Marstudio | Newsletter | January 31, 2019
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Design Update


All About Web Design

"Web Design" doesn't have to be an intimidating phrase.  

Learning the ins and outs of web design vocabulary is extremely useful in this day and age, to communicate with experts who will can guide your design strategy and bring your vision to life. 

Don't know anything about web design? Don't worry, we're here to help. Check out our handy Web Design Vocab Cheat Sheet to learn the essential terms and make your website top-notch. 

Digital Media Update


Feeling secure?

Our yearly reminder to add "S" to your website's "HTTP."

It’s the dawn of a new year – a time for reflection on your growth, confidence in your goals, and security in the person you’re becoming. But what about your website? Will it be secure this year, too?

An "SSL" (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate can help protect data, reassure customers, improve SEO, and keep your website secure. There are many types of SSL, from basic to advanced, so follow our SSL guide to choose the option that best suits your website’s needs.

Studio Update


Team-building that's Out of this World

Our most recent team-building outing was quite literally a smash.

At Marstudio, we believe in the importance of teamwork, and that all starts with really getting to know your coworkers. Recently, we took a trip to Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events, where we took part in a high-speed go-kart race. We also tried our hands at axe-throwing and ate some delicious fajitas.

Check out the video to see our team in action!
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