiritual Balance Sheet

Maitland:  I want to talk about a Spiritual Balance Sheet. 

What do I mean by that?

In accounting, you have debits and you have credits. In some accounts (in your financial chart of accounts), debits add to the account and credits subtract from the account and in other account types it is the opposite. I like to use this as a metaphor for how we interact. 
In a business, in addition to debits and credits, you also have assets like your bank account. Well in your spiritual balance sheet, you also have assets.

What is your greatest asset? 

Your greatest asset is love. 

When you do something like taking a credit against your love on your balance sheet by using your energy to reach out to someone you care about with a phone call, an email, or you do something special, then that person receives that credit from you and puts it as a debit into their balance sheet. They feel all special and loved as it fills up their “bank account” and then they may want to do something for you or somebody else to pay it forward, let's say. 
When we're talking about this, keep in mind that unlike in the business world where you have a number, or numbers in all of your accounts, in your spiritual balance sheet, there are no numbers. You don't keep track. There is no judgement. This is just a metaphor. 

On a financial balance sheet, a company has assets and also liabilities. We already talked about the assets, but what are liabilities? Liabilities are what a company owes to somebody else (usually another company). Somebody else has given your company something and your company owes the other company. Or your company bought items to make a product, or your company has bills for your building, or your company took out a loan to help increase the cash in your company's bank account so that your company could do stuff with your business.

Are liabilities negative?

That would depend on your perspective. That would depend on you assigning judgement. Remember, I said that there is no judgement in a spiritual balance sheet or a business balance sheet. It just is what it is. For an asset account, a debit is an addition and a credit is a subtraction. But in a liability account, credits add and debits subtract.

But now I'm getting in the weeds like a little garter snake, so I'll back up...
Liabilities are not negative because money that somebody loans your company or that your company owes allows your company to do what you do in your business. It's allowing your company to create your product. It's allowing your company to have a place to provide your service. It all works together.

That is the same thing with your spiritual balance sheet. Your asset is love. Your asset is your divine self. Your asset is all of these qualities that you brought within you into this life. The liability part of the spiritual balance sheet is your physical life. How you choose to react to things. The things that you do. The things happening around you and how others are reacting. You move debits and credits back and forth between your divine assets and your physical liabilities. Now remember we are not putting judgement on this. It is what it is. These two things work together in balance. Even in the left brain world of accounting, everything has to be in balance. That is the metaphor that I am getting at for your spiritual balance sheet. 
Put things in balance.

The purpose of the metaphor isn't to determine that "these things" are positive and "these things" are negative, like deciding that God, Heaven, and Spirit are positive but existence here on Earth is a punishment or negative. If we remember that God is love, and God created everything, everything is energy and an expression of God, then what does that mean if we think of our spiritual balance sheet and our assets? That means that your “checking account”  is unlimited because God is infinite. So you have unlimited love to work with.

So how is the best way to increase your spiritual “Accounts Receivables”? Remember that is also an asset on the balance sheet, that's what you have coming in to you. The best way to increase your Accounts Receivables is to give your greatest asset, love. Give love to your friends, family, and your fellow human beings. Do everything in your life in the spirit of love and you will receive more than you can imagine.
So I hope you have a great May and I will see you later, alligator!

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Free Facebook Readings??

I (Cindy) have been considering ways that I could offer quick (2-5 minutes), free readings to our Facebook followers.

Two ideas I am considering (but have not yet implemented!) are:
  • During a designated time, Facebook followers could post a picture of a dead loved one and I will share what information I receive when I connect with each photograph.
  • I could offer a monthly Facebook reading, where Facebook followers are invited to post one question during a designated time, and then I do a very quick, mini reading to answer that simple question.
I'm also open to considering other ideas.

Please send me your feedback regarding whether or not you'd like me to offer free mini readings on Facebook. If there is significant interest in offering free mini readings through Facebook, I can investigate logistics, outline paramaters, etc., However, if this isn't something that is of interest to our newsletter subscribers and Facebook fans, then I obviously won't pursue investigation any further.

Contact me with your feedback, please!
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