The Andean Calendar Journey - 2017
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Words of Andean Wisdom

           July           Julio            Anta Situa Killa            

Everything and everybody, we are all Pacha. Everything and everybody, we all are sacred.  

The Kusi Kawsay community are excited to share with our global network our 2017 Fundraising Campaign: 

Tinkuy (Quechua for a connection between all)

*Drawing by Kusi Kawsay student, grade 7
Our Song of the Month:  

Turning Father Sun*

Woman, Woman

With all our heart!

Man, Man!

With all our heart!

Give all your strength

Nice with strength

Now, now

Round and round.

Turning Father Sun

Let’s meet,

Happily we will give,

Whether we are big or small

Happily we will reciprocate 

Whether we are big or smalls.

*Song written and composed by Carlos Franco Salas and Tita Monteagudo Zevallos
Encouragement of the Month:

In life, we take turns in giving and receiving.  Sometimes we find ourselves like the young and weak Taita Inti (Father Sun) and need the love and strength of our family, friends and community.  Other times, we are the ones who give to those who find themselves in challenging situations.  It is important to give!  Take a moment to look around and give to a friend in need of support.  You will find that giving fills the heart and blooms the spirit!  Let's spread the warmth and the light.  We must cultivate consciousness so that we can continue to weave this beautiful life with the threads of respect, reciprocity and love!  
July           Julio            Anta Situa Killa  
We are all Pacha

Pacha is a Quechua word that means both time and space (place). Pacha is Reality manifested--the tangibility of life, this universe. It is the reality of Here and Now permanently reproducing into more Heres and Nows. All of the beings that inhabit this world nurture and raise, while letting themselves be nurtured and raised in an awesome, interrelated, and living ecosystem. Everything and everybody, we are all Pacha. Everything and everybody, we all are sacred.

July 10th: Launching an online fundraising campaign on our Kusi Kawsay website!

Dear Friends and Family of our Kusi Kawsay Community,

We are excited to announce our online fundraising campaign which will begin July 10th! We hope you feel moved to support this important cause, share our campaign and help us reach our goal of $30,000 !  The exciting news is that if we reach our goal, it will be matched !!  This would carry Kusi Kawsay through 2017 and into 2018.  We hope you join us in making this possible!

Urpillay Sonqollay - Gratitude from all of us at Kusi Kawsay. 
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Kusi Kawsay is committed to sustaining Andean tradition and culture through education, agriculture and celebration of the Andean Calendar.  

Join us on our journey of good living, reciprocity and creating healthy, strong and empowered communities.
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