Marstudio | Newsletter | August 31st, 2018
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Design Update


Simplifying Complexity

What is the process of simplifying a complex business into a simple logo?

Creating a logo is one of the most important steps a company takes in its branding. A good logo, one that is carefully created, drives all other branding decisions and should be one of the first “to dos” in a marketing plan.

See how our logo creation process allows us to take the personality of a business and simplify it into a dynamic logo in our newest blog post.

Digital Media Update


Evaluate, Redesign, Launch, Repeat.

Many new websites have launched from the Marstudio station.

We may be having déjà vu, but it seems as though we have made this announcement a few times already this year. Nonetheless, we are proud to announce the launch of some new client websites.

This past month we have launched newly designed websites for LPP Law, NYX Entertainment & Events, and Story Tapestries. Make sure to visit the sites and stay on the lookout for more websites to come this year.

Studio Update


Extra, Extra, Learn All About It!

Print Go Back Centuries & Brings A Lot of Vocab with It

Print design has been around for centuries and throughout this long history many old and new terms have been developed and evolved with it.

In our next installation of our Marstudio Marketing Vocab Cheat Sheet series, we have definitions for Print design terms you’ll need to understand to get a new brochure, flier, or poster.
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