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Fall program announcement coming soon!  

The Powell Street Festival team is hard at work developing our fall and winter program. We are so grateful for your continued support and can't wait to announce our exciting new programs! In the meantime, please check out highlights from the Telethon below!

Thank you to Louise Ma and Jessie Isomura!

Big thanks to our seasonal staff members Louise and Jessie for their outstanding work during the production season! Louise and Jessie were instrumental in producing both the Giving Ceremony and Telethon. The duo also helped with the organization and distribution of our Powell Street Festival merchandise! Thanks for all your work, Louise and Jessie! We will miss you! 

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Powell Street Festival Telethon

Paueru MashUp Dance

Public Talk with Ed Nakawatase with Images by Tamio Wakayama


Japanese Noh Theater at Odawara Castle [Aoi no Ue] -The Tale of Genji -

09.13 (Sun) 20:00 ⇨ 09.16 (Wed) 21:00
For more information visit

The Noh program is titled as 'Aoi no Ue', which is based on the book "Aoi no Maki" in the "Tale of Genji". There is a scene where the living spirit of Lady Rokujō (Rokujō no Miyasundokoro) blames the wife of Hikaru-Genji, Aoi. The pride and sorrow of a noble lady is a common theme of performing arts in any ages. The soul of Miyasudokoro turns into the figure of Hannya, which is a representation of a woman's rage and jealousy, later purified by the power of prayer. This Noh is performed by Kanze Yoshimasa as the Kanze-ryu Shite-kata (Noh's main actor) taking the stage at the Odawara Castle Tower which is a site selected as one of the best 100 castles in Japan. The leading figure of Noh along with Ohayashi (Noh orchestra) and Utai (chanting of Noh drama) adds a glitz to the performance.

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