Marstudio | Newsletter | May 31st, 2018
Marstudio, Inc.

Design Update

Sam R. Creative Director | Marstudio, Inc.

Short & Sweet (& Very Reel)

When they said less is more, they were talking about short video.

Snapchat, along with the now-defunct Vine, made brevity the soul of videos. Today, with the placement of videos directly in social media feeds like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, keeping the video short is even more important.

So how can you use short videos to help your company grow? Our newest blog post From Trend to Strategy: Short Marketing Videos has some answers for you.

Digital Media Update

Annie K. Media Director | Marstudio, Inc.

The EU: Data Police & Enforcer

Are you fine with the new rules of the GDPR, or will you pay the fines?

You may have noticed a large influx of emails from the companies who often send you coupons, newsletters, or sales offers. This is because of the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which was created because users are becoming uncomfortable with the fact that when they look at things online, online is looking back.

Now companies need to react, or risk some large fines. So what are the first steps you should take? Start by reading our latest blog, What Your Business Needs to Know About the New EU GDPR Law.

Studio Update

Welcome to Mars

New talent is now boarding at the Marstudio space station.

For a voyage as astronomical as ours, we must make sure our team is top of the line. As Marstudio continues to grow, our focus is always on our clients and how we can better serve their needs. To do this we have added some talented members to our team, and we are thrilled to introduce them.

On our Development Team, we have added Oscar Manata as a Web Developer. On the creative front, we have added Evan Eastep as a Graphic Designer in our Art Department. We can't wait to see the great new initiatives our team will produce. Welcome to the Marstudio team, we are excited to have you all aboard!
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