Warm greetings as we near the solstice and welcome the change that comes with a new calendar.
Kusi Kawsay
Dear friends of Kusi Kawsay,
Warm greetings as we pass the solstice and welcome the change that comes with a new calendar.
Your interest in Kusi Kawsay, the Waldorf inspired school that serves indigenous children of the Andes, is a source of great pride to that community.  Their knowledge of an international community of support is part of their inspiration.  And the school is increasingly becoming a living center of hope and joy for families who are raising the next generation.
As you consider the gifts you will make in the coming weeks, please remember the impact that you can have in contributing to Kusi  Kawsay.  
Donations of any amount are most welcome and appreciated. 
That said, a most effective way to support Kusi Kawsay is the Ayni Scholarship Fund. Andean tradition and life is based on community and “ayni” which means “reciprocity” in the Quechua language. A donation of $1200.00 a year ($100.00 per month) to the Anyi Scholarship Fund provides a year’s tuition for a child to attend Kusi Kawsay. Or $2400.00 supports two children and $6000.00 allows five children to attend the school for a year.
Because of the Andean cultural heritage of generosity and reciprocity, we know that your gift will be honored and reciprocated in ways we cannot yet even imagine.
Thank you and best wishes for a wonderful New Year.
Barbara Walkover, Margaret Schonfield, Merilee Clunis
Kusi Kawsay Newsletter Editors

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