Marstudio | Newsletter | December 28, 2017

Design Update

Sam R. Creative Director | Marstudio, Inc.

Connection Restored

Which 2018 trends can help your brand reconnect with customers?

It's easy to feel that the use of tech is starting to overshadow the natural and human elements in life and in commerce – that companies have lost their focus on helping consumers. To really connect and build trust is a challenging task to achieve through a screen, but it is possible nonetheless.

So, instead of simply stating what the hottest new trends of 2018 are, let's discuss how these trends can help you re-humanize your business through graphic design, website development, film & photography, and overall marketing in 2018.

Digital Media Update

Annie K. Media Director | Marstudio, Inc.

Time to Leave Insecurity Behind

In a website URL, the "S" in "HTTPS" stands for Secure. 

It’s the dawn of a new year – a time for reflection on your growth, confidence in your goals, and security in the person you’re becoming. But what about your website? Will it be secure in 2018, too?

An "SSL" (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate can help protect data, reassure customers, improve SEO, and keep your website secure in 2018. There are many types of SSL, from basic to advanced, so follow our SSL guide to choose the option that best suits your website’s needs.

Studio Update

Matthew M. Marketing Director | Marstudio, Inc.

All in a Year's Work

In case you missed the fun, here are our highlights of the year.

As we look back over the past 12 months, the Marstudio team done so much. In 2017 we...
  • Had our inaugural Marstudio banquet
  • Received 12 new awards
  • Invented "the future of marketing technology"
  • Launched 2 new divisions (BLACKWATER Promotions & MEDmar)
  • Grew our team with 7 new employees
  • Survived 2 escape rooms
  • Upgraded our phone systems
  • Drank 1,440 cups of coffee
  • Opened a new location
  • And welcomed 32 new clients
All in 12 months! Phew! From all of us at Marstudio we would like to thank everyone who subscribed to our newsletter this year, and we wish you a fantastic 2018.
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