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In this Issue:
1. Future of Our Neighbourhood: Sustaining our Japanese Canadian Legacy
2. Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble presents: Bang Danjos
3. 6th Annual Oppenheimer Community Art Show
4. Tonari Gumi's Premium Sake Tasting
5. Yayoi Theatre Movement Society presents: Medea (Rokujo)

The Future of Our Neighbourhood
Sustaining our Japanese Canadian Legacy
The Powell Street Festival Society’s (PSFS) would like to thank the JCCA Human Rights Committee for their hard work and dedication to achieve the City of Vancouver apology for our community on September 25, 2013. We would also like to thank them for organizing the wonderful celebration at the Vancouver Japanese Language School that evening.
In 1942, 8000 people from the Japanese Canadian community were uprooted from this very neighbourhood. We commend the City of Vancouver for apologizing for their role in this and for their honourable pledge “to do all it can to ensure such injustices will not happen again to any of its residents, thereby upholding the principles of human rights, justice and equality now and in the future.”
As long-time members of this neighbourhood, the Powell Street Festival Society and Vancouver Japanese Language School are currently involved in passionate discussions about the future of the DTES and the fate of the City’s most marginalized residents. As beneficiaries of the federal Redress 25 years ago, the provincial apology of last year, and now, the City apology, we are committed to sustaining the Japanese Canadian legacy as human rights champions in Canada.

PSF Advocacy Committee outreach session with members of the JC community and Tom
Wanklin, City of Vancouver Senior Planner. Screen grab from footage taken by Greg Masuda.

We want to hear your voice.
Next meeting: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at 6 pm at the Vancouver Japanese Language School
Your participation is requested in future community discussions that will determine the shape of this neighbourhood, the health of its present-day residents, and the preservation of our Japanese Canadian legacy. For more information about upcoming discussions and events, please contact PSFS at 604.739.9388 or


Bang Danjos showcases three unique manifestations of the banjo. Come join us and witness the influences of bluegrass, Chinese classical and Japanese folk-rock in a stimulating mash up of culture and styles. Known for his appearance in the Asia Art Festival, our concert features honored guest performer Hiroshi Yamaguchi. He will be showcasing the infectious sounds of the Japanese tsugaru shamisen that so rarely makes an appearance in Vancouver.

The evening’s program will be emceed by renowned linguist Dr. Jan Walls and includes Evelyn Chang on sanxian (Chinese banjo), Nick Hornbuckle playing bluegrass banjo, Hiroshi Yamaguchi on tsugaru shamisen tapping and twanging with our very own dancer Dayna Szyndrowski.

Be apart of history as the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble breaks traditions, enriching Vancouver’s live music scene with vitality through an event that promotes the beauty of diversity and intertwined stylistic identities.

$20 Reserved Seating

Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble:
Jirong Huang, musical director – erhu
Bruce Henzcel – percussion
Sarah Tan – guzheng
Lawrence Mollerup – Bass
John Oliver - guitar
Dayna Szyndrowski – Tap Dancer

Featured Banjos
Qing Chang – sanxian
Nick Hornbuckle – Bluegrass Banjo
Hiroshi Yamaguchi – tsugaru shamisen

For more information or reserved tickets contact| Tel 604.683.8240 | Fax 604.683.7911
We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Powell Street Festival Society, City of Vancouver, Hamber foundation the Canada Council for the Arts, Listel Hotel and the Japan Consulate.

Exhibition: October 24th - December 1st, 2013
Gallery Gachet, 88 E. Cordova
Opening reception: Thursday, October 24, 6pm – 9pm
5pm Procession led by the Hastings Street Band; meet at Oppenheimer Park, 488 Powell
6pm Reception, Gallery Gachet, 88 E. Cordova
An exhibition showcasing artworks from Oppenheimer Park community. Included are painting, drawing, print, sculpture, carving, mixed media and video works. This year, the exhibition takes fun and play as its focus. Park-a-Palooza! embodies the significance of the Park's diverse programming such as arts, recreation, cultural events and festivals. It also celebrates and explores creativity in the Oppenheimer community. Over 35 artists will be featured in the show and many of the works symbolize playful aspects of Oppenheimer Park community. In addition, the exhibition will unveil Birds that Play, hundreds of birds painted through community art workshops at Gallery Gachet, Carnegie Community Centre, Evelyne Saller Centre, and Oppenheimer Park curated by Carrie Campbell.

The opening night procession leaves Oppenheimer at 5pm and is led by Brad Muirhead and the Hastings Street Band. At 6pm join Harmony of Nations at Gallery Gachet for a traditional welcome. Free

Additional Programming:
Saturday, November 9th: ScavARTger Hunt - Art in the City
Scour the City of Vancouver to complete questions about artworks. Win prizes for correct answers! For more information, please contact 604.253.8830,, or visit the Oppenheimer Park - DTES Communities Back Yard FACEBOOK PAGE


For more information please visit their website HERE

The Premiere of

Thurs. to Sat. November 7 to 9 2013 at 8 pm
& Sat. November 9, 2 pm Matinee
 (Artist talk after the shows)
Tickets $20   Ph. 604-739-7760
Or email

The Orpheum Annex Theatre (823 Seymour St. - 2nd Floor)
Choreographer: Yayoi Hirano
Artist Directors: Yayoi Hirano (YTM) and Peter Hall (Mortal Coil Performance Society)
Dancers: Yayoi Hirano, Peter Hall, Donna Yamamoto, Tomoko Hanawa, Eri MacGregor, Shuzuka Kai, Misako Woodall.
Musicians: Sara Davis Buechner (pianist),Minoru Yamamoto (Shakuhachi, percussion) & others
Chant Team: Mieko Usijima, Mieko Isogai, Shoko Okurano, Junko Hayashi, Yoshiho Hara, Aya Akiyama, Noriko Tidball.
Puppet: Hitoshi Okamoto, Noh-Mask & Costume Design: Yayoi Hirano
Lighting: Gerald King
Set Design: Shizuka Kai
Yayoi Theatre Movement Society debuts its full length contemporary adaptation Medea, based on the original Greek tragedy by Euripides (431BC). This work explores the rage and madness of the vengeful lead female protagonists (Medea and Rokujo), who are strong independent and powerful women, that have their positions in society destroyed through their lover's actions of infidelity.
With witchcraft, Medea murders her husband's bride, the bride's father Creon, and ultimately her own two children.
Using text, puppetry and dance movement, the tragedies of these women’s lives will be artistically interpreted through the world of Noh Theatre.
The principal cast: Yayoi Hirano (Medea), Peter Hall (Jason & Creon), Donna Yamamoto (Nurse) and emerging Noh dancer Eri MacGregor (Princess). The Chorus will be comprised of an 8 member Noh chanting ensemble.
Medea's sons will be interpreted by two Bunraku style puppets designed and built by Japanese designer Hitoshi Okamoto.
Publicist contact: Marcella Galliazzo 604.880.0527

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