Hello brethren!

We are deeply blessed and encouraged with your support through short-term trips, projects, medical support and involvement in our students’ programs. Above all, thank you for all you do as the disciples of Christ at Joska school.

Jane Ratemo
Center Manager

Hope transforms!

Peter is married with two children and lives near our Joska school. The eldest son is in high school while the last-born girl is in fifth grade at our Joska school. The family used to live in Nairobi where Peter was employed as an IT specialist. They were financially well off until Peter developed a health problem. The condition put him on a lifelong medication program.

Consequently, he lost his job and could not maintain any other job position he got. This made the family unable to meet basic needs or even live in the city. The children also dropped out of school due to lack of school fees. As a result, they moved back to Joska, a rural area, where they own a small piece of land.
However, since they had not built a house on their land, they found someone who was willing to house them without pay for two months. The mother started small-scale farming, where she grew tomatoes and vegetables. This earned her some income to meet their basic needs.
It was at this point that Joy, their youngest daughter, was enrolled into our school after being out of school for more than six months. The family was also taken through several sessions of guidance, counselling and prayers by our staff. This defined a turning point for the family.
Today, their farming project has greatly improved. It is now earning them a good income, which is allowing them basic needs and other necessities. The parents have since joined Outreach Hope Sunshine Church, where Peter is engaged in evangelizing to people within the community. His testimony has given hope to many of our parents.
Peter is very grateful to MOHI for accepting him and his family. He appreciates that he met people from MOHI who accepted, loved and encouraged him at his point of need. This made him feel worthy even with his medical condition.

Term highlights

  • Our school conducted baptisms in partnership with Crossroads Christian Church. Out of 150 students who had accepted Christ during the year, 46 of them were baptized. The rest are currently going through discipleship classes.
  • This term, students from our primary and high school participated in ball games, athletics and music festival competitions. The students did well in all games and became the second runners-up in football (position 3) for the region. Similarly, in music competitions, our students placed second in the region. Our primary school competitors outshined all the private and public schools in the region. We will be representing MOHI at the national levels.
  • There is great improvement noted in most classes after the students took their tests. This year, we have 113 grade eight students and 59 grade 12 students, who shall be sitting for their national examinations at the end of the year. We are hopeful that we will have 100% transition to high school, colleges and universities.
  • During the term, our parents were actively involved in our school programs such as parent teacher conferences and a fundraiser to support the construction of classrooms. There was an outstanding collaboration and attendance in the meetings.

Working together for transformation

  • Eastside Christian Church attended a student fellowship in June. Together with MOHI founders Wallace and Mary Kamau, they officially opened the second floor of our girls’ dormitory. Currently, the dormitory houses 540 primary and high school students. The girls are excited that they are staying in a safe and conducive environment. The girls were served hamburgers, potato crisps and sodas for celebration.
  • The Collenel family (a team of seven) visited the school this term too. They visited homes, held a medical camp and also interacted with students in their classrooms and during Sunday service. They also funded the construction of shelves in the new dormitory.
The Collenel family (a team of seven) visited and held a medical camp.
  • An international team of ten students conducted classes, dancing lessons and drama with our girls. It was a great opportunity for cultural exchange between the team, students and staff in our center.
  • We also had a ground-breaking ceremony together with a team that climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro (photos below). Through this climb, the team raised money to support the construction of new classrooms.

Please join us in prayer

  • For God's provision to complete the permanent classrooms for the primary school and the completion of the multi-purpose hall.
  • For holistic transformation of our students and their families. 
  • That God will bring more partners on board to sponsor the unsponsored kids and the others on a waiting list.

 209 students at the Joska school are unsponsored.

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