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Today we want to present Unni Hjellnes, a regular participant and an amazing woman with a great passion for travel and photography.

You are all the core of our workshops and the feedback you give helps us to develop and continue to do what we love. We are honored to travel with passionate and inspiring photographers from all over the world.


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Image: Unni Hjellnes in Uganda.

Unni Hjellnes lives in Oslo, Norway. For 26 years she worked in international adoption, involved in finding parents for more than 500 orphans from different parts of the world. Two years ago she retired, now using her time building a health care center in Uganda.
When she’s not working, she travels and takes photographs.


Image: Unni Hjellnes, Tiger's Nest, Bhutan.

The Bhutan workshop with Sisse Brimberg and National Geographic Nordic was Unni's first tour with Better Moments. It gave her the opportunity to meet the locals and get inside the pagodas to photograph nuns and monks, while learning to do better compositions.
"I learned to take pictures without having to rewrite or crop the image in postproduction. I learned to see the picture before I took it" Unni explains.

Read more about the Bhutan workshop here.

Images: Unni Hjellnes, all images from Bhutan.


Images: Unni Hjellnes, monks in Burma.

In 2015 Unni joined Better Moments to Burma, a great place for portrait photography. She says: "I learned to create better portraits, to capture a background which reflects the person's history. It was exciting to work with Christian Nørgaard and get his full attention. It taught me a lot."

Images: Unni Hjellnes, portraits from Burma.
Images: Unni Hjellnes, temples in Bagan, Burma.
We talk about traveling alone and as a woman and Unni explains why she chose Better Moments: "I very much like the way Better Moments arrange the workshops. We travel to interesting places where it can be difficult to travel alone as a woman. The groups are small, and I have met very nice and interesting people from different countries. I can absolutely recommend anyone to travel with Better Moments.”

Read more about the Burma workshop here.


Images: Unni Hjellnes, elephants in Tanzania.

Together with Steve Bloom, Unni traveled to Tanzania in 2013 with focus on one of her favorite genres, wildlife photography. "I am most happy when I can get up early in the morning for the Savannah sunrise or meet the locals preparing for a new day. Steve Bloom has been my hero ever since I was so fortunate to travel to Tanzania and learn from him. On the trip to Tanzania I learned to always be ready with the camera, and that it is important to know an animal's' behavior to get good pictures" Unni explains.

"The workshops with Better Moment have been very useful, and when I look back, I see that I have learnt a lot. Photography is a passion, which keeps me focused, always looking for a new motif and a better angle" Unni says.

Read more about the Tanzania workshop here.


Images: Unni Hjellnes, Tanzania, lion and zebras.

With enthusiasm Unni explains that she was once invited to do a lecture and slideshow on a photo festival. She called it "Old women can also join photography workshops all over the world!”. Her step into photography workshops started in 2012. "I read about a photo safari to Uganda, closed my eyes, signed up, bought a new camera and was extremely nervous to meet real photographers. It turned out to be a fantastic experience" Unni says with a glimpse in her eye. 

If you want to see more of her work visit Unni's gallery at Better Moments.
Or follow her project in Uganda at

Finnaly we obviously had to ask what equipment she uses. 
“I always travel with two cameras. I have one Canon 5D Mark III and one 7D. On safaris I use a 100-400mm on the 5D and a 300mm + 2x extension on the 7D.

On other tours the 100-400mm works with the 7D and a 24-70mm works with the 5D.
Sometimes I like to challenge myself and use a 35, 50 or a 85mm. I hardly use a tripod. It´s too heavy to carry around.”


Image: Hans Strand

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