Dear partners and friends,

Please receive our greetings in the Lord Jesus. We thank God for His work this term in our Center. We celebrate your partnership that has made it possible for us to reach out to the Kiamaiko community. God bless you so much!


Isaac Nangodia
Center Manager

Hope transforms!

Margaret and her husband are both tailors and are HIV positive. They are parents to five children and two of these, the younger ones, are also HIV positive. They were infected during birth.
Due to life’s challenges, Margaret and her husband eventually slipped into alcohol addiction. This affected their work, as they could not sustain any work for long. As a result, the family was in dire financial need. Their two young children could not be sustained in any school as the parents could not afford school fees.
The parents’ health deteriorated as they also lacked good nutrition. By God's grace, in 2013, Margaret met social workers from Kiamaiko school who were recruiting needy children into the MOHI program. Her two children were recruited and admitted into Kiamaiko school.
The family was assigned to one of our social workers for follow-ups. Through our community health program, the couple was connected with a public health facility where they could access monthly food supplements and ARVs for free. The two children were also enrolled in the ARV program and the family social worker followed up to ensure that they took medications as directed. Their health has improved greatly.
Through the help of the MOHI social worker and Community Health Evangelism (CHE) trainer, Margaret and her husband have gradually overcome their alcohol addiction. Margaret receives great support and encouragement from the social worker and the CHE trainer. This has helped her to rise up and keep going.
One of the couple's children in our program successfully completed eighth grade. She scored good marks and got admission into our girls' boarding high school in Joska. The parents are motivated and support her dreams of becoming a lawyer. The other girl is in fifth grade and doing well.
Margaret’s husband is now employed as a tailor and is able to provide for his family. She is also working hard to support him in meeting the family needs.
MOHI exists to give hope to individuals, families and communities. We are happy to be part of the positive change that is in the life of Margaret and her family. This family has been transformed and we thank God.

Term highlights

  • Students from the temporary campus have relocated to the new, permanent Kiamaiko building.
  • The school soccer team participated in the region’s non-government schools competition and did very well.
  • We did more recruitment and admitted more new students. 

Working together for transformation

  • Summit Christian Church visited and led a VBS for all children. They also evangelized and reached out to 39 people, three of whom accepted Christ.
  • Eastside Christian Church also evangelized and reached out to 24 people. Five of them gave their lives to Christ.
  • The Crossroads team and our seventh- and eighth-graders had a community clean-up day. The team also took the eighth-graders and 20 staff members on a tour of the Nairobi National park. They also did community evangelism whereby 17 people were evangelized and two of them gave their lives to Christ.

Please join us in prayer

  • For one of our parents who has become paralyzed. 
  • For grace and strength in our staff as we work at Kiamaiko.
  • For the protection of all staff and students from Kiamaiko.
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