Marstudio | Newsletter | January 31st, 2018
Marstudio, Inc.

Design Update

Sam R. Creative Director | Marstudio, Inc.

Changing Your Name is No Game

They say when you change, change for the better – this applies to life & business. 

There comes a time in every company's history when change is needed, and sometimes that change is as dramatic as a new company name. But with this change there are rules to help you do it right.

In our newest blog post, What’s in a Name? The Dos and Don'ts of Name Changing, I'll discuss the "dos" and "don'ts" of changing your company name, and why this task shouldn't be taken lightly. 

Digital Media Update

Annie K. Media Director | Marstudio, Inc.

From Swag to Riches

What if you could get people to pay their own money to advertise for your brand?

Yes, you read that correctly, you could get customers to take their hard-earned money and advertise for your restaurant, medical company, or hardware supply store. They'd walk around displaying your logo, put it all over their social media, and even answer questions about your brand for you. 

Read How Branded Merchandise Can Help Boost Your Brand to see how a well-planned branded merchandise (or "swag") strategy can immensely improve your brand awareness, brand recall, and brand image.

Studio Update

Matthew M. Marketing Director | Marstudio, Inc.

Busy Bees Martians

Marstudio Martians have been spotted at events all over the community.

Since we joined the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce last fall, our networking and event attendance has not slowed down. In January alone we have joined the Rockville Chamber of Commerce, attended the National Association of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs breakfast, had a ball at the Annapolis Legislative Reception, and gotten to know our Philadelphia neighbors at our film & photo division's open house at 2424 Studios.

Tonight our CMO, Shevy, will be a guest speaker for the Smith School MBA Speaker Series at The Universities at Shady Grove. We are thrilled for many more events to come in 2018 and meeting professionals in our community. If you see our Marstudio team at any of these future events, please stop by to say "hi"!
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