Dear partners and friends,

Greetings from the Madoya Center and community! You are our partners in what happens here and we thank you for helping to make MOHI’s Madoya center into what it is today. You are contributing in a big way by giving hope and transforming lives. A big thank you to our partners.


Xavier Kioko
Center Manager

Hope transforms!

Don Carlos is a student in eighth grade. Life was hard before he came to accept that life is what we make out of it, in and out of school. He never heeded his parents’ or teachers’ advice to stop associating with bad company in the slums where he lived. His friends are known to threaten and rob people. He fought inside and outside of school.

Previously he performed well academically, and his future looked bright and promising. In seventh grade he was elected to be the school leader by his fellow students and he served diligently. Late in seventh grade, however, he was influenced by his peers and joined a gang famous in his slum area. His attendance in school became irregular and his school performance dropped drastically.

During the current term, Don Carlos disappeared from home for a month without notifying his parents. This became a concern for us at the school. His mother was later informed by one of her relatives that Don Carlos was at their rural home. The social worker and the teachers had a talk with him after he came back to school. He confessed that one of his friends was shot while on his way to rob someone. The police were after Don Carlos and so he ran into hiding many miles away from the city.

After counselling, he gave his life to Christ and as a result, he has joined MOHI’s ALPHA discipleship program where he is growing spiritually in Christ. He is currently showing amazing improvement in academic performance and school attendance and his behavior has greatly improved. This is a joy to everyone at the school.

Term highlights

  • There has been good effort by our contractor towards completing our six-floor building that will house the whole school under one roof and give room for growth.

  • We have had success cases of positive behavioral transformation among our students this term.

  • Our pre-primary and lower primary school teachers have benefited from trainings aimed at equipping them to deliver the new curriculum being implemented this year.

Please join us in prayer

  • Pray for provision and protection of our students as they go on their school break.

  • We thank God that our six-floor building is almost complete! God has provided the finances and protected the workers. We are doing the finishing touches and hope to move in later this year.

  • Pray for salvation decisions among people who are in contact with Missions of Hope International.

 14 students at the Madoya school are unsponsored.

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