Marstudio | Newsletter | November 29th, 2018
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Design Update


Marketing Be Nimble, Marketing Be...

Your marketing should have many faces in many places. 

Just as investing your time and money in only one idea is risky, investing all of your marketing budget in one type of advertising is too.

But how should you approach your marketing strategy to ensure you’re not betting everything on one technique? Well, a multifaceted campaign is the key – and we are here to explain The Importance of Multifaceted Marketing Campaigns in our newest blog post.

Digital Media Update


Google, Marstudio, and Google Ads

Don’t Google Google Ads, Google Marstudio to explain Google Ads. 

Many know who Google is, but you may not know that Google has a service called Google Ads. If you are an active user of the Internet, you’ve more than likely seen them, because they are everywhere.

Many businesses use this service to help expand their reach and get to their customers, but many need a little help understanding the vocabulary that Google uses to describe the different types of ads they have, and which ads might be best for your business. As usual, Marstudio is here to help with Your Quick Guide to Types of Google Ads.

Studio Update


BBB All That You Can BBB

Marstudio is officially a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business!

Marstudio has always had a commitment to the success of our customers. Not only because success for you means success for us, but because this is the philosophy that Marstudio was built on from the beginning. Now, almost 10 years in, with our accreditation we can let our customers know that we are committed to promoting truth in advertising and integrity in business.
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