Marstudio | Newsletter | July 31st, 2018
Marstudio, Inc.

Design Update

Sam R. Creative Director | Marstudio, Inc.


Trade Show Trade Secrets: The Sequel

The trade secrets blog post follow-up, about following up after trade shows.

In our previous blog post we discussed how trade shows can be a unique way to reach very qualified candidates. But when the trade show is over, what do you do with all the contact information of the qualified candidates?

In our follow-up blog post Trade Show Trade Secrets: The Sequel, we'll give you insight on how to refine your follow-up process before, during, and after the trade show, to ensure your full trade show process is a success.

Digital Media Update

Annie K. Media Director | Marstudio, Inc.


Marstudio Redefining & Refining

The new Marstudio site is here to set the standard for websites everywhere!

There was a point in time when the standard for communication was a house phone with a long curly cord, but now the new standard of communication comes through many forms including texts, Snapchats, tweets, video calls, and of course websites!

In our newest blog post The New Website Standard: Marstudio Morphed & Refined, we discuss how our new and updated site is refined to set a new standard for websites across the web.

Studio Update

BWP, Bold Bubbles, and Cheese

How'd did we create video highlights and flashy photography in dim lighting?

The Alchemist Society challenged us at BLACKWATER Promotions to make a video about their Bold Cheeses & Bubbles event. They wanted us to capture the many drinks they were serving, the engaging environment, and most importantly, people having a great time.

But we faced a challenge when it came to the lighting in the room. In our latest BLAKWATER Promotions blog post we discuss how we creatively approached a difficult situation for any photographer and videographer.
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