We thank God for how far He has brought us as a center. He has been so faithful to our community, students and staff. We are so humbled by God’s grace, love and mercy for the privilege of being a part of the transformation work within the Mathare community. May God bless you and your families.

Isaac Nangodia
Center Manager

Hope transforms!

Frederick*, a first-grade student, was staying with his single mother after their dad left them due to irreconcilable family differences. After a very short illness his mother went to be with the Lord. The children were left alone in a hopeless state and their future was bleak. As a result, Frederick’s life changed drastically. He started running away from school for more than two weeks at a time. He did not have a home to go to or a place to run to. With the child’s interest at heart, the social worker started gathering information about the dad and how best to improve Frederick’s life.

His dad was brought in and informed how his kids were suffering and how they were destined to be homeless street children. He agreed to take them back. The social worker brought in the counselor for the child to be counseled and guided on how to overcome his loss and pursue his life normally.

Currently Frederick and his brother are staying with the father while the school is doing all it can to ensure he is fed and continues with his education. We thank God for the progress so far and we continue to pray that God transforms this student and family.
(*Name changed to protect her privacy.)

Term highlights

  • Our second term has been amazing with incredible performances from our students, especially in music competitions. We are so proud of our students as they will be representing MOHI and the Mathare North community at the national competition.
  • The parents held a fundraiser to contribute towards the construction of the new building. We are happy about the ownership they are taking with this project.

Working together for transformation

  • Hope Christian Church visited and we had a medical camp with them. 813 patients were treated, 12 houses were fumigated and 18 people gave their lives to Christ!
  • Generations Christian Church held a VBS for all of our students. They also did community work whereby three people were saved! The church hosted a cookout for all children and staff of Mathare North. 
  • Community Christian Church did community work and visited 12 homes. They also put on a VBS for our children.

Please join us in prayer

  • For completion of the ongoing construction for the additional classrooms.
  • For protection of our students, parents and staff during the school term break.
  • That more families in Mathare North will receive Jesus!

151 students at Mathare North school are unsponsored.

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