Dear friends of Kusi Kawsay school,
Here is Kusi Kawsay's yearly newsletter. (attached below)

I apologize for not staying in touch with you all throughout the year . My plan was to create a nice update on the school construction advances as soon as I returned from the States end of February, but a week after our return the flood caused so much chaos and disorder on so many levels that I never caught my breath - even to this day. Next year I will keep you posted on a regular basis!

Everyone from Kusi Kawsay thanks each one of you who are a part of this remarkable school project. Without your support we would not have been able to make such tremendous advances this year. It is a very beautiful project - reaching far beyond a school. We are starting to get a lot of recognition in Peru and internationally. The Peruvian Ministry of Education sees us a pilot project in our area and they are very interested in our curriculum. Kusi Kawsay was recognized by UNESCO this year, and is now an affiliated UNESCO school. Many institutions and organizations are starting to look at and value our new educational proposal. Our idea is to serve as an inspiration and model.

As the year comes to an end we find ourselves at a very critical point for gathering funds to cover the annual operationg budget for 2011 and to continue construction. We need to try to build minimum three more classrooms before school starts in March 2011, but first need to secure a large part of our annual operation budget. Without economic support we can not keep growing and improving. Your generosity and investments in our future generations are deeply appreciated and this simply could not happen without each one of you.

We hope you can be part of this magical project. We are sending out a few mailers with inspirations on ways you can contribute to this profound educational project. Any amount is so appreciated and the smiles and each child's face will warm your heart this holiday season.

We ask each one of you to please forward this to everyone who may like this opportunity to support a project that is so valuable and is making great positive change.

With warm greetings wishing you all a happy holiday and healthy new year,
Fielding, Roman & Family and everyone from Kusi Kawsay

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Supporting the Project

Visit our web site for more information and how to make a contribution

$660 one time annual donation or $55 per month will pay the yearly tuition of a child who could not otherwise have this unique educational opportunity. A group of 114 gifting this amount will cover the annual operating budget.

Contribute to a teacher's salary: $7,000 will fund the yearly salary of one teacher.

Contribute to construction: Four remaining classrooms at $9,000 each.

Equip a classroom: $1,000 for each of the 4 remaining classrooms.

Developing an outdoor recreation area: $5,000.


You can help by organizing fundraising events, matching donations with a group of friends, or making an individual donation.

Kusi Kawsay - 'Happy Life' offers a high quality alternative education, which fosters a global cultural and ecological awareness while honoring the wisdom and dignity of indigenous traditions. Through integration of Waldorf Pedagogy and Andean Cosmovision the school promotes the unity of human beings within a framework of reciprocity, respect and social justice.

Dear Friends,

Img1This has been a very remarkable year for Kusi Kawsay School - full of great achievements yet accompanied by the deep sadness and loss from the floods and torrential rains. Even so we made tremendous in our construction - enough to receive 82 students at our new school site for the beginning of the year. It was exceptionally moving to open the doors in times when the majority of the students lost their homes. It was a time of deep reflections and appreciation for Kusi Kawsay - the warmth and love it provided for the children and everyone involved was so important and uplifting.

The students are so happy at school - learning how to learn, how to express themselves with a sense of high self-esteem and dignity all in a safe and beautiful environment where each individual is honored, respected and treated equally.

Kusi Kawsay's community of supporters is composed of friends, organizations and foundations. Without this help we would not have been able to make such tremendous advances this year. We are so grateful to each and every one of you who have played such important roles in making all of this possible.

Our greatest and continuing challenge is funding the school. We know there are so many valuable causes that need support. But to those of you who feel the importance of educating our future generations and understand the immense value of Kusi Kawsay we would like to ask that you please consider supporting us at this critical time. We count on donations to cover our operational budget and to keep building - there is so much to accomplish.

Img2For anyone living in the US, Kusi Kawsay is part of Pachamama's Path, a 501 (c)(3) charity that receives tax-deductible donations.

Planting seeds for a bright future.

Wishing you all a joyful holiday season and a new year full of health and happiness.

2010 Highlights:

At Kusi Kawsay we strive to stimulate each child, their families, and their communities. The difference your donation makes comes directly from the confident, smiling faces of each and every student.