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Welcome to RISAS News issue 6

Please spread the word, and give us feedback, you can contact Andy Tandy at RISAS via email:, telephone 020 3142 5300 or go to our website,, which is also a regular source of information on the scheme.

Encouraging suppliers to go for RISAS

We’ve started to target the remaining suppliers of critical rolling stock overhaul who have not yet achieved RISAS certification.  This is a major objective in our business plan for 2015-6, which was signed off by the RISAS Board earlier in the year.

The existing profile of 60 suppliers holding a RISAS certificate means a good proportion of the risk in the supply chain associated with rail vehicle overhaul is being managed. Our goal is to get that as close to 100% as we can.

RISAS Board members are set to begin dialogue with individual suppliers, and an updated ‘engagement pack’ of materials is being developed to help people out in the industry sell the benefits of RISAS to prospective certificate-holders and other contacts.

Can you help promote RISAS?  Do you have a good story to tell?  Get in touch with us if you think your company would make a good case study, or if you are interested in using the new engagement pack.

Houghton International get RISAS certificate

Electro mechanical engineering specialist Houghton International has recently achieved RISAS certification for it its range of AC and DC traction motor and motor alternator (MA) set repair and overhaul services.  Houghton International were presented with their certificate at the Railtex show by SGS CORREL, the RISAB which completed their assessment.

Business Plan 2015-6

The RISAS Board has approved the scheme’s business plan for 2015/16. 

Our objectives include:
  • Further identification and approval of potential RISAS certificate-holders
  • Product scope enhancement in accordance with stakeholder requirements
  • Integration between the RISAS and RISQS schemes, together with recognition of other schemes
  • Development of scheme metrics
  • Enhancement of scheme delivery to achieve greater supplier maturity and taking into account the ORR’s RM3 approach
  • Increased assessment of suppliers’ competence in human factors
  • Participating in the broader supplier assurance strategy for new arrangements in 2017
For more information, contact RSSB at

Scheme profile

RISAS has 60 certified suppliers, 1 newly approved and 16 re-approved since Issue 5 was published in December.

The supplier newly approved is Houghton International Electrical Services Limited.

Re-approved suppliers are:
  • Robel - Bahnbaumaschinen GmbH
  • Voith Turbo Limited - Croydon
  • Voith Turbo Limited - Greenford
  • Lucchini Unipart Rail Ltd
  • Knorr-Bremse RailServices (UK) Ltd - Springburn
  • Axiom Rail
  • Northern Rail Ltd - Heaton TMD
  • AKS Machining Ltd
  • Pullman Rail
  • Sabre Rail Services Ltd
  • Gutehoffnungshütte Radsatz GmbH
  • Riley & Son (Electromec) Ltd
  • Schmiedewerke Gröditz GmbH
  • Brush Traction
  • Voith Turbo GmbH & Co.KG
  • Progress Rail Services
Please note that Valdunes are no longer approved at either of their sites.

RVEL gets RISAS certificate

Towards the end of last year, Derby-based rolling stock specialists, Railway Vehicle Engineering Limited (RVEL), secured RISAS certification, underpinning the company’s commitment to delivering maintenance and overhaul services to the highest standard.

The RISAS certificate proves RVEL’s engineering capabilities for running gear, electrical traction equipment and transmissions at their Derby workshops, and came into effect from 10 November 2014.

Recent customers include Direct Rail Services, East Midlands Trains, Eurostar, First Great Western, Hitachi, Network Rail and Porterbrook.  RVEL was assessed by Railway Approvals Ltd.


Updated scheme documentation available

We have updated some of the key scheme documents, to take on board a number of issues and ensure they support modern day practice.
The documents are:
  • RISAS/003, Issue 4 – RISAS Supplier Assessment Module
  • BN-02 – Methodology for Addressing ‘Out-of-Course’ Supplier issues
They have been prepared to:
  • Take into account recommendations arising from the review into axle bearing failures
  • Align with 445/2011/ EU ECM requirements
  • Support the withdrawal of BN-04 Wheelsets and Wheelset Components
  • Improve supply chain integration, reflect current RISAB practice and ensure consistency with the good practice guide ‘Engineering Excellence into Competence’
For any further queries, contact RISAS – email

The future of supplier assurance in GB rail

The Board of RSSB has tasked the two major supplier assurance schemes to work together to start making new, simpler arrangements a reality.  Following agreement at the Board in January, a new joint working group with representatives from both RISAS and RISQS has been set up to focus on delivering:
  • A single assurance governance body
  • Adoption of the RICCL (Rail Industry Commodity Classification Listing
  • Risk based arrangements, defined for every commodity procured by GB rail, providing clarity amongst the buyer and supplier communities as to what level of assurance is relevant and required
  • Core information about each supplier collected ‘once’, minimising duplication and reducing costs
  • Monitored supplier performance and feedback processes in place to encourage continuous improvement
  • A single central repository of information established for all stakeholders to access the information they need
  • The aim is for new arrangements to go live in April 2017.

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